Keys Are Forever Getting Lost: Seth Apter Inspired Mini Album


The Case of the Missing Spoons 

Keys are not the only things that disappear in a household of people. As time goes on, I have noticed the stacks of dishes in the cupboard and silverware in the drawers have slowly dwindled. It seems as though we never have enough spoons even though I just emptied the dishwasher. We started out with eight place settings and now we are down to 3.  I am guessing somewhere along the way the silverware jumped off the plates into the trash can because my children promise that “It wasn’t me!”, when I question them. Not to mention that I have lost many dishes since the little people started taking over dish duty. Over time, things have gotten chipped, cracked, broken and have disappeared. Early on in marriage, I would let off steam when these certain events would occur. But now, I am learning to see the positives in these situations. I have little people to share my table with, hubby has a job that provides money for food to fill our plates. And each chipped or broken dish means that I have children that are learning to be responsible and hard-working by helping out with meal clean-up.

I won’t say that I don’t cringe inside every time I hear something crash in the kitchen but I am getting better at being less attached to things. In fact, I am thinking about it as an opportunity to replace the dishes and go all mix n match-y. I am not ready to purchase new dishes as the years of dish duty are far from over. But, maybe I will add  a few here and there as the pile of usable dishes becomes smaller. For fun, here are a few that I have been looking at on Amazon.



Aren’t they pretty? Which one do you like best?

What is your favorite pattern or style of tableware?

Creating the Journal Pages


Here is a few more pages in my Seth Apter inspired layout.



I covered my pages with book paper and stained it with Vintage Photo Distress ink. Next, I layered tissue paper and extra book paper on top. I used Seth Apter Stencils from StencilGirl in the background along with his PaperArtsy stamps. In conjunction with fiber, fabric scraps and color sprays/paint I used Seth’s Baked Textures in the background.



The Butterflies Within My Eyes

A Man and His Travels


Seth Apter Art Journal Cover


Thank you for stopping.


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10 thoughts on “Keys Are Forever Getting Lost: Seth Apter Inspired Mini Album”

  • Wonderful mixed media layers and a fabulous key taking centre stage. Love this Kate. Chipped crockery and missing items resonates with me too but there’s only 2 of us now lol.
    Have a fabulous weekend xxx

  • Your mixed media pages are fabulous. I like how you treated the key and of course, the background, too. This is a beautiful entry in your mini album, Kate,

    All the dishes you shared are lovely, but I’m an orphan gal who will pick up old plates, silver, etc, at garage sales and thrift stores and do the mix and no-matchy thing. I never mind putting one orphan cup with another orphan saucer. They seem to make for colorful entertainment, even though I have FIVE sets of dishes. It looks like you are into Asian influenced dishes, and I like them all. BTW, in a set of eight forks, I now have five, I swear the cats hid them, but I’m sure they ended in the trash by me.

  • Gorgeous textural journal, just want to reach out and touch it. I also have lots of chipped dishes lol ❤️❤️

  • Gorgeous journal pages, the textures and layers look fantastic and have great textures.
    I liked reading about your spoons and dishes, years after mine grew up and left home we occasionally dug cutlery from the garden, the boys had taken them outside to dig holes and play. As for crockery its very modern to have miss matched pieces , they can look very attractive. .
    Have a good weekend

  • Loved reading about the cutlery and dishes going missing at your house .. brings back some wonderful (and frustrating) memories. Must say though that, even though my kids have left home, the same thing still happens in my place. Wasn’t me, must be my husband!! LOL!!
    Adore your gorgeous journal pages. So much texture and such amazing colour! Absolutely gorgeous!! hugs xx

  • First of all, love your textural gorgeous vintage look pages, beautiful, – that is going to be one wonderful mini!
    I think you are right and so lucky having what you have, material things are just that, – material things. Unlike love, happiness etc, – they can always be replaced. My absolute favourite of the dishes you show is the second one down, though I expect that in a house hold with young children they probably would not be the most practical …

  • Hello Kate!
    Very cool inspired journal page- I love the key on it!
    I loved reading about the kiddos and dishes as well! Your stories,always bring me back to my time with my sons growing up. We used to make trips to the goodwill and thrift stores to update our dishes until they were older! LOL
    Hope all is well in your world
    hugs,Jackie xx

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