Life In A Crazy Teapot : Hand Carved Stamp


If I were a drinking lady, which I am not, I would be sneaking some very strong spirits into my pot of tea this week. The littlest one was sick last week and the middle one came down with something similar soon after. It only lasted for a day so of course we sent him back to school. And then Sunday morning it hit again.  I was showered, dressed, and my hair curled. I walked into the kitchen to prep Sunday lunch and my son told me he threw up downstairs. Of course I was thinking it was just a few spots to clean up. I was totally unprepared for the pond of vomit that assaulted my nose. It was splattered up the walls on all three sides of the bathroom and stuck between the gaps in the molding on the walls. But worst of all, it looked like someone poured a gallon jug of vomit onto the floor.



I stood there thinking I had no idea where I was going to start. But, after changing my clothes, grabbing lots of rags and a bucket I got on my knees and went to town. It was the second time in my life I thanked God for vomit. (The other time was during my first bout of morning sickness after my miscarriage) As I scrubbed, I thanked God that I have normally healthy children. I thanked Him that I have children to clean up after. And yes, I was thankful that my son at least made it into the bathroom instead of up-chucking the contents of his stomach on his bedroom carpet.



I may have to keep the idea of strong drink on reserve. There are still 3 of us that have not been hit by the bug. For the most part, we are a very healthy family but sickness is something you can not control. We are taking preventative measures and praying that our season of sickness has passed.

Thankfully, spring weather minus the germs is almost here!


Creating the Stamp/Mail Art


This month’s hand carved stamp is a teapot. I took several ideas from different photos and combined them onto one stamp. My sketch is on the left. I transferred the sketch to the rubber using a bone folder.  I used my carving tool by Speedball.



After carving the stamp, I stamped it, colored and cut it.  The background of my mail art is a postcard covered with book paper, tissue paper and collage paper made using my gelli plate.



Lindy’s Stamp Gang embossing powder was used in the background along with fabric scraps, word stickers, book paper and doodles.


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Tea Day



Well, it’s tea day again and instead of sharing my norm, I am going to to just use the Tea pot on my art to represent my beverage for today. I am excited to join all the T ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s for art, travel and a beverage.


Happy Tea Day,


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21 thoughts on “Life In A Crazy Teapot : Hand Carved Stamp”

  • Ooh Kate, great job on the hand carved teapot stamp!! The page is gorgeous (and is that a Hershey kiss above the spout:)
    I do hope your kiddos are feeling much better and that you will have a much easier cleaning week. Happy T day!

  • I love your hand carved teapot stamp a lot. Your vomit story, not so much. It’s never fun to be that sick, at any age. Hope everyone recoperates easily and soon. Happy T day Kate. Hug-Erika

  • Gosh K ate. Se ems like this happens to your children right after you are all dressed up.

    I love your teapot. You made a gorgeous stamp. I am truly impressed with your carving skills. It also makes a wonderful entry for T this Tuesday.

  • Sorry to hear you are still dealing with sick kids, always very hard. Hope all will be well again soon. Love your crafted piece and the little teapot, carving stamps is always such fun. Happy T day, and have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  • hope the vomitting soon will be over. yes, there are worse things, but it is annoying…
    the tea pot is just perfect for t-day!! wishing you a happy one!

  • Oh my, I hope you son feels much better after his sickness! The new stamp that you made is amazing, I love the design and intricate patterns that you added and your artwork looks so beautiful too 😁. Take care and Happy Tea Day! J 😊 x

  • Poor Kate … and the poor littles. I don’t know which is harder – seeing your kids so sick or cleaning up all the stinky vomit. I sometimes ended up vomiting myself, even though I wasn’t sick.

    I admire how you find gratitude in such awful situations.

    I can’t believe you carved that wonderful teapot stamp. It’s fabulous!

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

    P.S. I just said a little prayer for your family’s health.

  • I love your pretty little teapot Kate. You are so clever making your own stamps and this one is so gorgeous!! Love the journal page. So much yummy texture to drool over.
    Illnesses are never fun and especially so when it’s your kids that are affected. I hope they are all well and healthy again now and that the sickness is behind you all. Enjoy the rest of the week. hugs xx

  • It is a fabulous hand carved teapot stamp, the project you created looks awesome, great layers and distressing.
    I hope the illness in the family will soon be over the worst and everyone gets well soon.
    Happy T day wishes Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • I’m sorry you’ve had sickness in your family. I hope the rest of you escape the “plague”. I have never had any luck with stamping, much less carving my own. I admire your skill. Happy T Tuesday!

  • Poor you, Kate. And the kidlet, too. You’e a better man than I, Gunga Din. One thing I have trouble with is cleaning up stomach contents. I worked in a hospital lab when I was younger. The minute I heard retching sounds, my head was in the bucket next to the patient. I was lucky Himself grew up in a large family and was used to helping clean up sick messes. I hope the bug has left your house. Your teapot stamp is very cute. I tried carving a stamp once. Happy T Day. Take care.

  • Your hand carved stamps are always so wonderful! I love them all. so sorry your children have been sick-hopefully it will all be over soon-hugs.
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  • Oh dear! You have a very good way with words even if they were…ewww. 🙂 Thankfully I could only picture it… Hope it passes over the rest of you.
    I love your collage…so many layers of goodness. Your carved stamp is really cool. That is one thing I’ve yet to try.
    Happy T day!

  • Thanks for the vomiting child image Kate!!! Of my three boys one was a real hurler, the other two fortunately were rarely sick! Hope you are all well now and the bug has left the building!!!
    I love your carved teapot – haven’t carved a stamp in ages! Love the resulting piece of art!! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisxx

  • Yes, we’ve got to thank the Lord under all circumstances. Sometimes it is not so easy to find things to be thankful for. But you managed it. Be blessed.
    I hope your kiddos are feeling better and that nobody else has got the bug. But if it strikes, then I’m sure you’ll deal with it.
    Your teapot is gorgeous. You are so clever making your own stamps! The artwork is beautiful.
    Sorry I’m, late to comment,
    but a happy belated T-Day,

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