She’s A Ball of Sunshine: Mixed Media Art Journal



I am still struggling with the fact that the middle of February is upon us. That and the constant appearance of snow. In a conversation with someone last month I mentioned how much the hubby and I prefer the North as we love colder weather. We both attended college in Florida so we have experienced the extreme heat and humidity that comes with living down South. We both agreed that we would much rather brave the cold and snow than suffer in the oppressive heat. But I have to admit, the last several years have me wishing that the winter season was not quite so long. Having a snowstorm in April takes the joy out of Spring. Ideally, I would love to find a place where fall is the longest season. And if I could make winter last for the months of November -January, I would be ok with that. But sadly, there is no place that I can set weather patterns to my whim. So I am thinking, I may have to travel for some of the winter months as I get older.



What is your favorite season? And do you travel to avoid winter?


Creating the Journal Layout


Here is another layout in my daughter’s art journal. I used my new Morocco Rug Stencil in the background with Distress Paint and Lindy’s Spray. I stamped the background before layering my dyed fabric strips, fiber, thread, washi tape and tissue paper.




I kept this layout pretty simple, especially on the opposite side of the page.


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Tea Day



I am joining the very talented ladies for T Day over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s.  I am drinking my favorite Tiesta Tea Fruity Pebbles as I care for my plants and dream of warmer weather. We are expecting 4-8 inches of snow this evening into tomorrow. It seems the wintry weather is far from over.




Someone asked about my cup so I thought I would share the link. It is the best cup I have ever owned! My tea stays hot for hours.


Happy Tea Day,



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24 thoughts on “She’s A Ball of Sunshine: Mixed Media Art Journal”

  • My husband and are both from the Chicago area-where the winters are long and cold, and some years lots of snow. We moved to SW Missouri so we could have all the seasons-which we love-but less extreme winters-most years it has worked out well in the winter months-definaley not as much snow, but some years lots of ice, and usually some cold too-but what makes it better here-there is always a bread-2 or 3 days in a row every couple of weeks with spring temps-that we love the most
    great page for daughters journal, and I always look forward to see the teas that you share-hugs
    Happy T Kathy

  • Oh how adorable is your baby girl in this journal spread! I am a summer girl through and through and really don’t mind the heat . If it was my choice I’d live somewhere warm year round. This year is the first time we will be visiting friends in Florida very soon. All everyone (those who know me well) is saying to me and warning my hubby is that i won’t want to come home. Time will tell:):) Stay warm and happy T day!

  • Oh what a cutie she is Kate and I love this spread. As for the cold winters, come and live in the south of England. We’ve only had three days of snow all winter but it has been cold and grey. Sometimes I wish we had more snow lol xxx

  • Your tea mug looks wonderful, great idea. And I LOVE that beautiful page with your little ball of sunshine, what a little cutie! I hope winter is soon over, too – too much is too much! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • i love your “little sunshine”:) and definitely wish i had more sunshine this winter. i won´t complain about snow, but the greyness can make one depressive… yes, the winters could be shorter here, too! anyway, i´m happy i have a hobby that is not dependent on weather;) happy t-day!

  • A very beautiful journal spread with the wonderful happy photograph.

    Our seasons here in NE UK Coast seem to change from year to year. Apart from the changing of the trees sometimes the seasons don’t seem to be much different but this year winter has been colder but no snow to speak of at all. I agree that Autumn is so beautiful with the oranges and reads.

    The mug is such fun and terrific colours

    Have a great T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  • It is an adorable photo of your daughter and the pages you created look beautiful.
    I like reading about the flavours of teas you enjoy, there are such a variety for folk to buy these days.
    The cup to keep your drink hot looks good as well.
    As for which season I enjoy most, I think I would have to say I have two, Spring and Autumn. Not winter because of the shorter daylight hours and the cold, grey days., Summer never seems to be the same from one year to the next, can be hot one day and wet the next., the one good thing is that our summers seem to be getting warmer, so that’s a plus.
    Happy T day wishes Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • I like all the seasons but I think my favourite season has to be autumn/fall, I just love the cool crisp days, the crunch of leaves under foot and the autumnal colours 😁. Your little sunshine art is beautiful, your daughter looks so adorable in that photo! Enjoy your fruity tea and wishing you a very happy tea day! J 😊 x

  • Kate,
    your lil peanut is just precious in this picture! She is such a sweet girl and OI love that you are creating this journal for her- such a treasured keepsake!

  • Gorgeous page of your little sunshine girl, she looks so adorable!
    Here in Scotland we don’t have the extremes of weather you have, through we sure could do with some more sunshine. So really I have learnt to appreciate each season for it’s own special quality…

  • Your little one is so adorable and your lay-out is too! Your cup looks great too, very bright and cheerful!
    In the Netherlands we have a long winter, at least it feels like it is longer because it often rains and is dark early Summers seem to get hotter, probably because of climate change. .But I am not complaining. I rather like the changing of seasons. Spring is near!

  • I love the seasonal changes, but I prefer the heat to the cold. Even living in the South I find myself staying in during cold weather, while I have no problems at all during hot weather. A long Autumn would be heavenly, though. I got a kick out of “Secretly a Mermaid” 🙂 Happy T Tuesday

  • What an adorable baby. Love the page. My favorite season is Summer. I love hazy, hot, and humid weather. Longing for it today as it is snowing hard outside my window. Not a fan of the snow or cold, but can’t afford to be a snowbird. So I just bundle up and gripe about the weather =^,.^= Happy T Day

  • We don’t travel to avoid winter anymore. We moved to a land of eternal spring once our son was grown and on his own. But when you factor in the language and cultural challenges, it’s not right for everyone. Personally, I don’t miss northern winters at all!

    Beautiful spread. I love how you featured your baby daughter. She’s a star!

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • I definitely prefer the cooler weather, too. We don’t get snow here, but it does get cold in the winter. Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons. We have been having an extra hot summer here this year, so I am definitely looking to the cooler autumn weather.
    Your daughter’s journal page is lovely!

  • Your little sunshine is adorable!
    Here in inland southern spain it is very dry. So the summers are hot but bearable and the winters are cold but without rain or snow, and in the day time the sun shines and the temp is nice enough to eat on the terrace. We have moved here upon retirement as I got depressed with the north european grey weather and the long winters. In this country I love the winters. Dry and cold, with lots of sunshine.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • I know it’s easy for me to say but I would love more snowy days than the grey ones we have been having here in England! Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of year – Spring for the trees turning green and more flowers around and Autumn for the lovely colours . Talking of colour – thanks for the inspiration for the colour Mustard at Paper Artsy – I finally got around to using my LP Egyptian stamps(on my blog) although you are the Queen of texture! I love the LO with your daughter smiling away there…just like a ray of sunshine!! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

  • Such adorable art this week ♥♥♥♥ Love the mermaid cup too.
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit and Happy Very Late T Day!
    I”m beginning to feel the same way about winter.

  • I am sorry for visiting so late. To see why that is, please see this post ( which will explain and I won’t have to for each T Tuesday participant I visit.

    This has been an incredibly grueling winter, with bad weather chased by more bad weather. However, I would never want to live in sticky, humid FL. I’ve been there and I don’t like anything about it, except my naturally curly hair gets even more curly.

    Your layout is adorable and your daughter is a gem.

    Your mug is so adorable. I like that you share it with us. Your tea looks like it would be great, too. I’m going to see if I can find this locally. Thanks for sharing your art and your tea with us for T this week.

    As much as I love to travel, I still find there is no place like home!

  • Kate, your journal page is gorgeous topped off with your sweet little peanut! She is so precious! Isn’t it funny how as we age, we don’t appreciate the extremes in temps? Our winters here are pretty much a non-thing, but occasionally we get a spring surprise of snow or ice. BUT, the summers are grueling, and I usually plan my year so I don’t have to be outdoors in the summer at all. My outlook on summer is a relatively new thing for me, occurring in the past 5 years. Before that I would just spend summers in my swimsuit, but now no one would want to see that! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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