Potty Talk and a Guest Post

Can You Say Potty?

This week I have started potty training my daughter and let me just say it is just as awful as I remembered. I was traumatized when I tried potty training my first son. I learned my lesson not to push until they are ready. Three tries later and lots of M & M’s, he was trained in a day.
So, back to my daughter, we just finished day 3 of training. Between breakfast and lunch I counted 21 times to the potty one day. As you can imagine, I got a lot done with my day;) The time between getting my boys off the bus and getting dinner on the table is the hardest. Listening to my boys do homework while trying to keep an eye on my toddler with a naked lower half AND keeping my food from burning is all a little over whelming for me. So today I took the easy way out and put a diaper on her for the evening. This week I have been praying for patience and results. My poor hubby has come home to chaos all week but thankfully he goes with the flow.
So don’t expect a lot of crafty things out of me over the next few weeks. šŸ˜‰

Sneak Peek

I am over at PaperArtsy today sharing a stamped purse using some new whimsy themed stamps. I have combined fabric and stamping so go have a look HERE.
I would love to hear what you think.

6 thoughts on “Potty Talk and a Guest Post”

  • Oh yes! It’s been many, many years since I had to toilet train my boys but I still remember how traumatic it was for all concerned! I remember having little pants with pads inside that could be removed to be washed. You can buy disposable ones now I believe but, back then, disposable anything was not widely available and I had to make my own. It did make it easier to change them if they had an accident but it certainly was not a fun time.
    The little bag you created is absolutely gorgeous Kate! The stamping and the paint looks amazing on fabric .. so bright and so beautiful! What a wonderful gift for your darling daughter! She will be dancing with joy when she receives it I’m sure. hugs xx

  • Yes, that is a hard time, which I remember well, so I wish you both patience and that the right patterns will soon be established. My daughter was not as hard to train as my youngest grandson, but all kids manage it in the end. Have a nice weekend, take things easy, and soon it will be history. Hugs, Valerie

  • Oh Kate, it seems we have all been there….. My most recent memories are of my youngest granddaughter, she was nearly 3 and it took several weeks…. You will get there, she will get there and like Valerie said, take it easy….. I know easier said than done.
    Alright, I’m off to the PA blog to see your bag…. Enjoy the weekend, hopefully homework free and with hubby around to lend a hand xxx

  • To be honest, I would rather potty train than create that purse. It is clever and adorable, but I can’t follow a pattern or cut anything. I CAN figure out how to potty train, I suspect (although thankfully, I’ve never had to).

  • Congrats for getting to share on the PA blog! The purse is really fun. I remember the fun of potty training. My daughter would pee but not poop in the potty. Took forever! Have a great weekend. Hugs-Erika

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