Memories Make You Rich : Mixed Media Art Assemblage

Memories Make you Rich

My hubby is a financial blogger over at CYInnovations so we discuss money all the time with our children present. In fact, my boys love Dave Ramsey. They have his slogan and the radio show theme song memorized. That is usually what my youngest boy is humming while he washes dishes. So, last evening my 9 year old asked my husband if we were rich. The conversation went a little like this-
9 y.o.- “Daddy, are you rich?”
Daddy– “Yes,” Pause “I have a warm house, a job, plenty of food and 3 beautiful children.”
I was sitting at my craft table and I just teared up. How true these words are! It is not necessarily money that can define wealth but that our basic needs are met and the people that we love and make memories with are around us on a daily basis.
It is good to teach our kids that money isn’t everything. My hubby has the kids writing a upcoming blog post on their money views and they both drew pictures to illustrate their ideas. I’ll let you know when it goes up so you can check it out.
Meanwhile, I’ll give you the short version of my assemblage process.

Creating the Assemblage

Getting Started

To start off, my box is recycled from a Christmas present. I liked the shallow depth and the rectangular shape of the box. For some reason I struggle with layout in square shaped boxes.  I added a layer of gesso and then Black Soot Distress Paint. I covered the inside with patterned paper and then started adding texture.

The Texture

I applied texture paste through my favorite Stencil Girl Eye Lattice Stencil. I mixed paint into my texture paste and came out with a peach color. Not what I was going for but oh well. After the paste dried, I went over some of the texture and the box with blue paint.

The Inside

Using a smaller box as a platform I covered it in paper using the same texture paste/stencil method as the side of the box. I chose a vintage jewelry pendant as the focal point. Patina Paints were used to color a few of the metal objects.
A tag is in the background framing the box along with some black gauze-like fabric.

Products Used:

Challenges Entered:

Altered Eclectics: Anything Goes

Scrapi-Wyzwaniowo: Home Decor

13arts: Abstract Art

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