My Surahi Pot Collection


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My Surahi Pot Collection

*NOTE: Since writing this post I have found out that these beautiful engraved brass pots are called ‘Surahi‘, a drinking vessel used to store water.
I started my collection two years ago when I was browsing a local antique market with my hubby. It is no secret that I love pretty conversational pieces originating from the Middle East so when I saw this beautiful brass pot labeled ‘Indian Wine Pot,’ I knew I had to have it with a price tag of only $18. Of course, I would have preferred to walk out with the larger version as well for $27, but I was on a budget so the smaller size would have to do. My wonderful husband didn’t discourage me especially since he decided to buy a higher priced ticket item. When I got home I was so excited to display my authentic ‘Indian Wine Pot’ that I purchased for a bargain. Or so I thought.
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Who Hit the Jackpot? I DID!!!

Almost a year later, I made my weekly visit to Goodwill  and guess what I found? Yes! Another authentic Indian Surahi!! Not only was it in excellent shape but it was a good inch or so taller than the one I already owned.  I turned it upside down to look at the price knowing that it didn’t matter because I was leaving with it in my possession no matter what. It read $5.97! I couldn’t believe that I discovered an amazing deal especially in a small, country town where everyone is pretty much into Primitive Decor (willow trees, barn stars, sheep and Americana). I was seriously trying not to do a little jig where I was standing. Looking around around me, I couldn’t believe all those people had walked by that shelf and not given that lonely, gorgeous pot the time of day. Later on while checking out, one of the employees at Goodwill who knew me, commented on how I always buy the most unusual things. I’ll take that as a compliment.
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Not Just Once, But Twice!

Here we are almost another year later and I made a spontaneous visit to Goodwill. I say spontaneous because at the moment we are trying to become debt free on our house. Not to mention, that my husband will be unemployed within the year so we have cut all unnecessary spending. So, I am in Goodwill and I found this amazing set: 6 miniature wine cups, a tray and a pot. The whole set cost less than my original antique find! Considering that I had not stepped foot in Goodwill for almost 6 months and that they rotate out their shelves so frequently, it is a wonder that I showed up when this particular item was out. I guess it just really wanted to come home with me.
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Inspiration for Collection

I am not sure why I am so drawn to these pots, but I imagine it has something to do with my love of Indian Decor and tea (as it resembles a tea pot). My tea pot collection is inspired mainly by Asian Pottery but I love the beautiful, long spouts that these pots have. And isn’t that engraved brass so elegant?
What kinds of collections do you have?
Are any of them globally inspired?
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3 thoughts on “My Surahi Pot Collection”

  • Love your pots Kate. I didn’t know they had a name, but a friend of mine has a huge collection that he got when he lived in the Middle East many years ago. Now I know what to call them.:) Hugs-Erika

  • Your pots are beautiful, the form is very elegant. I never knew they had a special name. You got some really good bargains there, well done and enjoy your growing collection. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

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