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Mothering is overwhelming.  Every week I look at my calendar, hoping that I can fit all my errands into one day so I can spend the rest of the week whittling down my really long to-do list. And every week I find a full calendar. I tend to be a home-body and could care less if I ever left the house. So having only 1-2 days at home per week tends to ruffle my feathers. I get frazzled when I am unable to cross things off my list so I am wondering how I am going to handle life when my children start playing sports and such.  I guess I will find out. No one ever mentioned that parenting=exhaustion.

Amidst all the disappointments of unprofitable days and lingering exhaustion, I was reminded this week of how much I have.  All my needs are met, my children are healthy, my husband is hard working and loving, I have a room full of craft supplies and shelves full of books. I really have a great life! So, when things got a little hairy this week, God brought to my mind all these blessing. Thankfully, it helped snap me out of my bad mood. I think I need to ponder these things more often.

Creating the Journal Covers

I picked up these journals and remade the covers for some friends. I started by covering the the journal in black paint. I used the Decorative Flower Stamen Medallion Stencil and some gesso in the background and a checkered stamp. I layered some bits of fiber, lace and paper. I colored my photo-copied paper dolls with Distress markers.

Tea Day


I found this yummy looking White Spicy Pear Hibiscus Cinnamon tea on Amazon. I don’t own it as of yet but I have it on my wish list. It looks and sounds like just my cup of tea. I never thought ‘spicy’ in tea would be good until I recently tried some spicy peach white tea that I loved. I am linking this tea to Elizabeth and Bleubeards‘s for Tea Day.

Happy Tea Day,


19 thoughts on “Journal Your Pondering’s: Mixed Media Journals”

  • Looking after kids is not easy. I know from my own experience, and having to work as a teacher and look after a sick husband at the same time. Count your blessings is always a good way! Wonderful new journal covers. Happy T Day, Valerie

  • A wonderful Journal cover – so beautiful layered Kate! You are blessed for sure with a perfect family – and some days aren’t as pretty as others – that’s the same for all parents I guess! Time flies and you do exactly the best to keep calm with tea and your wonderful hobby of crafting and Mixed Media!
    Happy T-Day !

  • good morning, you find the most delicious looking teas-I have always been a home body-I love just staying home and not driving around every where. My favorite things bout retirement now loving your journal covers-Happy T Kathy

  • Your journal covers look amazing, the fibers and detail look so touchable, I love the way you add texture.
    Being a mum is a full time occupation which as the years roll over, rarely ever changes.
    Once a mum always a mum and you will be in the hearts of your children, as the one who was there for them and loved them in all the highs and lows in their lives.
    Happy T day wishes Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • Gorgeous covers Kate. You’ve been busy. And it’s always good to take a relook at our lives. When they are better than we think it is a good thing, isn’t it? Happy T day. Hope its a good one. Hugs-Erika

  • great looking journal cover Kate! It was quite a long while ago, but I do remember how busy I was when our son was young. But then, I was young then too and had more energy:) I’m pretty much a homebody too and love it. Your tea does sound good- I have come to enjoy the spicy teas in the cold months. Have a great week and happy T day!

  • Your page is incredible, full of dimension and very beautiful! I love the mix of materials.
    The tea looks delicious, I like Hibiscus in tea too.

  • These are incredible journal covers, Kate. Your art never ceases to appeal to me, and the lessons you teach us that you have learned from these pages (or covers) always inspire me.

    That tea sounds great. It good to have a wish list. Mine is a local merchant, though. Your tea sounds exotic and exciting. Thanks for sharing it with us for T this Tuesday, dear.

  • When the kidlets get bigger, don’t need you to drive them hither and yon because they drive themselves or catch rides with friends, you’ll have a little more time to yourself. Then with long hours of silence in the house, you may wish for the harried days of running around. Enjoy the busy-ness. Wonderful journal covers.So much depth and texture. I’m sure they will be a big hit with your friends. I was wrinkling my nose at the white tea pear until you mentioned cinnamon. I’m more of a black tea person, but really love the smell and taste of cinnamon. If you get this tea, you’ll have to elt us know how it tastes. Happy T Day

  • Fabulous covers Kate, love the fibres you added, makes them so textural! Glad your ponderings led you to a more positive frame of mind, – I was left thinking, – been there, – done that….. Motherhood is one of the hardest things, something many people don’t realize…. Enjoy that tea when it arrives, it looks yummy!

  • I remember those days well, some days just leave you with no time to speak of at all but the image of you having an impromptu History/Geography lesson also brought back memories! Those will be the times you remember! We were often late getting to places because we watched a bird breaking one a snailshell or a digger scooping up soil from a wet trench etc.etc. I am glad you were able to move on with your ponderings!! Your journal page is wonderful! Happy T day! Chrisx

  • yes, motherhood is not an easy task – and some of the good parts you only see in review… and it is about the often quoted “find joy in the little things” and remember them:)
    fantastic journal covers, as we are used to see here. great texture with all those various elements!
    happy (belated) t-day:)

  • Oh it’s always good to count your blessings and thank the Lord for what he has blessed you with. Busyness is a blessing too. If you find it all too overwhelming, could you perhaps prioritise things differently? (I know that’s easier said than done) Motherhood is not easy.
    I love those new journal covers. So many layers and texture. Beautiful!
    That tea looks very nice. It would be the sort of thing I’d go for. I love spicy. We drink Chai tea, which is spicy, or spicy rooibos. If ever you should buy that tea, I would like to know what you think of it.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • i wonder why my comment didn´t come through (posted yesterday)…
    i love your texture as always, and yes, motherhood is a challenge;) but later you will see it was worth it:)
    happy rest of the week!

  • Sorry to be so late visiting this T Day, we have been on a 2 week vacation visiting our friends in Maine, America and Tuesday was our last day with them. We flew back yesterday and arrived back home today, so I figured better late then never …lol 😉. Your journal cover looks amazing, you always create such beautiful interest with your layers and textures 😀. I love anything cinnamon so your tea really appeals to me – yum! Happy belated T Day wishes! J 😊 x

  • I remember those days at home with the kids…trying to fit everything in. Now it’s days at work then trying to squeeze everything in. I think we either need a couple more hands, hours in the day or lowered expectations. Love the journal covers.
    Happy T Day!

  • Those journal covers are lovely, your friends will adore them I am sure!
    I get what you mean about pondering the blessings, sometimes we loose focus,but are always gently nudged back.
    That tea does look delicious!
    hmmm might have to look closer!
    Jackie xx

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