It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Mixed Media Gift Bag

It’s Wonderful…


We had a wonderful weekend with family celebrating all of our blessings from God. After the food and fun, we spend a relaxing few days together playing games, watching movies and of course, eating leftover turkey and pie. By day three, hubby said he didn’t want another bite of turkey (haha). I remember feeling that way as a child. I always disliked Thanksgiving leftovers. But now that I am the cook, I LOVE anything that I don’t have to prepare.



This year was the first year that we did’t go black Friday shopping and I don’t think we missed anything. It was much better spent at home with the family.


Creating the Gift Bag


Gift bags can be so fun to decorate especially when you get them from the dollar store, three for a dollar. I started off by cutting a piece of a brown paper bag and using the Lacy Lotus stencil with grunge paste in the background. I sprayed PaperArtsy Infusions after stamping a script stamp in the background.



All of the stamps I used are by PaperArtsy. I colored them using Fresco Finish Paints. I also used thread, stamped fabric, and liquid pearls to embellish the bag.



The piece of paper was mounted to the gift bag and a black marker doodled a border around the edge.




Tea Day


Happy Tea Day to all the ladies playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Today I am sharing a tea that I have been drinking a lot as of late. Hubby bought this English Tea Store Loose Leaf, Peach Apricot Tea Pouches, 4 Ounce tea for me last year and I haven’t drank much of it because black tea is a stronger than I like. I have found that steeping a very small amount of this tea produces a lighter taste, yet still retains the flavor of the peach and apricot.


Happy Tea Day,


21 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Mixed Media Gift Bag”

  • Oh I love your bag very much. and your tea sounds delicious wit the apricots.
    I love amazon too but I have started to compare prices now and sometimes I find better prices on ebay or other sites-they were so busy this afternoon I could not get on to the amazon site. Happy T wishes Kate hugs Kathy

  • Your bag is a gift in itself. To me, the bag IS the gift. Most impressive.

    I don’t fix or cook turkeys, but I have a TON of recipes that use turkey in them. These are left over from the days when I DID eat turkey, I remember using my crock pot a lot to change the taste of turkey back then. I’m sure you will find something even your husband won’t hate if you experiment with leftovers often enough.

    Your tea looks wonderful, I can’t even imagine what peach and apricots mixed with tea would taste like, but it sounds like heaven in a diffuser! Thanks for sharing your incredible bag and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  • that bag turned out wonderfully kate-style. love all the texture here and the lotus stencil is great.
    you are lucky to have the dollar stores for craft stuff… nothing comparable here. so everything is very expensive.
    have a great advent with the kids, i remember it always was the best time of the year:)
    happy t-day!

  • A gorgeous gift bag which looks a gift as it stands without any goodies that may slip to the inside if it.
    Its good to spend family time chilling out together, We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK , its Christmas for us and I love the Turkey dinner as it gives me time off for a couple of days using the left overs.
    Your tea blend sounds lovely.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • Peach apricot tea sounds perfect. Especially on a snowy morning here in NH. Anything to remind me of nice weather. 🙂 And wow, what a cool gift bag. It is a work of art all by itself! Someone will get a fabulous gift. Have a wonderful and hopefully sunny T day. Hugs-Erika

  • What a beautiful gift bag. The bag would be an amazing gift in itself.
    Living out in the sticks, the whole Black Friday thing has passed us by. I have never understood what the fuss was about. I’ve never experienced it. I have seen videos of people queuing up and elbowing their way to the bargains. It is distasteful to me and I’m sure it’s all an advertising con as I’m sure you can get bargains through the year if you keep your eyes open for certain things.
    Spending time with family, chatting and playing games after a beautiful meal sounds like an ideal day to me. I’m glad you all had a blessed time.
    Happy T Day,

  • Super cool gift bag, so much dimension and texture, the bag would make a super gift by itself!
    I always wonder what you American people eat for Christmas (here in the UK most people have turkey), do you do turkey again, or something else? I don’t think I could bare the thought of turkey leftovers twice…

  • You were much better of staying away from Black Friday shopping. Your gift bag is just gorgeous. Someone is going to be very lucky. Mmm, I bet that peach and apricot tea smelled pretty, too

  • oHHHHHH!!!!!! I love that gift bag ♥♥♥ I’ve gotten lazy the past few years and have been buying the Christmas reusable shopping bags at our lov=cal grocery store. Stronger than paper gift bags and much cheaper. This year the bags are ugly though so I’ll have to come up with something different.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words. .
    Happy Late T DAY!

  • The cloche again! I just love it and your bag is utterly beautiful!!
    Only online shopping for me- watching Christmas movies and football while chilling- nothing like it

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