Let Us Eat Cake: Daily Art Practice


Couch Talk


This past week was unusual. It started off with my daughter giving herself a manicure and pedicure with a ball-point pen, of all things. Upon further inspection, I found that she also drew on the entire underside of her feet. It took close to 45 minutes to clean it off with makeup remover pads and rubbing alcohol. Needless to say, she is now banned from writing with pens.

Aside from that there were lots of errands, Dr.’s appointments, a rescue by my knight when my car breaks gave out, oral surgery and recovery. Sounds fun, right?



Watercolor Food Illustration



I mentioned last week that I painted some cakes from the book, Layered: Baking, Building, and Styling Spectacular Cakes. My versions are small because I wanted to fit them all on one layout. I took a picture of the photograph so you can see what they look like.



The first on is the black forest cake. It sounds delicious, chocolate and cherries!



Boston cream pie, another favorite!



Blood orange thyme cake. I am not sure I like the sound of this combination but I really like the way it looks with all the various layers and colors.



Tea Day



I am joining the T day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Tazo Organic Peachy Green Tea. I haven’t tried this tea yet but it is on my wish list. Peach green tea sounds delicious, don’t you think?

Happy Tea Day.


14 thoughts on “Let Us Eat Cake: Daily Art Practice”

  • I know it isn’t funny, but I had to smile at your daughter’s ink pen antics. It looks like she was trying to go Goth.

    Your drawings are incredible. They are all so very well done and look just like the photos in the book. You can be proud of yourself, Kate.

    Your tea looks good and I see there is at least SOME caffeine in it, which would work for me. Thanks for sharing your daughter’s antics, your BEAUTIFUL layered cakes, and your peachy green tea with us for T this almost Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Hi Kate, your art is always so amazing-you do beautiful work.
    some weeks are just full of craziness
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  • Oh my, black ball point- I guess on the bright side it was better to remove than permanent marker would have been…
    your dessert paintings are positively scrumptious – gosh , you are SO good at this Kate!!
    Have a great week ahead and happy T day!

  • LOL. Be glad it was just the feet!
    I was to watcg my lille Bro. Did homework and got suspicious as he was so quiet. He found a pen and the white furniture….. I had to take the consequences, too…. He could barely sit, but that he could do!

    Oh, what?! Car breaks not working sounds the scariest of the “adventures”!
    I hope for no oral surgery tomorrow…

    Your paintings are as wonderful as ever (and sorry to disappoint you again – I can´t myself get started! It looks too complicated!)

    Thyme indeed sounds strange on a cake, but the word makes me laugh.
    My friend in Perth suggested an adventure but the drive would´ve been hours.
    Ingo: “Grace, we have all but time here in Australia….” – Grace: “… Ingo… (looking on her Pizza) … we DO have thyme here in Australia!”

    Have a happy T-Day and yay for your great artwork!

  • Hi Kate, you are so talented, your water colours are so good, they always make my mouth water. Funny how kids love to draw on themselves, its usually something that takes ages to remove!!
    Happy T Day

  • Failing brakes? Oral surgery? That sounds mighty stressful. I think your daughter painting her fingers and toes with ballpoint was the least of your worries. Be glad she didn’t paint the wall or the furniture. She was just having some girlie fun.
    Your are really talented when it comes to water colouring. Those cakes look really yummy.
    Happy T-Day,

  • 😺 A girl after my own heart. I used to get in trouble for writing on walls. I had a client that paid me to write on his daughter’s bedroom wall!.. Your watercolor cakes are delicious to look at. Happy T Day

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