Life In the Sick Lane : Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


My Story


I am going to keep it short and simple today but for those of you that are regular readers you may have noticed I have been absent for a few weeks. I mentioned back in June that our family has been pounded with sickness. Well, we are still sick. I started out with a sinus infection that turned into an ear infection. Within a week after completing a round of antibiotics my other ear became infected. I have almost completed another round of antibiotics but I am still dealing with ear pain and malaise. Over the course of 6 weeks everyone, except my 2nd son has been sick with something. Needless to say, our summer hasn’t gone quite as planned.



So, if I miss a few more posts, you know why. I haven’t had the desire to sit down to blog or craft. I spend a lot of time drinking tea, reading books and wishing I had taken ibuprofen.



Creating the Journal Page




The inspiration behind this journal is from the The Painted Art Journal: 24 Projects for Creating Your Visual NarrativeI followed along with a few of her project tutorials from the book.  Of course I put my own spin on them. This particular project was entitled: My Story. It uses a wheel template to document important events in one’s life.



As you can see I didn’t add any pictures of us, which looking back, I wish I had. That would have added a more personal touch but I worked with what I had on hand. I added fibers, lace, ribbon and various scraps and stickers to ‘clutter’ up my wheel.



And you can’t go wrong with a little gold embossing powder.


Tea Day


I am joining the T ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s.  Today my beverage is Teavana Maharaja Chai Loose-Leaf Oolong Tea, 2oz. Oolong is becoming a favorite of mine. This one is very yummy…and pretty to look at.


Happy Tea Day,


19 thoughts on “Life In the Sick Lane : Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • So sorry to hear you have all been ill for weeks, that’s no fun at all. Your journal page is gorgeous. Hope you are soon all feeling better. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • love your layout (esp the stripes with the color chart dots from fabric edges… i also do collect them;))
    i really wish you better luck with your health issues… hoping you will have a great summer ahead. xox

  • awe, what a way to spend summer:( Hope everyone will be well very soon! Fun journal spread- everything but the kitchen sink :):) Very interesting to look at and identify all the bits. Happy T day

  • Oh no – what a horrible way to spend the summer, lurching from one illness to the next in the family. I do hope you’ll all feel better soon.

    On a brighter front, this circular page of life, exploding with energy and ideas and memories is simply magnificent. I love it.
    Alison x

  • Oh wow Kate. That journal page really catches your eye. It is a different way to layout. I bet in person it is even more interesting than in a photo. Happy T day. too. Hope you are enjoying your summer! Hugs-Erika

  • Now that didn’t come out quite right-about enjoying your summer. I meant to say I hope you feel better so you can enjoy your summer, but my brain whizzed off ahead of my typing.

  • I am sorry to read that you and the family haaaaave all been poorly. Never good at any time but during warm weather it is so hard to cope with. I hope that you will feel well soon.. Look after yourself Kate.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • I’m sorry y’all have been plagued with sickness 🙁 but hope you’ll all be well soon. I like that full spread journal page and appreciate you sharing some of the planning of it. Happy T Tuesday!

  • I’m so sorry to read you are sick. I feel for you and your family. For some reason, being sick in summer seems to be worse than in winter. Often harder to shake, too. I was really impressed with that book you bought and used, I went to Amazon and saw the details. It sounds like it’s perfect for you, since you love to draw and make your own stamps, too. You certainly created your own story in those two pages. Lovely ephemera, too.

    Chai and oolong together. what more can one ask for, I guess to get well soon would be the only thing, Thanks for sharing your lovely journal art and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Sorry to hear you are still dealing with illness. That is so hard! I had a migraine that kept me out of commission all day yesterday.
    Love the journal page you created. So smart to draw some guidelines to start.
    Happy T day!

  • Oh Kate! So sorry to hear that you have been having health problems! The Summer is the worst time to be ill too, as all you want to to is be out in the sunshine! I hope you begin to feel better soon! Your art is still as brilliant as ever – love the way you put this together! Although your tea looks like little jewels I will still stick to coffee thank you! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  • So sorry to hear you have all been sick. I hope you are on the mend now and can still enjoy some of your summer.
    I love your art journal page. I have that book, too, and have been thinking of doing the same project!
    Feel better soon! xx

  • I love the art journal page you made. What a great design. I’m sorry your whole family has been fighting illnesses this summer. I hope you all get better soon, to have a few weeks left to enjoy, before Labor Day creeps up on us. Happy T-Day!

  • Oh yuck, Kate. I hope you’re all doing better soon. Three courses of antibiotics sounds a bit scary. I hope the 3rd one does the job. How you could create this wonderful page during such a time amazes me. I guess it’s good therapy though to take your mind off of the pain and discomfort.

    Please keep the ibuprofen close at hand. Anything (within reason) that helps knock down the inflammation, allows the antibiotics to work better/faster.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • Oh I’m sorry to hear you are still not well. Once your immune system is weakened, you get one thing after another. I feel for you, especially when you also have to look after sick family members.
    I will be praying for you all.
    Happy T-Day,

  • So sorry that you and the family have been feeling under the weather. I like the layout of your story page. Reminds me of a Harry Chapin song, “Circle”. Chai tea is such a comfort beverage. Hope you all feel better soon. Happy T Day

  • Oh, Kate, I am so sorry to hear you have been so ill, and not only you but most of your family! Sending cheering thoughts your way, and saying a prayer right now that the rest of your Summer will be super. Your journal page is amazing! You are an artist. I am not. But I love to play with all the mediums.
    Happy belated T Day!

  • Oh dear, I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope you are all feeling better by now as I am very late in commenting. (life gets in the way as you know)
    Your journal page is really beautiful. I love the circle shape .
    I think that tea would be my favorite because I too love Oolong tea and I love chai, so the two combined should be heavenly!
    I’m praying for you and your family’s health,
    Bless you,

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