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Couch Talk


We finally had a week to calm down a bit and that gave us an excuse to stay home this weekend. Well, actually our remodel gave us an excuse. My husband and son have just started work on our kitchen floor, tearing up tile and the bazillion nails that are holding the sub-floor down. Our upper floor was coated with a layer of dust after they worked all day Saturday. It took some time to clean all the surfaces and floors that evening.

But while the men were working, my daughter and I drank tea, and I taught her how to paint with watercolor. I have been promising her for a long time to teach her, but I never got around to it. She had so much fun learning the different techniques, but her favorite was applying salt to the wet paint. After that, she wanted to add salt to everything. And while her paint was drying, she requested we watch the black and white version of Pride & Prejudice (1940).

I have to say, it was a lot of fun spending time with her. I love that she enjoys spending time with me and doing some of the same things I do. One of my favorite things is when she takes my face between her two little hands and says, “Mommy, you’re the best mommy and I am going to stay with you forever!” Isn’t that the sweetest? When I tell her she is going to want to move out and be on her own someday she says, “No, I will just bring my husband here to live so I never have to leave you.” Again, she melts my heart with her love and loyalty. If only they stayed that way a little longer. Childhood seems far too short.



Here is one of my teacups from T2. This one has a gorgeous saucer. My daughter says this is her favorite cup and has already claimed it for after I die. (HAHA) I let her drink out of this cup while we were reviewing tea (further down). She was very careful and instructed me to put my pinky out while drinking tea.


Daily Art Practice




Since I am sharing a tea review today, I decided to go all out and make it a tea themed post. As I mentioned in a previous post, I completed my Tea Cup Class with Liz Steel but I still had several pages left to fill in my sketchbook. Today, I am sharing the rest. On the title page, I used a StencilGirl stencil for the script and the cup was painted from a reference photo, taken on my Artist Date to the Antique Mall.



Here is one of my favorite cups from my T2 haul. It is a very busy pattern, requiring thought and patience to sketch. I got most of the pattern in, but the rest was simplified.



I shared this cup from my Artist Date and decided it was going to take up the last page in my sketchbook.




Tea Day




I am joining the Tea day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Today, I am reviewing a few teas sent to me by iteaworld. They sent me their Oolong collection, consisting of 4 different teas. I will be reviewing two today and two next week. I have been sitting on these teas for a month or so but I wanted everyone in my house in on the tasting fun, so I had to wait until things slowed down.



I had two of my children participate in tasting and reviewing. I was trying to explain all the different words you can use to describe the taste but when it comes down to it, I think we just like it or don’t like it. I am not a professional taster so I am not going to pretend I know how to describe what I am tasting.




My Impression: smooth floral and aromatic in the cup

Hubby: Flowers in a meadow after the rain (that’s really how he described it!)

Son: Smooth, Orangie

Daughter: Not smooth




My impression: Smooth, Mild in flavor

Hubby: Earthy, Grass after the Rain

Son: Smooth, not strong

Daughter: Smooth


The MINNAN NARCISSUS was the winner! We all agreed this one was our favorite!


Go drink some tea. Or paint it!

Happy Tea Day,



15 thoughts on “It’s Been Far Oolong: Daily Art Practice”

  • Every time you show your teacup collection, there’s a new and more beautiful one we can enjoy and appreciate.
    best, mae at

  • I’ve lived through that remodeling mess, especially the dust. It’s a good thing the final remodel is always so exciting otherwise the dust would be something to complain about-smile. And I think it’s fun you had a tea tasting.. I think your family’s comments are great. They made me smile. And I like your teacups too. Have a great T day and week ahead. I hope you don’t have too much cleaning from construction this week. hugs-Erika

  • You truly did pack a lot into today’s tea post. Love those T2 teacups you painted. That second pattern is amazing and I love how you got the handle just right.

    So glad you also got some tea from iteaworld. Some of it I enjoyed and some I didn’t. Nice to read how you felt about the selections you were sent. Thanks for sharing your amazing teacup drawings and our teas with us for T this week, Kate.

  • Your daily art practice journey is truly inspiring. The combination of creativity, mindfulness, and charming illustrations adds a wonderful touch to your artistic exploration. The tea review is wonderful. I like how you shared the review together with the experiences of your family members too. Oolong tea is always my favourite!

  • Ohhh this is a beautiful post. I love that you spent time with your daughter and taught her to paint. Then, to watch the black and white of PnP. Now she is special. Your T-cups are magnificent as is your art. I am always so impressed. Thank you for your very nice comment too. Have a nice evening.

  • Your Daughter sure is the sweetest.LOL. And yes, sadly this phase is over too soon
    My little Niece is 8 now. So (too) mature.
    I think I have to try salt on watercolors..
    Great artwork again – happy T-Day.

  • So sweet to hear your daughter’s words and to hear of your special time. Love that your whole family got into the tea tasting. Wonderful memories.

    Your art is beautiful and so is your plate and tea cup.

    Wonderful t-day post, Kate. Happy t-day and hugz

  • That saucer is so beautiful! Oh my!
    Oolong was my favorite tea when I lived in Taiwan – and I’m not a tea drinker, usually. But Oolong – anytime. Your husband seems to like the rain since he described the flavor always with something related to rain. I’m not a good flavor describer myself – here, of course, it’s mostly for tasting wine and sometimes I think it’s pretty stuck-up. I either like the wine or I don’t, period.
    Your daughter is so sweet. My daughter used to be like that and I love to remember it. Of course they eventually move out and live their own life, and that is how it should be. Enjoy it while she’s still like this; unfortunately they grow up way too fast.

  • That is the sweetest post, Katie! I love hearing about you and your daughter spending time together! I would love to see her watercolor pieces as she develops her talent 🙂

  • Dear Kate, it’s so sweet what you write about your daughter and your shared painting experience. I only know the salt technique from silk painting, I didn’t know that it also works on paper. (I assume it works in a similar way…) Your cup and saucer in blue-golden-yellow tones are simply magical! (I understand that your daughter wants to inherit the dishes ;-DDD) But the blue and purple dishes are also beautiful – and all the cups you painted are just perfect. Your husband is a poet, judging by his description of the tea!
    All the best and have a nice weekend, Traude

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