My Teapot Collection


The Inspiration

Growing up, I always would drink a hot cup of tea with my mother, no matter the season or outside temperature. My mom would always tell me how she wanted me to stay single so I could stay home and have tea parties with her. Well, I didn’t stay single but  I certainly took up her love of tea and teapots! While the majority of my teapot collection is Yixing clay teapots, her collection consists mostly of vintage tea/coffee pots with a floral motif.  This china cabinet (above), was a gift from my Grandmother. Isn’t  it beautiful? I keep all my teapots and accessories stored here.

The Tea Pots

This beautiful set of Lusterware I acquired from a nearby flea/antique mall. I am unsure of the manufacturer for this set but I did find out that these artist palette shaped plates are luncheon plates. The cups match and have a fabulous pearl-like sheen.
I bought the creamer and sugar bowls with the tea cups and luncheon plates at a flea market thinking they were a set. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are a matching set because the plates and cups are without markings and the creamer and sugar bowls are marked Nortake.
I received this tea set from my parents upon graduation from high school. It is a lovely Yixing teapot with a internal strainer that has different scenes painted on the front and back. My favorite feature is the four, very delicate square cups that match. The Bamboo Gongfu Tea Tray was a gift from my best friend that can be used in ceremonial tea.
This Turkish Coffee Serving Set is one of my absolute favorite pieces! My SIL gave this to me for Christmas (she knows exactly what I like) last year and I can’t get over the beautiful details and miniature size. And just look at that cute dish for Turkish Delight! It may only fit one piece of candy but lets face it, this is probably the best invention ever when it comes to portion control.
The Commemorative Coronation Teapot was made to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 50 year Reign. My parents were over in England at the time and brought back this teapot for my Grandmother. She has since passed on and now the teapot is mine.
I always wanted a cast iron teapot and this one was gifted to me by a friend. It is quite heavy but very sturdy and perfect for a pot of tea with friends. I love that it can be heated on the stove.
I bought this teapot in Maryland at a fine art gallery while on vacation. I took a fancy to this teapot and thought that there was no way I would be able to afford anything in the gallery but of course I turned the pot over to see the price. I couldn’t make out the numbers so I asked the sales lady.  She couldn’t make the price out either so she gave it to me for what it looked like. Wait for it…. $15. Ummm…yeah, I’ll take a one of a kind teapot in a fine art gallery for $15!!
The next day I decided to meander into that gallery again in case they had anymore amazing teapots at a fabulous price. I turned over a few teapots by the artist of the teapot I bought the previous day and every single teapot was $125 or more. Needless to say, I think the price was supposed to be $150. I left the gallery with a bounce in my step but also feeling sorry for the artist that someone botched up her price tag and cost her a few dollars.


A close up of the unique details and pea pods on the lid.


Another Yixing teapot but this one is miniature.


Yixing Teapot


Winter Dragon Teapot by Teavana


I am unsure as to the name of this teapot but this one is from Teavana. My hubby bought this for my birthday when we were first married. It has lovely cast iron tea cups in red to match.



Cast iron tea cups


Cast iron saucer in the shape of a lily pad


Of course, if I am going to show you my teapot collection I must show my tea stash. It is a bit unorganized due to much use. Most of my tea is loose, the rest is  in bags and some of it I blended myself.


Some lovely tea tins

Well, that is about it. I have a whole other shelf of tea but it doesn’t look very pretty so I will for go that picture. Thanks for sticking with me. I am going to have a cup of tea now 🙂

4 thoughts on “My Teapot Collection”

  • Wow! You have an amazing collection! I love to drink tea and I love teapots. Your grandmother’s china cabinet is a beautiful place to keep your collection.

  • Kate, I am truly enjoying your blog! Originally I came to visit because of your artwork. but have been enjoying many of your other posts as well!
    Your teapots are just lovely and WOW did you ever score with that 15.00 one! wink wink
    Would you share some of your favorite loose teas and where you purchase them?
    I would love to learn of some!
    Have great day!
    ps..where in NY did you live?

    • Hi Jackie,
      I am so glad that you are enjoying the content on my blog. I really enjoy sharing about the different interests that I have.
      Thank you for your sweet comment. Yes, that $15 teapot was a score!
      We used to live in Schenectady, right outside of Albany.
      I loved visiting a tea lounge in Ballston Spa, NY called They have a lot of wonderful teas and a sniffing bar. My favorite teas were the mango pear White tea, Gojiberry Blueberry Pomegranate and the Peach White.
      While on vacation to Lititz, PA, I found a cute little tea shop called My favorite teas from them are their fruit teas both green and white.
      I would love to chat with you more about teas if you have anymore questions. My email is
      Thanks for stopping by,

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