My Son, Artist and Seamster: In His Own Words

My Son, the Tailor

If you follow my blog, you have heard me talk about my youngest son before. Recently, he asked to sew. It took me most of the summer to get around to fixing my machine but once I did, he took right to sewing after a 2 hour lesson.  I suggested he make a neck tie for his first project but he chose a pillow. Afterwards, I realized he made the best choice. The neck tie would have been too complicated for a beginner project. Here he is stuffing his newly made Storm Trooper pillow.

And here he is with the finished product, which sits proudly on his bed!

I am proud of him for giving sewing a try. Most of the time he expresses interest in crafting, I think it is out of boredom and the desire to spend time with me. Which is ok by me. Out of all my children, he is my most cuddly child. What mommy is going to say no to snuggles and one on one time?

My Son, the Stamper

My hubby has a blog and my youngest son is always surprising my husband with new blog post ideas. My son wrote this, this summer and asked me to share it here on my blog and I said I would. So, here it is!

My Youngest son’s words and spelling translated:

Title: Love Stamping

Hi! I love stamping! One day on June 19 2018 I was bored. So I followed mommy! and she went down stairs to craft. So I sat down and watched and she got out a paper and two bags of stamps. I started stamping a picture of Peter Pan. (I love PeterPan.) That is why I love stamping.

Peter Pan

As, you can see, he not only stamped pretty well but he also colored in those adorable Peter Pan stamps. Peter Pan is HUGE in our house. My youngest only wanted to watch Peter Pan until he was old enough to see Star Wars. Now, Star Wars is all he wants to watch. My daughter is carrying on the tradition, We watch Peter Pan almost every day. Thank goodness we have every version available on DVD!

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