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My husband is still working his way through our house, remodeling, and he has only two rooms remaining. I never shared the final pictures of our bedroom so here it is. We still have a few items to purchase but it is mostly complete. I tried to find a “before” photo but the only ones I have are from the year after we moved into the house so that is the photo below. The walls were blue and the bulkhead above the window, which you can see in the above photo, was painted brown. Yuck! We are loving all the light that our freshly painted walls and light flooring provide.



We have 4 sets of bookcases and they are one of my favorite features in our room. This past summer I cleared out 25 bags of books, a lot of them I had never read. I like having room to “style” the bookshelves and overall, it lends a less cluttered look. The model ships on the top of the shelves were completed by my husband early on in our marriage. We had time to sit and complete hobbies back then.







StencilGirl Column


It’s that time for my quarterly column on the StencilGirl blog. This time around, I am using something other than my usual medium. I am trying my hand at colored pencils. Hop over and have a look HERE.


Daily Art Practice


My shopfront today is a bit of an experiment, using looser strokes and watercolor. The line work was inspired by a recent online class with Felix Schienberger, who uses scribbly lines and limited paint. I found the colors in this shopfront, CASA SAO MIGUEL, appealing as well as the bicycle. At the end, I added a bit of colored pencil as well.




Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is The Republic of Tea Thanks You’re A Peach Tea . I love anything fruity and this tea is a delicious peach. I found this tea at Hobby Lobby on clearance for less than $1.


Happy Tea Day,


13 thoughts on “My Casa: Daily Art Practice”

  • Wow Kate. Your bedroom came out fantastic and looks beautiful. And it is so big. I am jealous as I would love more space in my bedroom.. I’m jealous you have a reading spot too.. It’s a very nice improvement. I hope you have a super T day, week ahead and Thanksgiving also. hugs-Erika

  • Your bedroom transformation is truly remarkable! The light and airy feel must be so refreshing, and those bookcases are a fantastic touch. It’s like a cozy haven with a touch of personal history. Well done on the remodeling journey!
    Happy T Tuesday!

  • Big Wow. You would so laugh about our bedroom! You have so much space you can dance in there!!!
    We have my Brother´s old youth-bed cause nothing bigger fits in. (We´re OK).
    Wow. Yours is beautiful.

    Books, oh. Yes… 😉
    Stencils…I like the girl, but to be honest your usual art I like better.
    I started with stencils and when I look at that… tempted to throw most away.

    Have a happy T-day.

  • Your new bedroom is fabulous. l like where you placed the bed, too. It is a definite improvement. I also style my bookshelves, but I have found it hard to get to the lower books when they are turned sideways. I have one case like that and I have been tempted to redo it. I do like how you styled the accessories. Your husband’s ships are marvelous,.

    The colored pencils stencil turned out great. A sheer beauty.

    Your shoo front is wonderful. I am always impressed how you manage such great photos with no shadows overhead,. I need your secret.

    You lucked out on that tea. It even sounds “Peachy.” Thanks for sharing your bedroom makeover, the stencil girl art, your shop, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Hi Kate, your bedroom looks like a beautiful tranquil space. Love those bookcases. I’ve been squinting at them trying to read titles lol. I am currently waiting for an appliance delivery so browsing Domestika – somebody stop me! haha Happy T Day! Elle xx

  • Your bedroom looks really beautiful now, that’s a place to sleep and relax and read books, lovely. I have a nice, large bedroom, too, and love it, although it is noct as stylish as yours. Your art is precious, as always. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • Hubby and i have done lots of remodeling over the years in several different houses…. knock on wook i’m hoping my remodeling days are behind me.. Now its yard work… lol always something.. I always love your store fronts.. Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  • What a transition in your bedroom. I can understand that you love the light and airiness of it. The floor stood out to me, it looks gorgeous. It’s a nice spaceous room. Happy Thanksgiving, Kate!

  • Oh what a gorgeous bedroom! And so big! I would have never thought of putting book cases in a bedroom. But it looks lovely. Just wondering where your wardrobes are.
    Happy T-Day,

  • What a lovely transformation- I love your reading area. That stencil looks very useful and I love how you used it!
    Your daily practice sketch is superb! The tea sounds good, Happy T Day, Chrisx

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