Off the Cuff: Mixed Media Jewelry

Off The Cuff

Definition of off-the-cuff : not prepared in advance : spontaneous, informal 

I am anything but spontaneous. I love to plan and organize. And my most favorite thing to do is cross things off my list. Sometimes, I make lists of things that I have already completed just for the sole purpose of checking it off. I am amazed at how much I can get done when I make a list and stick to it. That sense of accomplishment is a very essential part of my day. Even though there are days that I don’t want to do much, I dislike feeling lazy.  Hopefully, this summer while my children are off school we can get into a routine. Not only does it keep them from being bored but it keeps me on track…and less grumpy.
Most of our friends through the years have all been spontaneous by nature. Many times, Hubby and I have pondered how couples with children can live so care-free. But now I can see that there are many upsides to this dynamic. They tend to be adventurous and adapt easily to change. We tend to weight out all the options and in the end choose the least risky (aka boring).
Are you an Off the Cuff individual/couple or do you err on the side of caution?

Making The Mixed Media Cuff


I was very inspired by a tutorial that I recently saw on the StencilGirl® blog by Claudia Neubacher. I loved how she combined fabric, stencils and paint to create wearable art. I love unusual/eclectic jewelry but have never wanted to invest in another hobby. These cuffs are a happy medium. They are worn as an adornment yet they are still a piece of art. How cool is that?

The Process

I used a flour sack towel as my base because I had a scrap leftover from a previous project that I had already colored using PaperArtsy infusions. I laid my Chinese Garden Plum Blossom stencil on top and sprayed Lindy’s to create my outline.
I painted the stenciled image with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints and then outlined in a black marker. I did not use fabric safe paint as I am not planning on getting this wet. Plus, this was just an experiment to see how it turned out.
Last, I cut a piece of flannel the same size as my cuff. The original tutorial was a single layer but flower sack towels are very thin so I thought I needed a bit more thickness. I used a zigzag stitch around the edges to keep it from fraying. I did a straight stitch around the edges twice, being careful to not maintain a straight line. I also stitched around the larger flowers and leaves. The button hole was last. I made it a bit too close to the top but it doesn’t really bother me. Overall, I am rather pleased with how it came out.
But, I am thinking about adding some seed beads to the center of the blossoms to dress it up a bit.

I am playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard today by sharing a pot of my favorite tea.

That’s all for today. I would love to see links to some of your jewelry projects or wearable art. Inspiration is always in demand in my neck of the woods.
Happy Tea Day,

21 thoughts on “Off the Cuff: Mixed Media Jewelry”

  • I Love your cuff Kate. Very inspiring-I may need to try making one. thanks for the link and the tutorial
    I was never into sticking with a list-I am not a list maker at all but I do need to think thins through too so I am totally spontaneous probably a happy middle of the two. My Mom was always to rigid in planning things even the trips we took on vacations as kids-every minute was planned she had everything timed out-that I don’t like at all haha
    Happy T day Kathy

  • Your cuff is wonderful Kate, Claudia is such an inspirational artist. We are also more the boring type of parents and I had to do so many activities with my girl during the past without my husband as he is not interested in the most activities. But it was o.k. for me.
    Lists are always good – I am the same type as you – I need and just LOVE my To-do lists!
    Happy T-Day Kate!
    Hugs, Susi

  • Wow, that’s a wonderful jewelry cuff! I loved seeing how you created it too and your idea to add the beads sounds like a wonderful idea too. I’m with Susi I like my To-do lists although it’s always fun to be spontaneous once in a while …lol 😉. Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  • I used to make lists… but i was always over enthusiastic with my lists and i would never complete them and thats depressing.. so i stopped making lists…
    Definitely a planner here though… Although i do like when something spontaneous pops up…
    Love your cuff! ugs! deb

  • Marvelous looking cuff Kate. i used to make jewelry-charms, earrings, necklaces but mostly when it involved swaps. Haven’t done anything in the jewelry category in ages. I do like my lists and planning mostly but an occasional spontaneous twist is fun too:)
    Happy T day!

  • It looks a gorgeous mixed media cuff, the bead addition sounds a lovely idea.
    I like to do lists as well, but I have to say all my good intentions usually fly away as time passes. So I opt for live for the day and tomorrow a new day will dawn.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • NICE wristlet. It is very pretty and I especially like the button you picked. It works perfect with your beautiful painting. Hope it’s been a happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  • Pretty cuff! Love how you made it. Very creative to use your painting this way. Thanks for your visit, and happy T Day!

  • Very pretty cuff. I like the idea of adding seed beads. And my girlies always did better when we had a routine and stuck to it. Happy T Day

  • I am a list maker, too. I make to-do lists every day and always feel a sense of achievement if I can cross everything off. Your mixed-media cuff is very lovely and unique. I love one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry.

  • I used to be a total list maker. I couldn’t start my day without a list. One day I wrote “make list” as the first entry and KNEW I had become obsessed. Now I only make lists when I need to think a project through, or plan to work in the yard as I did all day today (thus my late visit).
    That cuff is wonderful. It would be a good fabric background for a quiltlet, too. I am truly impressed with this piece you made. The colors are great and your design is so unique.
    That tea looks good. Does it really make you slender? Thanks for sharing your cup and your slenderizing tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  • your art and writing made me smile. Love that ‘make a list of things I’ve already done so I can check them off!’ me too. do you keep a personal planner?! it’s another obsession, so be warned! Love the cuff you made, it is lovely. I think the seed beads sound good, but it is beautiful the way it is! thanks for sharing your tea!

  • I err on the side of caution like you, Kate. Once I semi-retired, I stopped using the day planner and tried to be more spontaneous. It worked okay for a while. I has somme fun expriences and activities. It only took a few years for me to accept that wasn’t me.
    I felt adrift and like I wasn’t accomplishing anything. I realized that feeling productive is essential to my very being and that’s okay. So I got out my day planner and love being able to check things off the list and note what got done. It encourages me to do more (perhaps worthwhile) things.
    I love your muses and provoative questions. You always make me think about some pretty important stuff 😉
    Your cuff is lovely and cool. I smiled at your “being careful to not maintain a straight line.” I’d have no trouble at all with that. Quite the reverse. Seed beads would be a lovely addition, though not necessary.
    Thank you for another fun post 😀
    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  • What a fun cuff you made and a clever play on words.
    ” Sometimes, I make lists of things that I have already completed just for the sole purpose of checking it off.” —I totally do this when I’m busy crossing things off my list. Esp. when I’ve made a big to-do list and get sidetracked by all these other things. It makes me realize that even though I didn’t do the original things I was still accomplished.

  • Your cuff is fabulous! It’s always good to have a holiday plan with children – at least I used to find it so with my three although we always had some open ‘what shall we do today?’ days! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

  • Absolutely gorgeous cuff Kate! Really pretty colours and looks absolutely lovely on your wrist!!
    I love making lists too! My only problem is that, after I’ve made them, I completely forget about it and do something totally different!! LOL!!
    Have a wonderful day!! hugs x

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