My Blessings Are Too Many To Count: Mixed Media Mail Art



As Thanksgiving draws near, it is just another reminder of all the blessings that God has bestowed upon me. It is a great time to reflect and ponder. I know that all the wonderful things that have happened in my life are not due to luck or karma but because of God. And all the bad things that have happened…they could have been so much worse if not for God. He has a hand in everything.



As I look forward to spending the weekend with my family, I am not going to stress about the baking, cooking or hosting. I am going to dwell on the fact that I have an amazing family that I get to spend the holidays with! Not to mention all the yummy food that we will be consuming. And if I have dust bunnies under my couch, I hope that nobody will notice. I am thankful to God for meeting my needs and so much more!!

What are you thankful to God for this thanksgiving?


Creating the Mixed Media Postcard


I love using scraps from my desk to create mail art. It is the perfect way to creatively cut down on the clutter. My background was previously created in a classroom demonstration. I stenciled a StencilGirl stencil using texture paste. I added a bit of Lindy’s spray to make the background more colorful. I also stamped with PaperArtsy stamps in the background.



Next, I added washi tape, fabric scraps, thread and tissue paper to the background.



The mannequin stamp (Lost Coast Designs) has been stamped and dressed up with a tissue paper skirt. The wings (Andy Skinner) are from the fossil stamp set that I recently won in a giveaway from Brenda Brown. Thanks, Brenda!


Tea Day


Today I am sharing Wild Orange Blossom Herbal Tea, 2 oz, Teavana paired with one of my potted succulents. It has an unmistakable orange flavor against the the rose hip and hibiscus flowers. It is very yummy and makes an excellent iced tea. The first time I had it, it was a sample at the Teavana store. Of course they added a load of sugar so that after I purchased it, I didn’t even recognize it as the same tea. I am displaying my tea in my Turkish Espresso Serving Set (copper).



I am joining all the ladies at T-Day hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. We all get together and share a drink-related post. I love any chance I get to share tea I am drinking.

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Happy Tea Day,


18 thoughts on “My Blessings Are Too Many To Count: Mixed Media Mail Art”

  • Your latest page is another winner Kate! I love Thanksgiving and spending time with my family. It is one of my favorite holidays. Not too much stress or pressure. 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday and T day. Hugs-Erika

  • Gorgeous mail art Kate! I am ever so thankful for my friends some of whom I’ve had over 50 years now who have always been there and given me the support I needed when family didn’t. And of course, especially grateful for my hubby, beautiful son, and my Mom. Wishing you a happy T day and a happy Thanksgiving too!

  • Your art is always so amazing-I love seeing what you have created each week. and I enjoy your tea shares as well-lovely photography. I am thankful for my husband our friends and the beautiful woods we live in and enjoy
    Happy T wishes and Happy Thanksgiving

  • Lovely card. Because of the holiday, I’d skip the corset in favor of elastic waist pants. The tea looks so pretty in the Turkish dish. Happy T Day and have a very Happy Thanksgiving. PS No one will notice the dust bunnies

  • Great Mixed media postcard! Wild Orange Blossom Herbal tea sounds wonderful, and I usually don’t drink herbal tea. Happy T-Day!

  • Your page looks stunning, I love how you created the gown with tissue..
    The photos of your teas displayed with the copper serving pots looks and sounds delicious.
    Hope you have an enjoyable and Happy Thanksgiving with your family.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • Great question, Kate. I’m thankful for my faith that sustains me, my family far away, my friends including the T-ladies that I consider to be my tribe, my wonderful husband of 50 years, my strength and good health at my age. Oh, and the cruise we’ve booked for April – something to look forward to 😉

    Wonderful page, except the lack of a head disturbs me – lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving and T-day! Eileen xoxo

  • That pot your succulent is in is wonderful! I love the texture and color, though succulents always die at my hands. The tea is pretty and sounds delicious, and that copper piece would be nice to use. I clicked through to the Amazon page, and that’s a great espresso serving set. Your photo shoes the detail and texture much better than theirs 🙂 Happy T Tuesday.

  • I absolutely adore this, dear Kate. The mannequin is fabulous and they way you created that skirt is unbelievable. Most impressive and gorgeous, too.

    I hope you have a lovely and safe Thanksgiving, dear. It is my favorite holiday. You don’t have to bring gifts, you can keep it low key or as elaborate as you choose.

    Your tea is beautiful, and that succulent looks SO healthy, too. Thanks for sharing your art and your tea with us for T this Tuesday. Again, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  • Love the art today!!!! Your tea looks so pretty and I’m sure that the flavor is great too,
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit. You’ll be seeing many more photos of the twins I’m sure. We do love to show them off.
    Thanks for the kind words about the art cards. I do love making them and hope I do get them all done by Christmas.
    Happy Thanksgiving !

  • Another super mailart creation Kate, that tissue skirt is genius!! And yes what a creative way to use up all those scraps!!

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, it sounds like such a great holiday, I wish we would celebrate it here…. and those dust bunnies? who cares, they can have fun in their own way…

  • What a lovely card. You are an artist!
    As to your question, I thank the Lord every day for the big things (my health, his provision, my lovely husband, His love, His mercy and His Son.) as well as the everyday little things (a phone call from a friend, a lovely meal, the sunshine, reading my blog comments, new shoes and doing some paper crafting).
    Sunday at church I shared about the American tradition of Thanksgiving. (I have never celebrated it, but I know more about it than the average Spaniard) and encouraged everyone to thank God for everything. Not just once a year, but every day.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving,
    Happy belated T-Day,

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