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Knit Cable Stocking

I have been attempting to make knit stockings for my family for the last 4 years. In all that time I started one, messed up one and completed one, all from two different patterns. My husband has a crochet stocking from when he was little but they are sporting the traditional Christmas colors, which I can not bring myself to display in my house. I detest red and green together at Christmas. My husband will not let me get rid of the stocking because it stretches and you can fit a TON of loot inside. To remedy this I will have to replace it with something else that stretches. He is requesting a knit camouflage stocking…

This stocking was just made for my oldest son. I finished another one in opposite colors (green sock, blue cuff and pom poms) for my youngest son Christmas Eve. Just in the nick of time! That is 3 down and 2 to go. Lets hope a year is enough time to complete the other two.

You can find the free pattern for this stocking HERE.


Harbor Knit Baby Blanket

I made this for my sweet baby girl because I wanted her to have something handmade by me. I spent so much time before she was born making blankets for all my friend’s babies that I barely had the time and energy left to make something for my own.
I really love to cable when I knit. It is relatively easy but the outcome appears complex. This blanket is made using a scarf pattern. I obviously wanted to make it wider since I was making a blanket and not a scarf so I added on more stitches. Because it was my first time modifying a pattern, I didn’t account for the cables and I came up quite short. To remedy that I added on two panels the width of the scarf, one on each side, and I took off the border closest to the inside edge. I am very pleased with the result.  It is the perfect size for a crib blanket and it is a great weight for the summer air conditioning and the chilly winter nights.
You can find the free pattern HERE.

Cabled Cradle Spread

Another of my favorite patterns using a cable. A cradle throw is the PERFECT size for a newborn. I have used this for my daughter’s entire first year. I love having it around while nursing her or just throwing over her for short naps or a trip into the cold air. As you can see this blanket has seen a lot of love.
I have been unable to get on the blog where I found this pattern but I will link to it anyway to give credit.  You can find it HERE.
What are you knitting? I would love to see some projects, links etc.. I am always looking for ideas to add to my “Wishlist to Make.”

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