It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas: A Couch Adventure


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Well, Corona has come in full force to our little county and we are experiencing more restrictions than previously. For the most part, we don’t go anywhere except grocery shopping or to church. But the past few weeks have seen us homebound more than usual and we are now attending church in our living room. I am thankful that we have internet so we can attend services. It is not the same as being there in person but I am sure that will be back in no time.


Ba Hum- Bug!



I mentioned last week that I didn’t have the holiday spirit and was contemplating not decorating  this year. I mentioned it to my friend and she told me that I should decorate, not for myself but for my children. She reminded me that because they have and will be stuck in the house a while longer, I should try to make it as special as possible for them. After seeing my daughter’s reaction to decorating the Christmas tree, I agree. I am glad that I finally gave in.



I keep the decorating pretty simple now. Last year, I purged all the decorations that I didn’t really like and that left me with so few that I was able to decorate several rooms in less than an hour. All the greenery is fresh from our trees. I love that I don’t have to store fake greenery and after Christmas, it gets a toss in the compost pile.



I love this belsnickle santa that my Mother-In-Love gifted me several years ago. It is one of my favorite Christmas pieces. I you are interested in reading some of the history of the belsnickle santa, here is an excerpt that I found online. You can find the entire article Here.

A few nights before Christmas, a rap would come at the door. A cross-looking man wearing furs would step through the door. He held a hickory switch in one hand and a sack laden with candy and nuts in the other.

One by one, he called the children in the house forward and asked them to recite a poem, a Bible verse or math equations. He’d warn them to behave. Then he’d toss the goodies on the floor — but woe to children who forgot their manners and greedily dove for the candy and nuts. They might feel the sting of the switch on their backs.

Call him the dark side of Santa, but der Belsnickel’s job was to remind little ones that they still had a little time left to behave before the benevolent Saint Nicholas would arrive on Christmas Eve.

A visit from the Belsnickel was just as common as a visit from Saint Nick about 125 years ago in Pennsylvania German regions of the Lehigh Valley.



This china cabinet was a gift from my grandmother and it houses my teapot collection. I love decorating it for Christmas. I have a nutcracker and a nutcracker mouse king on the top. I have a huge love for the Nutcracker Ballet at this time of year. I have already watched 3 different productions. The large paper bag star was a project that my daughter and I made together this week. We made 7 total and put them throughout the house. They were very easy to make.



My green corner cabinet was decorated with my Guatemalan nativity that was also gifted me by my MIL. My favorite time is at night when it is dark and the lights light up the nativity. It is So pretty.






I have a thing for gnomes. I like this one nestled amongst my tea tins.



Here is my Willow Tree Nativity. I only have this one piece with the shelter but I love the simplicity of it. Eventually, I am hoping to add the rest of the pieces.



Here are the littles when we went Christmas tree shopping.


Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies at Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is a China Oolong. I really enjoy drinking this in the evenings after my dinner. It doesn’t settle well with me in the mornings as I have a sensitive digestive system. But before or after dinner, this strong and flavorful tea is just right.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any art to share this week as this seems to be a season of busyness. Maybe next week.

Happy Tea Day,



13 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas: A Couch Adventure”

  • Beautiful post Kate, so glad you are putting up decorations-it will be nice for the children and brings happiness too I think.
    I loved seeing everything, love your tea pot collection and the cabinet. Love your green cabinet too and I don’t usually care for painted furniture. I enjoyed the story about Belsnickle too was not familiar with that one.
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  • Hi Kate. What a nice post. Your decorations look lovely and the hutch is beautiful. Butttttttt….. that green corner shelf……. is to live for. It is the color I am painting my kitchen cupboards. The color is so striking. Your kids are so cute. Have a nice T day.

  • Your house looks beautiful and festive Kate. I had never heard of belsnickle Santa. It is a fascinating story. I think it is good to have some festive holiday spirit this year, especially as covid is getting so bad. I hope you have a great T day and week ahead. Stay safe. hugs-Erika

  • Your kids really look cute, and it’s wonderful of you to decorate for them, and connect to your grandmother and relatives for their sake.

    be well… mae at

  • How wonderful that you decorated for the kids. I’m sure it made them even happier than you first envisioned. I enjoyed seeing the children shopping for a Christmas tree. I’m surprised they didn’t need masks. Every child over the age of five in Wichita MUST wear a mask.

    I really like the gnomes and your tea display is gorgeous. Thanks so very much for sharing your warm and inviting home with us, as well as your tea for T this Tuesday, Kate.

  • You decorated your house so beautifully, I love the natural look and feel, and it looks like your kids are so happy to be Christmas tree shopping too 😀.
    Such a lovely photo of them! Enjoy your tea and sending you Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  • Your decorations are lovely. I’m glad you decided to put them up. Your friend made a good point about doing it for your children. Christmas is a time of magic for them (in my humble opinion). Thank you for giving the historical background on the Belsnickle Santa. I like your Mouse King Nutcracker. Have you seen “Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker – San Francisco Ballet”? I thought it was well done, and got the DVD several years ago. Happy T-Day!

  • I love your decorations! So tasteful and stylish. I agree totally with your friend, that you should do it for the children.
    What a wonderful story about the belsnickel santa. I can sort of understand the name: Pelz is fur in German. I hadn’t heard of that tradition. I wanted to read the longer article but your link doesn’t work on my computer.
    Great photo of your little ones! They look like they are having fun choosing a tree. Do you not have to wear a mask in public places?
    Also I am surprised that you have been able to attend church. Here it is not allowed. And the smaller churches can congregate with social distancing, but then they are not allowed to sing. I love our online church services and will continue to do this even after Covid.
    Happy T-Day,

  • I’m glad you r friend talked to you about decorating for the children. Of course, it had to have also lifted your spirits as well. Your decorations are lovely and I love that you used fresh greens from your own place .
    And look how happy your darlings are:) Happy T day!

  • Our churches were closed for two periods of time during this pandemic. So I relied on YouTube videos. But like you, I felt it wasn’t the same. I’m glad you decorated for the sake of the children. But I hope you’re finding joy and solace in the decorations as well.

    I finished our decorating today. No kids in our house; but I do it for me and my hubby.

    I never heard of a belsnickle santa. It’s similar to the version of St. Nick we were told as children. We’d put up our stockings and in the morning there would be oranges and trinkets, if we had been good. Otherwise, a lump of coal.

    Your paper bag star is beautiful.

    A week of happy busyness here too.

    Happy T-day! Stay safe and well. Hugs, Eileen

  • It’s important to put up the Christmas decorations for the Littles. Even if you downsize, you still have decorations. Your decorations are simply beautiful. Your Belsnickle follows the traditions of Krampus and Knecht Rupert. We had a snow storm over the weekend and a branch from the fir/pine out front broke. I’m waiting for the warm up later this week as the branch is frozen solid to the ground. I want to put the greens in the window boxes. Happy T Day!

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