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    Hello everyone. I made this tag using Prima’s Almanac paper, embellies and stamps.  The tag is one of those throw aways that I recycled. The background has bits of paper and has been gessoed, stenciled, stamped and sprayed. The flowers are from I Am Roses.
    I have had a serious lack of mojo the past month or so. I am trying to find ways to bring it back. I sit at my table and fiddle around and sometimes I just stare. And eat. I need some suggestions as to what you do to get out of your mojo-less period. What do you do to jump-start that creativity? Thank you for looking & for your feedback. I am looking forward to reading your responses.

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  • I get in a “rut” myself at times…so I promise someone that I will make something for them, then I sit in my studio and look at my “stuff”, or go online and look at what other artists are creating and that usually works for me. You can also try to create something entirely out of your comfort zone and that may help. Your tags are awesome, just keep plugging away~
    Thanks for your kind comments on my Blog!

  • What a beaufiful card! You are a creative and talented artist! Also, remember that your creative artistic ability is an inspiration to us all! Stay encouraged and continue doing a great job.

  • I LOVE this tag. The textures and layers are so interesting. When I’m in a rut, I start going through blogs, Etsy, and Pinterest to try to find inspiration for new projects. Or I buy some supplies on Etsy. I must say… for someone who is lacking mojo you created a really beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.

  • I totally get the no mojo…I’m having a bit of that myself…not fun! I love your layered tag here though…looks like Mojo to me! Great papers, and love all the added elements, especially the key hole!

  • I know we all go through this. My BBF made me a box for this very thing. It has 5 slots a note pad, the slots are, technique, color, shape, addons, end results. You fill them up with the notepad and then just pick them out randomly. You have created you own challenge. Luckily she made it for me:O). I will have to post it. I think the suggestion to try something out of your comfort zone is a great idea, when we do that it helps us grow in our art..
    You’re still creating fabulous art so I can just imagine when that Mo come to visit you will soar… The tag is gorgeous, all that gessoing, stenciling stamping, and spraying, has made a beautiful tag, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day…

  • This is a gorgeous tag Kate with all the layers and techniques on there.
    As for your lack of Mojo, I don’t know where to go really. I usually visit either you or Alison (Butterfly) and have a good rummage at old posts! Or sometimes I dig out some old magazines and books?
    You have done a cracking tag for someone with no mojo!

  • Wow… can’t believe I missed this one. Looking at it, it’s hard to believe that you’ve been feeling mojo-less – the results of your “fiddling around” look absolutely beautiful to me – but it is an internal feeling, isn’t it?
    I got in a stew over a recent “duty” make – couldn’t come up with anything that worked – and in the end decided that it was because I was trying too hard to come up with something “special”. Just letting myself off the hook a bit made it much easier to sit down and create without an “aim”… And playing some music that I love, nice and loudly, while I sit at the craft desk often stirs something.
    Roaming Craftyblogland can be inspirational, but it can also be a dangerous place if you’re feeling anxious, I find – so many amazing creations out there, that one starts to wonder whether one has anything to offer. So a day off browsing can help too… freeing the mind to follow its own pathways?
    I know I’m coming to this late… so hopefully you’re already on fire again by now in any case!!
    Alison x

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