It’s the Season For Nesting: Mixed Media Card



Nesting is usually  associated with pregnancy but I have found otherwise over the past month. Ever since I started purging my home of needless clutter I have felt the urge to clean, move things around and redecorate. And perhaps the dreary cold weather has also lent a hand in my need for a fresh view.

I have always loved decorating, although I wouldn’t say that I am good at it. More, I like dreaming of how amazing my house could be if only I had more time to go thrifting. There is so much inspiration out there but I have come to realize that most of those houses are not for moms that actually mom. It’s hardly realistic to have a living room full of crisp, white furniture when you have children. Or pretty, poofy pillows staged on the chairs and couches always ready for an impromptu photo.

We bought a microfiber couch early on in parenting when we were told that nothing would stain it except mustard. Clearly they didn’t put a vomiting toddler on these fabrics when they were testing them for stain resistance. My couch has large darkened areas from where my son repeatedly vomited while sick, despite the bucket on the floor beside the couch. If anything, these stains remind me of the times that I got to hold and cuddle my babies, while wishing I could take away their hurt. They also remind me to never buy another light colored piece of furniture regardless of the manufactures promise of being stain-proof. But I digress.



So, over the last month I have been filling up our blank walls with papyrus’s that I have been hoarding, pictures that I have been painting and Goodwill finds that have been sitting in the closet. It has been fun to read decor books and watch a few Netflix series (Tidying Up and Amazing Interiors) to get the inspiration flowing. I am learning that my dream house is something that has to evolve over time. Finding those perfect pieces doesn’t happen in a week, at least for someone with a limited budget. So for now, I am going to work with what I have, keep my eyes open for a great deal and continue to purge un-used items.



My favorite decor project so far this year is my purse and scarf organization. I received this set of 2 Wood Wall Mounted Expandable Accordion Coat Racks for Christmas. The embroidered picture was a Goodwill find that I purchased earlier last year. I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it but after hanging this coat rack I knew above it was the perfect place. As you can see, I LOVE colorful purses!! I have a few more stashed away in my closet because they wouldn’t fit on the rack. Needless to say, pretty purses are one of my weaknesses.

Creating the Card



I bought a gelli plate almost 6 months ago but hadn’t even opened it until now. Wow, was I missing out on all the fun. I spent a whole afternoon using PaperArtsy paints, Distress Paints and StencilGirl stencils to create all these sheets of colorful goodness.



I hope I don’t forget any, but here is the list of stencils that I used for these papers.

Morocco Rug

Boho Mandala Circle

Art Deco Peacock Feathers

Decorative Flower Stamen Medallion 

Nesting Dolls

Eye Lattice Stencil

Decorative 6-Petal Flower Screen


I layered paint and stencils on my gelli plate and went to town. I cut one of the sheets down for the background of my card as well as the background for my doll. I used the stencil and the black gesso to create the details on the dolls. A white pen was used to doodle.



What is your favorite gelli plate technique or video? I am new to this so I would love some advice from you pro’s.


Tea Day



Welcome and Happy Tea Day! I am joining Elizabeth, Bleubeard and the T gang as we share a drink somewhere in our post. I am sharing this beautiful Teavana Maharaja Chai Oolong / Samurai Chai Mate 2 OZ. In the background you can see my recently framed papyrus as well as my new palm houseplant. Let’s hope I can keep it alive.



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17 thoughts on “It’s the Season For Nesting: Mixed Media Card”

  • Your artwork is lovely. I like the backgrounds you created. And I chuckled when you talked about the sofa not being stain resistant like they claimed. So much for truth in advertising. And your decorating style is working out nicely.

  • Lovely nesting doll art, and your gelli print pages came out fab!! One of my most popular blog posts was “what to do with gelli prints, etc. so you might want to check it out for some more ideas. Love your purse display. And your T Day vignette with that pretty potpourri of tea and art is beautiful.

  • Nice card today Kate. And it sounds like you are having some fun decorating. It is always fun to fix up the house, and then after a few years, fix it up again. Or maybe that is just me. Have a wonderful T day. Hugs-Erika

  • I adore your nesting doll, and applaud your new wall of beauty. That rack is great, but so is the papyrus art.

    I bought a gelli plate about three years ago after begging for one for three years before that, When no one took me seriously, I finally got one and immediately HATED it. Still do. Used it once, put it on a shelf and there it sits in my basement studio. First, my long fingernails have a tendency to gouge. That’s fine if I’m using a gelatin plate, but NOT good for a gelli, which can’t be melted and repaired. Second, I have practically no stencils, so my prints look half finished, Since stencils are so expensive, I’ll have to make my own, or figure different ways to get images on the plate. Yours were fabulous, and you must have a fortune tied up in those stencils.

    Your tea looks lovely, and it even sounds good, too. Thanks for sharing your great art and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, Kate.

  • i remember i Long refused to buy a gelli plate. but then… it turned out it is one of the best Tools i have. and what a fun you have with a gelli session. now you have an awesome stack of Backgrounds! happy t-day:)

  • The outcome of your project looks fantastic and you will really be able to enjoy it on the wall I’m sure. I am sure that anything you buy won’t be stain free if you do crafting. I have ink stains on my craftroom carpet that will be there forever and that was supposed to be stain free.

    Have a very happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  • A gorgeous art project and the papers you created with the gelli plate look fantastic, I think you will enjoy using them in your art..
    The hanging for your scarves and handbags looks lovely , that was a super gift.
    I smiled when I read about your non stain sofa, I often wonder who actually tests these products, certainly not families with children or animals..
    Have a good T day Kate and best wishes for this coming week.
    Yvonne xx

  • Wow, your collection of purses and scarves looks so beautiful alongside the pretty thrift store embroidery – perfect! You definately have an eye for interior design 😁. I’m loving your gelli plate pieces too, I keep thinking about buying a gelli plate but I’m not sure if I would use it much. Have fun and wishing you a happy tea day! J 😊 x

  • I love today’s muse, Kate. You often make me think, remember and feel grateful. I love your nesting doll card and the way you manage to combine such vibrant wild colors in such a beautiful way. Along the same lines, your purse and scarf organization wall is so you!

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • Such fun pages. It doesn’t look like you need any advice on what to do. Love your Russian nesting doll. So very cute. You came up with a great way to organize scarves and purses. Happy T Day

  • Homes evolve and change over time, at least ours has, but changes are always gradual. I rearrange sometimes, and sometimes I tire of something. I love the nesting doll 🙂 I’m new to art of any kind lol so haven’t approached the gelli plates. Your backgrounds are gorgeous! Happy late T Day

  • You have been busy. I love your card with the Russian nesting dolls. The back ground is lovely. I haven’t got a gelli plate but i have a brayer which I intend to use tomorrow (my ‘play day’)
    You home decor project with the scarves and purses is beautiful.
    And then your tea. It looks really special. I love chai and I love oolong. If it tastes as good as it looks, I think this one would also be my taste.
    I smiled at your couch fabric story. A mum myself, I can tell you that NOTHING is toddler/baby proof. I guess you have covered the stains with a nice throw….
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  • I love your Russian doll on the gelliprint background! It really is fun pulling prints! I love to make image transfers but sometimes just the joy of using some nice stencils and paints is all it takes to make me happy! Brigit Koopsen has some brilliant tutorials on her blog and I saw something really interesting on Lavinia stamps blog the other day too. The tale of your sofa brought back a few memories of my 3 boys!!! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

  • Well, your first foray with the Geli Plate turned out way, way better than mine Kate! I’ve had it for ages and only used it for the first time about a month or so ago and it was a complete fail. I could not get the paint to transfer properly to the paper and have no idea why it went wrong. Not going to give up though, I will keep trying and, hopefully, get it right one day.
    I love your card! Your background turned out beautifully with those gorgeous bright colours and fabulous stencils. Love it! hugs xx

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