Look and You Will See : Mixed Media Mail Art


Blank Canvas


Lately, I have spent a lot of time looking around my house and pondering the clutter. Minimalism is taking off and despite its appeal, I find myself struggling to convert.  Not that I like clutter but I have always unofficially adopted the moto “The more the better.” This usually applies to wall art and plants. I don’t especially like dusting a ton of nick knacks so that type of clutter isn’t a weakness.  But pretty rugs, colorful pillows, unusual paintings and any type of plant could easily get me into trouble.

I can see why browsing Instagram and Pinterest could quickly become the enemy of contentment. I won’t lie and say that I wouldn’t love a Instagram worthy home but I am trying to stay in tune with our financial goals as well as appreciating the abundance of material things that we already own. I am trying to remember that these things take time and the rooms in my house may never be complete. They are a work in progress.



Of course while browsing Instagram, I got the decorating bug and decided to take everything off the walls in my dining room, including the curtains. My husband noticed right away and he keeps saying it looks like we are moving. But I figure I won’t know exactly what I want the room to look like unless I have fresh eyes. And that means creating a blank canvas to work with.

Here are a few Instagram pictures that I am drawing inspiration from.



The abundance of green, textured wall hangings and shelving are a few of the components I am hoping to add. I’ll post a picture when I have finally worked it all out.


Creating the Mail Art


I started with an index card and added some vintage book paper that has been stenciled with the Art Deco Medallion and stamped with a PaperArtsy stamp.



The lamp post and metro sign are stamps by Wendy Vecci. I tore a strip of gelli printed paper for the background and layered a scrap of sari fabric in the background.



Lastly, I added a TH paper doll.


Tea Day



I am joining in with the Tea ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s. My tea today is Coconut Oolong from the Yellow Mountain Tea House. This oolong has the perfect hint of coconut. A delicious tea that I drink sparingly due to the caffeine.


Happy Tea Day,


14 thoughts on “Look and You Will See : Mixed Media Mail Art”

  • I love the art today Kate. I like the light post and metro sign. And coconut flavoring in tea sounds delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever had that before. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  • An amazing and super stylish mail art postcard Kate! I can understand that you struggle with decluttering. I am the same kind of person. A kind of collector’s soul. But this is good, if we are able to declutter our mind and soul we have not to declutter all the space around us, lol. Have agreat week and thank you for the tea and your thoughts and source of decoration inspiration. You are an artist from heart! Susi xxx

  • Beautiful mixed media art. Have fun re-thinking your decorations. I never look at how others do their homes, as my home should be my home and not a copy of, or influenced by, other people. Main thing is that I feel well here, even though my place is neither designed nor uncluttered nor tidy! Happy T day, Valerie

  • I was absolutely THRILLED to read that you are still enjoying tea day. That means the world to me.

    I used to have a house full of plants, then I put them outside one year right before a freak snow storm. I lost every one of them. I was sick. I had hundreds of dollars invested and it was a lesson I haven’t forgotten. Now all I grow are herbs. At least they have a purpose. You have chosen some incredible beauties to draw inspiration from. I especially like the last two. But I’m a plant freak, not a pillow freak (grin).

    Your mixed media card is out of this world. You put my ICADs to shame. You create such beauty and so many incredible layers. Your art always, always speaks to me.

    Your tea looks lovely. I wish I could eat coconut. I used to be able to, then a few years ago, I got ill eating it. Now I have to avoid anything with coconut in it. But it looks beautiful and sounds delicious,. Thanks for sharing your incredible mail art, your inspiration pieces, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Beautifully layered card Kate. Lovely looking decor but I could never deal with all the plants- I can barely keep my one alive:):) Happy T Day!

  • Such beautifully designed room areas, I can see how they inspire you – marvellous! Your page looks amazing too, I love the colourful background 😁. I wouldn’t mind trying the tea either – yum! Wishing you a happy tea day! Hugs, Jo x

  • What beautiful mail art. I love those TH dolls.
    I bet your husband was surprised seeing a ‘bare’ room. It makes sense to have it bare for a while so you can start again. I find Pinterest a huge source of inspiration. And the ‘pins’ you have gathered are really beautiful. I would love to have a house full of plants. In Holland we used to have many, but in this climate, I have to be very selective. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do eventually.
    Happy T-Day,

  • I love how your art reaches beyond the edges.

    Plants are a wonderful addition to a home. Mine are only inside during the winter, but they do “green up” the place 🙂 Sometimes a little change is called for, and I’m sure you’ll rest on what’s right for you.

    Happy T Tuesday

  • How funny – he noticed right away that you had stripped the dining room walls. I’ve been decluttering the house a bit and organizing my studio. But no decluttering there. Every tube of paint (unless dried out) and scrap of paper inspire me. So they stay. I must admit that some of the home decluttering occurs when one of us breaks something.

    Your mail art is beautiful but a bit unsettling to me because I infer missing children from the text and sad faces. A mother’s worst nightmare.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • First of all…I love your artwork today! So colorful and full of textured layers. Amazing!
    I struggle with wanting to minimize yet loving my stuff. The inspiration images are right up my alley. If we didn’t have a big dumb cat I’d definitely have more plants. My mom had a green thumb…tons of houseplants. I aspire to be like her in that way.
    Happy T day!

  • Hi Kate, back to answer your ? about deli paper. I got mine at Sam’s Club about two years ago but I’m pretty sure you can find it at large grocery stores and places like Walmart:)

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