Mysterious Lady: Mixed Media Tag


PaperArtsy Tag

I really enjoy making tags as they are fast and small. It has been a while since I made one but I thought I would share this one today. You can view my step by step tutorial HERE over on the PaperArtsy blog. The Hot Picks stamps over at PA are really fun for anyone that loves vintage style stamps. My favorite part of any project is usually making the background and for this tag I enjoyed adding the tag to the bottom with ribbon.

3 thoughts on “Mysterious Lady: Mixed Media Tag”

  • What do you do with your tags after you put so much creative talent into them….send them as cards or???

  • Hi Carolyn,
    I do give my tags as gifts but I don’t send them through the mail because postage would be more than the average card. (Anything I make tends to be very bulky) Mostly I give them in place of card when giving gifts to family and friends that live nearby. If I am making a series of tags that all have the same theme I might keep them together in a tag book. Another idea is to display tags together on a piece of cardboard or wood covered in burlap. Makes for a beautiful advent calendar. Here is mine.
    Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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