My Square Foot Zoo: Mixed Media Travel Journal

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This week was full of party planning and baking. I I didn’t get enough time to upload my photos from my daughters party so I will share those next week. All my energy went into that event this week so I didn’t get much else completed. But I did do a little reading, All New Square Foot Gardening II: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More in Less Space. As I mentioned, we are expanding our garden. This method says that you will get a high yield with less work and less space. That sounds good to me. The general idea is to divide each bed into square foot areas and plant one variety per square foot.



We are planning on tearing out our current garden and putting in 8 new raised beds and expanding the fence.  Chickens are hopefully coming at a later date so we will be leaving an open area to place a coop and runs down two sides at a later date. I am excited to see how this turns out.  Once the warm weather hits, we can get started.


Zoo Travel Journal


The first few pages of this journal were made for my StencilGirl column in August of last year. Since I never shared them here on my blog, I thought today would be a good day since I recently made a few more pages.



It has been a few years, but back in 2019 we visited family in Colorado. It was our second time vacationing there and we were again in awe of the beautiful mountains. We live in the mountains of PA but the mountain landscape differs from what we are used too.



We just love the zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado as it is family friendly, clean and a wonderful variety of animals.



All my backgrounds were made using StencilGirl Stencils and embossing powder or paste.


Our favorite place to visit in Colorado Springs is Whit’s End. It is a ice cream parlor taken from the popular audio dramas, Adventures in Odyssey. It is a kids audio program, which teaches them faith building character and values. Even us adults love it. We listen to it every day on the radio. Check it out HERE.



Well, that is all I have for this round of pages. I am hoping to complete the journal sometime this year. Hopefully sooner rather than later but we will see what time allows.


 Tea Day



I am joining the Tea day ladies hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Today I am sharing a tea that I would love to try. I have had several different teas from the Positively Tea Company and have enjoyed all of them. This Organic Green Tangerine Green Tea sounds delicious. It contains Organic Green Tea, Organic Marigolds, Organic Safflowers, Organic Orange Peel, and Natural Tangerine Flavoring.


Happy Tea Day,


13 thoughts on “My Square Foot Zoo: Mixed Media Travel Journal”

  • I enjoyed reading about the square foot garden and the reviews. Seems you have to put out a lot of money in the beginning. I look forward to seeing how this new venture works for you. I read it is sure kid friendly, so I think they will enjoy it.

    Your zoo in CO images are wonderful. I actually remember seeing some of them at the Stencil Girl blog. They are beautiful photos and the kids looked like they had a lot of fun, too,

    Wow, your tea sounds impressive, Kate. I’ve never had marigolds in tea before. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on veggie gardens, your lovely travel journal, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  • Hi Kate, Looking forward to seeing how your veg plot goes, we only have a small area but it’s surprising how much veg we get.
    Your journal pages are beautiful, I love all the colours and photos you’ve used, .
    Happy T Day
    Jan S

  • Your art work is beautiful, lovely to see all the photos of you and your family. That’s an interesting idea for gardening, hope it works out well. Happy T Day, stay safe, hugs, Valerie

  • I used to have an edition of the square foot gardening book but never lived in a place where I could make it happen. I look forward to how yours turns out. And chickens! Sounds like fun 🙂 Happy T Tuesday!

  • Nice to have garden space and new garden space at that. I have a new greenhouse and loving it. C. S. I use to live there. It is beautiful. Nice way to save the memories. Have a great day.

  • I just want to get out and garden so you’ll have to let us know later on this year how the new garden went. I can’t wait for the snow to melt and so I can get out and play in the dirt. Smile. This book sounds interesting and wonder how well it works. I am loving your trip pages too. It looks like you had a good time. You have sun fun family photos which will be super to look back at. And I’m looking forward to the party shots next week. Hope you have a nice T day Kate Hugs-Erika.

  • Oh yes, that tea sounds really nice with the orange and tangerine.
    I loved seeing your photos of your stay in Colorado. Was that a real baby elephant or a statue? It looks pretty real.
    The square foot gardening book looks interesting. My hubby made raised beds before he took ill and I am planting in the same sort of manner. Keep it contained and easy to manage. In fact I have about twelve mini plants that I need to plant out, but there is a guy coming to install the stove, so I can’t really go out today.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Excited for you and your expanded gardening Kate! If only I had a green thumb… not sure what will happen this year as the garden we’ve always shared with our next door neighbor (it’s on their property) may not come to fruition as they moved a few months ago. The new neighbor is SO nice but a single man and I’m not sure yet if he will keep his plot as a veggie garden.
    Love your Colorado memory book. the layers are always so rich looking!
    Enjoy your tea, happy T day!

  • So glad all your hard work for your daughter’s party went well and I can’t wait to see the photos, I bet you all had an amazing time 😁. Loving all your pages, such happy memories and so many gorgeous photos of you all too! Take care and wishing you a Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  • I have read the Square Gardening book and it’s a good one! Your kids will love chickens! Watch out! They can really tear up a garden fast if they get in before you want them to, LOL! Whit’s End looks amazing! I hope to be able to take the grandkids there some day 🙂 Enjoy your Tea Day!

  • Creating a new garden space looks like a lot of fun. Our beloved shade trees mean no vegetable gardening for us. But they are very enjoyable.

    be safe…mae at

  • Himself would love your garden planning. He’s looking forward once the snow melts to finish his greenhouse. I’m not much of a gardener. We have friends that raise chickens. I thought about it, but we have so many coyotes in the area I wondered if the chickens would survive. Your travel journal looks wonderful. I love visiting zoos. Always a happy attraction for everyone. Take care and Happy T Day

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