Sandwich’s On My Palette: Watercolor Illustration


Birthday Talk


My birthday falls on Mother’s Day weekend. If I had planned it, it would have landed somewhere else on the calendar (mainly for my husband’s sake) but of course, our parents never consult us on these types of things. Our names and birthdates are things that are out of our control.

My family was good to me this weekend and I got spoiled with cards, love and a trip out to eat. My son had some leftover balloons from a science project and the littles wrote messages on them and blew them up. When I walked out of my room on Mother’s Day morning, they yelled and threw them in my face. My son had a cup of tea waiting and there were cards sprinkled all around the room. What sweet little people I have!

And what sweet friends I have. My friend gifted me these Kuretake GANSAI TAMBI Watercolor paints . I am so excited to give them a try. I did use them to paint the swatch card but that was it. I think I am afraid of messing up the beautiful smooth surface of the cakes.


My cousin, gifted me these beauties. The book, Imagine a Forest: Designs and Inspirations for Enchanting Folk Art, is full of gorgeous, colorful illustrations. Several tutorials are included as well. I planned on napping the afternoon away but when they came in the post, I skipped my nap because I couldn’t stop drooling over the artwork. I even started one of the projects!



I have always wanted a fountain pen and now I have one! I am planning on using this Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen in my art to outline, doodle and hand letter. I may even write a few letters with it. It was so easy to use and I didn’t have any issues with assembly or getting the ink to flow.



Hopefully next week, I will have some projects to share with you using some of my new goodies.





In case you are wondering why I have a picture of a sandwich, I thought you might like to see what my son eats for lunch everyday. This is usually his first course, followed by some sort of chips, fruit and dessert. He is only 13 and I have no idea how I am going to feed him at 18 if he keeps this up.



These are the only thing I baked this week, Amish Friendship Bread Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. I used sourdough discard, which to my understanding is the same thing as Amish friendship bread starter. They were delicious and so creamy. I didn’t eat the cookies but I did try a few spoonful’s of the batter. Cookie dough happens to be a weakness of mine. I would rather eat the dough than the cookies. Is that weird?

In the Forest Watercolor


I completed a few more pages in my Watercolor With Me in the Forest.


Daily Watercolor Practice


If you remember, last week I started sharing my daily watercolor practice, which I limit to 30 minutes. Sometimes, I use pictures for inspiration and other times I draw from my imagination.







The tiger in the following picture was drawn from this book, The Chinese Brush Painting Bible: Over 200 Motifs with Step by Step Illustrated Instructions. I got this book from the library and it has so many great tutorials for everything from food to animals and landscapes. I am enjoying browsing this book and wishing I had more time to practice everything.




I am finding that I really like painting buildings and doors. More to come next week.


Tea Day



I am joining the ladies for Tea Day today, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Harney & Sons Mulled Plum Cider, 4 oz Loose Leaf Tea. I purchased this tea a few months ago directly from Harney and Sons. There is definitely a lot of spice in this tea but I am really enjoying it. I am wondering if this would taste good steeped in milk, like chai. I may have to try that.


Happy Tea Day,


14 thoughts on “Sandwich’s On My Palette: Watercolor Illustration”

  • You have a wonderfully delicate touch with the water colors. I enjoyed seeing your work.

    best… mae at

  • Happy belated birthday Kate. New paints. That even gives me heart flutters. What a wonderful gift. There is so much potential looking at new art supplies. And it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and that is what birthday celebrations are all about. It was fun to read also. Hope the celebrations continue. Like having a happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  • You got some lovely gifts for your birthday and Mother’s Day, Kate. Those watercolors are beautiful. You have really been practicing your drawings and I really like the tiger.

    Your son has a big appetite. It never ceases to amaze me how much young people can put away, I feel for the young people the same age as your son who have food insecurity and don’t get the kind of meals your son does. Some only get one meal a day that is provided by their local school.

    Your tea sounds wonderful, I might look for that tea, or something similar, if I ever go to my tea shop again. Thanks for sharing your baking, your son’s sandwich, your watercolor drawings, your birthday gifts, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, Kate.

  • Happy belated birthday wishes, yes, date and name…
    Cool stuff you got!
    My Mum gave me her Mont Blanc pen and it´s beautiful to write with.

    WHAT?! Wow. Your son sure is growing, LOL. Hubby was the same. Now half a bun does the job. Only 30+ years to go for you 😉
    The dough was tempting back then, too.

    Your drawings are wonderful! Beautiful.
    And the tea sounds yummy, have a nice T-Day.

  • Happy belated birthday. Great that your family made it such a wonderful day for you. And those paints look fabulous, enjoy. You have painted some beauties again., And your baked goodies always look fantastic. Happy T Day, have a great week, Valerie

  • You always find the best tea! That one sounds awesome. That is some sandwich! Wow.

    Your water-coloring is fabulous – I love all of them!!!!

    Lovely post, Kate!

    Happy T Day!

  • Happy birthday wishes! Those paint look amazing, I have a smaller version and the colours are amazing – I’m sure you’ll love them 😁. That sandwich is out of this world, so huge and I loved seeing all your forest painting too – beautiful! Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  • Happy belated birthday. It sounds like you had a good day. Nothing like getting art supplies. Ohhh that sandwich actually looks pretty darn good. It is amazing what boys/men can eat. The cookies look great too. I always admire you art. You have a good hand and eye for this. Have a nice day.

  • Belated happy birthday!
    Your cookies look really nice. As I have a herman sourdough starter which is like the Amish friendship bread, I plan to make them. I had a look at the récipe and it looks easy..
    Oh your painting is so beautiful! It is wonderful that you can free yourself for 30 minutes every day to do that. It is the only way to learn. Hubby plays the piano every day, no fail and he learns all the time.
    Your books look really interesting. You are blessed that these people know exactly what you like.
    Your son certainly has an appetite. But it looks very healthy what he eats s o I wouldn´t worry.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Belated Happy Birthday. I have a friend who loves her Gansai Tambi paints – you are sure to enjoy using them.Your water colours are fabulous. I am envious of your Lamy pen – will be choosing on when we can get to the Stationers. I have three boys – they can eat a lot!!! Happy T Day. Hugs,Chrisxx

  • Hi Kate I am so hoppy you dropped by for a visit. I needed a break from T for awhile, I will add you to my reading list as I have missed your posts too. I love your watercolors and so happy you had a wonderful birthday and mothers day all in one weekend. I have had my loom since I first bought it back in 1978 and have woven off and on through the years. I did so many quilts last year that I needed to stop and get back to weaving. finished up a shawl that had been on my loon forever it seemed as I was playing with making paper and natural dyes instead haha. this will be 6 kitchen towels, next up I want to weave for some sort of clothing not sure what yet. enjoy your new week hugs Kathy

  • Lovely gifts! Especially having a cup of tea waiting for you. I have the same set of paints. They are deliciously creamy to paint with. Enjoy them! That is some sandwich. Take care and Happy T Day

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