Past Vibes Art Journal

I have really been inspired by all the gorgeous art journalling on Pinterest, especially by Finnabair. I am very drawn to her style as I am sure many of you are.
I have almost completed one art journal but am really unsatified with the results. I love looking back to see how my art has progressed through the years but my one and only art journal makes me a bit embarassed. Most of the pages are down right awful. Perhaps it is because I have not taken the time to practice. I understand that not every piece of art will turn out a masterpiece but I struggle with calling something art when just looking at it makes me want to toss it in the garbage. All that just to say… I am starting a new journal in the hopes that it will spur me on to new creativity.
I love themed books. This journal will be a place to try new backgrounds techniques using vintage images. I am not sure why I am calling it Past Vibes other than the past stands for the vintage photos. The vibe part may be based on my background experimentation.
Here is my first layout.
I had a lot of fun this weekend at the prospect of this new project so I have a few more layouts to share with you this week. Enjoy your evening!

7 thoughts on “Past Vibes Art Journal”

  • I know exactly what you are saying. I feel the same way about my “art”. Usually I am very excited while I am creating, but looking back a day or two later I usually say “what was I thinking”, “UGH”.

  • Kate…your vintage art journal pages are beautiful. I love the colors and the design. The baker’s twine amongst the vintage lace and other little buttons, die cuts and textural pieces look really great. I, too, am really becoming a huge fan of Finnabair’s work and really want to give it a “go”. <3 Candy

  • I am loving your journal pages and I think they are gorgeous! Lovely mix of elements and texture! I really am not understanding the entire concept or just have to put more time into it! I start something and just so dislike it! Hope you week is going well! Hugs!

  • Never be embarrassed! There are no mistakes and we all grow and learn different things all the time, and are interested in different things at different times. Different moods make for different Art. You are being too hard on yourself. Be you…not someone else! This is gorgeous, as I am sure your other stuff is as well. Don’t forget…you can always go back and add. I do that a lot!

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