Pollution Makes For Creepy Mermaids: Mixed Media Art Journal

I am the Creepy Mermaid…

We have had many ‘bad hair days’ as we continue on our journey through potty training. Some days I swear my family looks at me as though I look like this mermaid- sharp teeth, bad hair, horns and all. It has been an experience, learning to control my frustration and impatience. Especially when I ask my daughter if she has to pee, followed by an angry”NO,” as she squats in place, making a fresh puddle on the floor.
Yup! I am THAT mermaid! Who wouldn’t be when they have spent 3 weeks of their life scrubbing up pee, laundering the same 3 pairs of panties (even though you own 8 because she refuses to wear anything but the Minnie Mouse ones), making potty trips every 20 minutes ALL day,and living in a less than clean house because all your energy is spent elsewhere.
Speaking of the little cutie, here she is in her Easter Dress. If you are a Tim Holtz fan you will love this Tim Holtz Electric Elements Wall Flower Rose Parcel fabric I used.

Creating the Journal Layout

I used a punchinella stencil with grunge paste in the background. I sprinkled PaperArtsy infusions in the background before adding some silver embossing over top the textured areas. The background was stamped with a Unity script stencil and a circular stamp.

A old tag, paper flowers, thread, and some sewing scraps were layered around the focal image.
The focal image is a Asian mermaid, that looks a tad scary. I loved this quote and was very excited when I found it because let’s face it, we all look scary when we have a bad hair day. And, it might be the only quote I could find to make this creepy mermaid a bit less creepy (if that makes sense).

Mermaid Journal Layouts:

No Tears
Swimming Through Tears
Sea Treasure In Simple Things
A Beautiful Story
Happy Tea Day to those playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard. We had 3 inches of snow last night. Ugh! I am hopeful that this will be the last snow before spring.


Challenges Entered:

(Inspiration: Bad Hair Days, whether created by pollution or not are in our NATURE. And mermaids are part human and part ANIMAL)


31 thoughts on “Pollution Makes For Creepy Mermaids: Mixed Media Art Journal”

  • How could you be upset with that precious little cutie – and that beautiful dress! These days shall come to pass before you even know it! Just take a deep breath and pray!

  • Think happy thoughts, Kate! What a beautiful dress you made for your dear girl! Remember I told you I made up a little packet of scrappy bits to give you when we had lunch, but forgot to bring it? Well, one of those bits is a small piece of TH cardstock in that very same pattern! Let’s plan lunch again soon!

  • good evening, I love seeing your mermaid pages-is there more to this page? I would love to see all of it.
    seems winter is not going away for any of us sigh but Spring surely is coming
    Happy T Day Kathy

  • The bad times will pass. Soon it all will be just a mermaid’s dream….Gorgeous journal page, and your little cutie looks wonderful in her new dress, so pretty. Wishing you a happy T day, and that quieter times will soon be there for you all. Hugs, Valerie

  • Oh Kate is is a cutie. She looks like a girl with her own mind-and sounds like it based on your post too. 🙂 It will be past those days soon and this will all be a memory-or maybe you will forget it and remember better things? I love your mermaid page- the background is really cool. happy T day my friend. hugs-Erika

  • For all these bad days there will be millions of good ones. Your little one looks so sweet in her pretty Easter dress.
    The journal page looks awesome, wonderful textures and fabric pieces.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • Your daughter is such a cutie, and I am sure the bad days will pass. I think if you leave her alone, she may get tired of fighting you and potty train herself. If she realizes you aren’t paying attention, she is willful enough to figure out a way to get your attention by doing the training on her own. I know it’s hard to ignore her when she is so insistent and willful, but I fear it’s the attention you give her that she is craving. She has figured out how to push your buttons, and that is what she is doing. Let her sit in wet pants, don’t wash her favorite undies, let the pee alone, and don’t clean it up till her nap time, and see if her attitude changes. She has you where she wants you and you have let her do this to you.
    Having said all that, I really LIKE that mermaid spread. I also couldn’t get the full image to enlarge, but I liked what I could see.
    Thanks for sharing this spread, as well as your tea with us for T this Tuesday. I’m sure things will look brighter once the snow has passed.

  • Kate… kate… I can’t say i ever had that experience with my daughter…. Sending you good wishes.. Love your Mermaid piece… You are so talented ! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  • For every bad day there are hundreds of good days!Gorgeous Mermaid pages are this – you never cease to amaze me with your art Kate! Your little cutie looks so pretty in her new dress. Wishing you a happy T day and that better times will soon come for you .
    oxo Susi

  • What a little cutie your daughter is and that dress is beautiful. I adore your pages, the green is so eye catching as is the texture and your mermaid is fantastic. Love. Tracy ❤️❤️

  • I hope your days get better very soon! Your mermaid page made me smile with the message you included and that mermaid looks creepy too …lol 😉. The dress you made your little cutie is so pretty, you are so creative and talented! Wishing you a Happy T Day and thanks so much for the happy birthday wishes! J 😊

  • Oh the trials and tribulations of potty training! Your daughter looks so sweet in the beautiful dress you made for her! I love your slightly scary mermaid page! Happy T day Chrisx

  • Ah, yes, potty training can make monster mermaids of us all. i don’t know how old your little cutie is. I waited until my girls were 3. I used the method in the book toilet training in less than one day. The child must understand the difference between wet and dry. To help with the concept, they train a drink and wet dolly while they are being trained themselves. It worked well for us. The hardest part was finding a drink and wet dolly! We got a couple of inches of snow yesterday. I hope it’s the end of Ol’ Man Winter. Happy T Day.

  • Your daughter certainly is adorable! I remember the challenges of those days…hang in there! Love your mermaid piece–stunning colors and textures! Happy T day!

  • i had to laugh about this “bad hair day” mermaid… so different to all the cute mermaids we often see, and i love this! happy belated t-day:)

  • Oh Kate, that type of behavior from my child would drive me up the wall. My heart goes out to you. If she’s so stubborn about it, maybe it’s best to stop training for a while. See how she likes being in “baby pants” again instead of “big girl pants.” It’s true what they say about redheaads, isn’t it? Take a deep breath … or several.
    She’s adorable in that darling dress you made. Some day, I bet you’ll both laugh about the potty training wars.
    Beautiful page, even if the mermaid is a bit scary.
    More snow? Oh, no. I wish I could send you some of our weather – mostly 80s already, but we’ve had a couple of 90+ days. By May (our hottest month), I’ll be bemoaning the heat – lol.
    I’m late to T again. Sorry! I’ll catch up one of these days 😉
    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  • Those bad days will pass. Try not to get to stressed with it all. She’ll get it when she’s ready. She sure is a little cutie! What a lovely dress you have made. Beautiful.
    Wow, that journal lay-out is wonderful. Well done you.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • I do admire all your creativity! Dressmaking (she looks adorable), another wonderful spread … mermaid with sharp teeth and all 🙂
    I see from the above that you really get some good advice, so do not let this pottytraining get at you too much … it will get better. Maybe it’s best to leave it for now and get on later. My granddaughter was a bit oft he same. Later on she did wonderful on a chart with stickers and a small reward after a day.

  • Awesome awesome pages Kate! And I admire your sewing tremendously. I love the vintage style of this dress and how cool that you used TH fabric! 🙂 You’re amazing!

  • Truly unique journal pages! Great way to vent off life’s trials and tribulations! Love the mermaid theme! All the best from MTW! 🙂

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