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Hello! I can’t believe it has been 6 months since my last post. Time just seems to get away from me. My little one is almost 1 year! She consumes so many hours of my day but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a mommy is the greatest job! I am so thankful to God for the opportunity. How about a picture of my cutie. This is her a month ago. She is still adorable but just has a little more hair.
So, as many of you know I am a Guest Designer for PaperArtsy.I write for them a few times a year. At the moment that fits my busy schedule as wife and mommy have to come first. I figured I needed a boost to get back into blogging mode so I am going to share my PA projects from a few years ago. I was only able to share sneak peeks at the time but I think it is ok to share the full project now that a lot of time has lapsed.I will still link to the complete tutorial over on the PA Blog.
So, here is my first project. A paper doll style shadowbox. My favorite details of this project are the texture on the frame and the doll dress. I had a lot of fun dressing her up. Of course, now i have a real doll to dress up and let me tell you…I am having a blast.
Take a peek over at my tutorial over on the PaperArtsy blog and I would love to hear any comments you may have. I have some great pictures of details to get you inspired.
Here is to a new year of projects and consistent blogging(well, maybe)

2 thoughts on “Paper Doll Shadowbox”

  • Your little girl is beautiful, how are the boys doing? I thought about your son when I saw some school busses at a store in Boston yesterday! Hope all is well and I love reading your post! Say hi to your family for me!

    • Hi Mrs. Kettlewood. So glad to hear from you! Winston and Landon are doing great. Growing so fast and getting tall. Winston still has the bus you gave him and it is still his favorite in his collection.
      I always enjoy hearing from you! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family.

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