No Tears: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

No Tears?

Week two of potty training is just starting and it is off to a bad start. I suppose it was destined to be bad seeing as it is the the Monday after daylight savings. The time change messed with nap time making it non-existent. My daughter and I sat in the bathroom today, her on the little potty and me on the lid of the big potty and we both cried. Tears of frustration. I know it will get better it just seems as though the end is never in site.
And then tonight after dinner my oldest son, who just turned 10, said that he was glad that we made the decision to have him as our child. I gave him a hug and told him that having children was one of the best decisions we ever made. Even on days like today, when I am exhausted, my hair looks like crap and my house looks like a little monster tore it apart, I am thankful that I have a house full of little people to make my seemingly meaningless tasks meaningful.

Creating The Journal Page


This is the first page in my mermaid journal. I have always loved the idea of mythical creatures so I decided to make this the theme for my next art journal. I looked on Pinterest for mermaid themed clip art and printed out a bunch to get the inspiration flowing. I am going to try to use more quotes in this journal as well.
I will say, it was difficult to find pictures of mermaids that weren’t topless. I have a rule in my house that we don’t keep any images with scantly-clad people so I am having to modify a lot of the pictures that I found.  I have painted this mermaid a pretty blue gown.

Making The Layout

I started by applying gesso to the background. PaperArtsy infusions and stamping were added next. I kept this layout pretty simple by just using die cuts, thread and stamps to embellish. Lastly, I splattered black paint.

And a happy tea day to all you playing along with Elizabeth. I am showing off my new rosemary plant with a backdrop of our freshly falling snow. My last two rosemary plants died so wish me luck with this one!

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28 thoughts on “No Tears: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • I love mermaids so I am looking forward to seeing your mermaid journal. Love the page you shared.
    some days are just rough-but they always get better hugs
    Happy T Day

  • Your journal page is beautiful, love the colours and you attention to detail. Sorry potty training is still causing stress, but it will get better. And you have such lovely children who love you, that makes everything worth while. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • Your mermaid journal is just so beautfil!
    Why do you stress yourself and your little princess with potty training!?
    My daughter never had potty training – with exactly three years she gave up diapers and uses the toilet since then and not one time were any misfortune happened – she is 17 meanwhile. She told me that one of her kindergarden girl friends used to have a nappie at night till she was 5 years old. Also o.k.- the children are little characters – each child is different!They need their own persion of time for all things!
    Happy T-Day and good luck with the rosemary plant!
    oxo Susi

  • I absolutely adore your mermaid spread and love the theme!!! The background is just amazing and I love the wonderful addition and the colour choices are just perfect!!! I also just happened to read Susi’s comment above and I have to say I totally agree!! I have 3 children (now all in their fourties) and grandchildren who became diaper free more recently, and trust me, they will get there in their own good time!!! Stop stressing, put her back into nappies (as we call them here in the UK) and she will let you know when she is ready! Having said that, you’re her mum and will know best of course :o)

  • Your mermaid journal page looks beautiful, it will be a fabulous book with all the details you add.
    Potty training brought memories back for me, don’t stress I’m sure our children pick up on this. There is no easy answer and what works for one may not work for another child.
    I hope you have success with the rosemary plant, they are so good to have growing in the garden. Mine takes its chances each winter outside and so far it still grows,
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • gorgeous journal page Kate-filled with yummy colors and textures! Gosh I hardly remember potty training days… you certainly have a full schedule with your young uns. Good to have the art as a bit of an escape:) Good luck with the rosemary plant. Happy T day!

  • Sounds like a stressful week, I hope all improves soon and bless, that’s such a lovely thing for your son to say! Your mermaid page is gorgeous, I love all the layers that you create and the colours are perfect 😀. Good luck with the rosemary plant and thank you for all your kind wishes on my blog! Happy T Day! J 😊

  • Gorgeous mermaid page Kate. I love how you use all those bits and bobs on your pages. Mermaids are pretty fun too. I know about the time change too. Who decided we need to do that? You can’t go to sleep at night and then can’t wake up on the morning. Well hope your T day is better. Hugs-Erika

  • Happy T day Kate!
    Granted its been 30+ years but i don’t remember potty training as particularly stressful.. Somewhere between 2 and 2 1/2 she was just ready .. she wanted to go on the big toilet like mommy.. I never had a little toilet for her or a little seat for her she just balanced herself right on there.. lol I would stress about it.. all children are different and one day she will just be ready..
    I love mermaids too… Have you seen that new TV series advertised thats coming.. ‘Sirens’ i think… but i don’t think those mermaids are going to be quite so nice.. lol
    Your page is lovely. I think a whole journal dedicated to mermaids is going to be gorgeous!
    Rosemary doesn’t like wet feet.. so make sure you have good drainage and it likes to be neglected just a little.. Hugs! deb

  • I was just about to leave a comment when my internet went down. I tried everything I knew to get it back, so decided to call AT&T. However, when I tried to use the phone, all I got was static, so I knew it was something on their end. It’s very frustrating playing the waiting game. But I’m glad I did, and at least I didn’t cry any tears of frustration.
    Your new journal is going to be interesting, and I like the idea of no nudes.
    I bought a rosemary plant last year for Herb Day at our Extension office and so far it has lived. I just hope it makes it until I can put it back outside. They usually die before I get them back outside in spring. Good luck with yours. Thanks for sharing your lovely new mermaid journal, your new rosemary plant, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  • Ah, potty training. I used the method from the book Toilet Training in One Day.. Both my girlies were 3 years old. My mother thought I was just being lazy, but the littles need to really understand the concept wet/dry. Anyway the method worked and a happy experience for all. Lovely journal page. Mermaid is the theme in the bathroom. I’m not very good with plants but your rosemary looks great. Bet it smells heavenly. Happy T Day

  • its hard work being a mum. with my sons I waited till it was nice weather and then left their nappies off when they were outside and they soon got the hang of it so leave it for now and try when the weather is warmer perhaps. I really like your layered page..its so nice to lose yourself in art as you feel like you have achieved something rather than look after the kids needs and everyone all day. Hope you get a bit of me time during the day ..I really treasure my little bit of time for myself xx

  • Aaahh!! The joys of potty training. I feel for you and your little daughter, it can be such a stressful time but it also doesn’t have to be. When my boys and I went through it I remember it happening because people (family) kept telling me it was time they were out of nappies and, I must admit, I thought so too. But, although my oldest was ready at 2 and it all went pretty easy with him, my youngest wasn’t ready at that age. In the end, when it just wasn’t working, I simply let it go and tried it a few months later, and it all went fine. Try not to stress Kate. Believe me, she will come to it in her own time.
    I adore your mermaid spread .. it is stunning! Fabulous colour and texture and gorgeous design! This is going to be a fabulous journal!! hugs xx

  • Oh gosh, is potty training back in fashion? Poor you. My kids potty trained themselves when they were ready and luckily that was usually in the summer when they could run around without pants or nappies. I suppose this might be a very European attitude… Some kids cotton on quicker than others. And bedwetting can continue into their teens in certain families. It doesn’t matter. Your child will do it when it’s ready.
    I love your mermaid pages. I agree with you on nudity. You’ve made her even prettier by giving her a beautiful dress to wear. Well done.
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  • I love this and I adore the idea of a mermaid journal. Thank you for joining in with us at Creative Artiste Mixed Media Challenge Blog this month. Hope to see you again soon
    Lynda x

  • adorable pages, as we are used to see here… i especially like These Colors, one of my favorites!! i suppose your journals do not have many pages – or how can you protect the 3-d elements from being damaged?
    i wish you can get a more relaxed approach to the potty… both my Boys got no Training at all – and with about 2 ½ and 2¾ they decided to refuse diapers from one day to the other by themselves. one or two “accidents”, but not worth to mention. i just didn´t make it a theme – neither by rewarding with Sweets nor negative comments. just let it be. – i do confess i became a Little nervous in the back of my head what to do if they are not ready at the Age of 3½ years… as they wouldn´t been taken in kindergarten with diapers – but it all worked out fine. do you have such a Limit that is sitting in your neck? if not, for yourself and your daughter i hope you Keep it calm. and: i completely ignored the comments of my MIL. believing her, her Kids were “clean” at the Age of ONE year (LOL). – good wishes!!! ♥

  • A beautiful journal spread, the colours are just gorgeous. Great use of stamps, threads and die cuts for the detail and a wonderful setting for the pretty mermaid.
    Thank you for joining in with our March challenge “Anything Mixed Media Goes” at Creative Artiste Mixed Media. Good luck x

  • Lovely muse about motherhood, Kate. You almost had me in tears – but not the unhappy sort 😉
    Gorgeous, gorgeous mermaid spread. I can see you’ll have fun with this journal.
    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  • Oh the days of nappies(diapers) and potties! My middle boy was out of nappies before the eldest – sorry to hear it is causing tears – it will get better – you know that!!!! I love your mermaid spread! A very belated Happy T Day , Chrisx

  • Kate, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and oh, my! Seeing your beautiful artwork! Oh, how I love those pages! Good for you to cover those scantily clad mermaids. The repetition of the checks on the background and on the flowers, the gorgeous balance of color and blank space (perfecto!) and those sweet curls of threads to provide movement all make for one of my favorites from you. Sending hugs!
    So, onto a personal note:
    As for potty training, while it seems like a big deal now, it is the smallest of the worries you will have moving forward. I started to ‘train’ my twins at the same time (18 months) (boy/girl), which seemed like a full time job. My daughter caught on immediately, but my son looked at me like I had three heads. Could it be I just didn’t add up in the anatomy department to him? He didn’t get frustrated, he just didn’t go. Then right before his 3rd birthday, he declared he did not want to wear diapers anymore. No accidents, ever. (Not those kind, anyway.)
    I also tried teaching my kids to read when they were in preschool. In the span of a couple months, my son was able to read at a so called second grade level with complete accuracy both out loud and silently with excellent comprehension. My daughter fought reading tooth and nail, and taught herself to read the summer between kindergarten and first grade. “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” is the book I used, if you are interested.
    Point being, kids develop differently at different times. We all have our gifts, even these little people. Nurture these gifts, and the other stuff will come. By the way, as young adults, my daughter is a wonderful reader, my son is not. They are both accident free, as far as I can tell:) 🙂 Oh, how I wish I had this knowledge when they were young. I would get so frustrated, too! I am praying for you to have strength

    • Thank you, Sara Emily for your sweet words of encouragement. I know you are right it is just ‘in the moment’ I tend to dwell on instead of the whole picture. Twins certainly sound like a full time job so I guess if you can do it so can I! I will check that book out. It sounds like something I would enjoy reading. And thank you for your prayers. They are SO appreciated! Have a great Sunday.

  • Stunning journal page, I love everything about it, the layer out, layers and colours. Thank you for joining in the challenge on the Love to Create blog.

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