My Living Room Tour: Bohemian Meets Indian

The Look

If you read my recent book reviews on The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes and Marrakesh By Design you will see a lot of design elements from the Bohemian style as well as Indian elements in my living room. I am linking to products that I purchased online in case you want to check them out. So, grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the pictures.



I am starting out with my favorite spot in our living room, the “Moroccan Sitting Area.” I have a nice faux fur rug, Handmade Decorative Cushion Covers, Indian pouf ottoman cover, Tapestry , a ceramic elephant, two lanterns and various succulents, cactus and a pothos . My oldest loves to sit on the ottoman while doing his reading homework and watching  movies. Because he moves all the pillows around to support his back and feet I have dubbed him my “Little Sultan.” If you are interested in learning how to hang a wall tapestry, my hubby has a tutorial HERE, on his blog.



(Below) We had this buffet made here in Pennsylvania by a cabinet maker. On top I have a pair of Better Homes and Garden Lamps (Walmart), an Ancient Egyptian Relief Plaque inherited from my Grandparents on their travels (Egypt), wood carved elephant wall art (thrift store), an antique wine pot (Flea Market), framed Leonardo DaVinci Art (Country Curtains)  and a recycled beverage container with silk flowers and a Kilim runner from Saffron Marigold.



The 4 season Asian Panels were a gift from my Grandmother. She turned 96 this year and gave away most of her furniture and belongings because she moved in with her daughter. I was blessed to inherit these beautiful panels and this Chippendale sofa.



The sofa is covered in a  Vintage Tribal Kantha Quilt . I recently purchased a set of 5 kantha quilts and scattered them around the house. I ordered a quilt last year but it never arrived from India so when this set arrived at my house I literally danced around the house!



And this is the best view of my gallery wall with pictures of my babies. Over the back of my very comfy couch I have a thrown a Kantha quilt for added color and pattern.



I just bought this Solid Wood Hand Carved Accent Table . It is the perfect size for a sofa side table.



Not the best lighting for this room as it is rather dark. Our media center (World Market) is a simple Asian design that we love. The wall scones (Pier 1 Imports) are really pretty and sparkly but I wish they were electric. The candles are not very secure so I would never light them. Definitely a fire hazard.



I bought this silver tray at a estate sale for $3 and I cleaned it using a easy technique I found on Pinterest. I found this urn at Home Goods in the clearance isle. Love their clearance prices!



When we lived in New York we had a Tuesday Morning that I frequented almost every week. I was working at the time so I was able to splurge a bit. Several of the items I still have, including this iridescent elephant.



This lovely antique china cabinet was inherited from my grandmother. It houses my teapot collection which I will show you in another post!

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  • It is all so lovely- I especially like those Kanthaa quilts. And my all time fave is- yes, the Moroccan sitting area-it is divine!!! How nice to have so many different things work so well together throughout your home. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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