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Let’s Paint

After a busy month, I am glad for the time with family to relax and play. Hubby is rebuilding the back part of our deck so the children spent the day riding bikes, blowing bubbles and swatting/killing the bugs.

I put our middle son to work painting some wooden crates that we recently purchased at an auction. He is always wanting to help but I am one of those mother’s that squashes my child’s fun and dreams because I don’t like messes. After all, someone has to clean it up and it’s usually yours truly. With painting he could be helpful, spend his creative energy and have fun at the same time. And most importantly, it is pretty hard to mess it up.  Overall win! He did a great job (only needed a few touch ups of the drippy paint) and I think he had fun due to the copious amounts of paint on his body. Here is the finished product. Boring, I know.



I am contemplating stenciling the sides of these crates but that will have to be at a later date. For now, at least they are usable. The large one will go in our living room to house my daughter’s toys. I am undecided about the other two but I am sure something will pop up where I need storage.


Guest Post at PaperArtsy

I am over at the PaperArtsy blog sharing a piece of mail art for the theme: turquoise. You can see it HERE.


Happy Weekend,


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