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I find it amazing how we can all read the same paragraph or hear the same speech and come away with our own, very different perspectives. My husband and I are classic examples.
Just the other day we interpreted a conversation between us very differently. I mean, night and day difference. After much discussion, we realized for us, it is the difference between the male and female brains. My husband doesn’t ever read between the lines. But me on the other hand, I think that may be all I do. I can’t help myself. For example: When someone doesn’t talk to me, I replay my previous encounter and analyze every detail over and over again until I have considered every possible offense that may have occurred. A lot of times, I find out I just misinterpreted the silence. All that needless worry. I can’t tell you how many times this perspective- flaw has gotten me into trouble.
So, it is all a matter of perspective. Are you a in-between the line reader or do you see through black and white glasses?

Creating The Journal Page

Keeping with the perspective theme I think that eye stamp goes perfectly.
My steampunk journal, needed another layout so I pulled out my older Tim Holtz stamps and went to work. I remember browsing though them a month or so ago for a project and by passing them thinking they were old news.
I was wrong.
These stamps are fabulous and I feel as though I just rediscovered them.

My pages are made from paper bags. I added a sheet of vintage book paper before washing the page with gesso and Fresco Finish Paint. I used some washi tape, paper scraps and chipboard to embellish. I tried using some black vintage thread this time around since it seems to be a trend as of late. I really like how it looks against the the contrasting white gesso. A little bit of doodling around the edges, some splashes of color and a few micro watch parts and the page came together.
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Challenges Entered:

Mixed Media Place: July Challenge

Rubber Dance: (Ribbon, Twine, Thread) July

Scrapki-wyzwaniowo: July Beauty

Altered Eclectics: July Anything Goes

Eclectic Ellapu: Summer Colors


15 thoughts on “It's All Perspective: Art Journal Layout”

  • Such a wonderful page, I love the concept of the black and white to remind us of the thinking 😀. I’m the same as you I read between the lines and my hubby is black and white thinking, it gets me into trouble too … lol 😁. Have you ever read “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, it’s quite an old book now and doesn’t apply to everyone, but I found it very enlightening and your post reminded me of it as it highlights differences and how to improve communication in relationships. Happy Sunday! J 😊

  • What an amazing spread – I love the muted colours and the layering and concept of it! I am an in-between the line reader/thinker as well and have the same problems like you with my hubby.
    Jo reminds me of this great book – it’s old but everything that’s stated in there is timeless. We are from Venus.We have a quote in german:
    A man a word a woman a dictionary….
    that says it perfectly as well
    Happy start of the new week ahead!
    oxo Susi

  • I adore this page spread, Kate – the composition is stunning, and I love the limited colour palette which means the eye can really dwell on the shapes and textures of the torn and layered elements. Beautiful use of those vintage TH stamps – they’re so evocative and full of stories.
    I’m definitely between-the-lines, subtext, that-which-is-not-said… and I’m not always wrong – the other person hasn’t always examined their own feelings in enough detail to realise that they are being grumpy after all!!
    Alison x

    • Alison, that is a very intuitive observation. I believe you are right about people not always examining their own feelings. Especially men. 😉 Thank you for your kind words. And happy Monday!

  • Amazing layout! I love your style. Thank you for joining us in the Rubber Dance Challenge. xx Susanne

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