Orange Skies and A Gouache Class: Daily Art Practice




Couch Talk


Here is another orange sky to share. Our last week was busy and left me with only a few days to get tasks completed. My children had two days off from school, one of which we spent running around.

This week, I don’t have a lot of chit chat so I will leave it short and sweet.


Daily Art Practice


I love collecting art supplies and I have a lot that I have been gifted or purchased after seeing someone else use them on Youtube. I don’t always know how to use them, so they sit in a drawer until I get up the motivation to watch a tutorial or play. Gouache is one of those mediums that I am learning. I have a water-based set (pan) that I use occasionally and an acrylic based set (tube) that I haven’t figured out how to use.  I really want to learn how to use the tubes but since acrylic gouache is fast-drying, I know a most of it will go to waste.  So, instead of experimenting with the tubes for this project, I took the easy way out and used the water-based pans. I find it is still opaque, it just requires more than one layer as it goes on thinner than the paint from the tubes.


Caran dache Gouache Studio 15 Assorted Colors Set in Metal Tin


Holbein Artists Gouache Set of 12 5ml tubes


Last week’s Artist Date was a gouache class that I purchased back in the summer but didn’t take the time to watch. I always forget how fun classes are until I take the time to sit down and watch them. This first layout is the two projects from the class, one scene from each instructor. The theme was People and Places so the instructors combined both into one scene. I found it to be a great exercise to practice composition.



At the end of the class, I was so inspired that I went on to choose two photos from Pinterest and combine them to create my own composition (below). One of the things that I love about this loose style is that it doesn’t require a lot of detail so there is more play and spontaneity involved. And play seems to involve less stress and expectation, which sounds good to me.





Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Stash Tea Moroccan Mint Green Tea. This tea is the perfect tummy soother for after dinner.

Happy Tea Day,


12 thoughts on “Orange Skies and A Gouache Class: Daily Art Practice”

  • Interesting store front — the man looks like a stereotype of a French cafe-sitter, but the sign is in English, so I wondered about it.
    best, mae at

  • Hi Kate! I’ve really missed you and your artwork. Lovely this week! Not much painting for me lately.. i’m neck deep in beads and making a mobile and making some cards from a sketch of mine.. Enjoyed catching up with you! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  • This came out supergreat – again! 🙂
    I´m fine now with the watercolors – Ingo brought more but my mind is not free to start new stuff atm, too much going on – so… I just happy follow what you´re up to!
    Happy T-Day!

  • I love that you use the word “play”, because I think we often forget to play and take things way too seriously. Play in art is just perfect, and I like what you created. I have never worked with gouache and don’t really know what it is (I have an idea, but that is all). Happy T day, Kate!

  • Love your gouache work Kate, and the looser style looks great, I love that. Which class was it? (hah listen to me, like I need more classes.) I have one of those big gouache sets that you see on amazon. The gouache came in little tubs with peel off foil tops. The box is air tight so the paint stays wet, pretty cool. Happy to send you some recipes for traditional Scottish food. Happy T Day! Elle xx

  • I love collecting art supplies too. I see something new and it makes me imagine all the fun things I can do with them. I can tell you had fun watching the online class just by your gouache paintings. I hope you had a great T day and have a great week ahead Kate. hugs-Erika

  • Your gouache art is fabulous,. I love how loose it feels. I have several gifted tubes, but have never tried to use them. I am impressed by your use of the ones you used,

    Your mint tea sounds wonderful. I have my own mint I am currently drying, I may need to make some mint tea myself one of these days. Thanks for sharing your paintings and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate,

  • I always enjoy looking at your artwork. Did you know that tubes of gouache or watercolor were made so that you could fill your empty pans of boxed colors? The tube paint eventually dries in the pans and then can be reconstituted with water. But most people just paint right from the tube. In calligraphy we sometimes use gouache instead of ink. Squirt a little wormy in a mixing palette, add distilled water a few drops at a time, and mixing until the consistency is like cream for your coffee. Then load your pen with a brush and write away. Some people add a drop or two of Gum Arabic, but that’s already in the tube of gouache to keep it moist., so not really necessary. Have fun and Happy T Day

  • Lovely sky – well captured! I have quite a few watercolour paint pans – some came as bought sets and others I made up by buying individual colours that I like.. Love your .s cenes Belated Happy T Day , Chrisx

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