Snow Bunnies with a Pot of Juice : A Couch Adventure


Couch Talk


Our snowstorm last weekend didn’t amount to much thankfully. But guess what? Ice is on the menu this week. We had our first taste on Sunday morning. We were unable to make it to church do to the sheet of ice on our hill and driveway. Tonight, the forecast is for a half inch of ice and Thursday 6-10 inches of snow.




Other than school, our life is same old, same old. Due to the cold, we have been spending extra time cuddling with our bunny during the evenings. Here is a comparison from when she was a baby. Isn’t she ginormous @13 pounds? But she is SO sweet and is the best cuddlier.



This weeks sketches. I can usually get one completed in an evening, 2-3 hours.



Tea Day



I am joining the T day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Today, my children had off from school for President’s Day so we had tea time. I am going to attempt to have a consistent tea time every week where we share a snack, pot of tea and a good book. I was lazy this week so instead of filling the pot with hot tea, I filled it with juice. Shhh, don’t tell anyone! Here is the book we are reading. My children love the author, Patricia St. John and I would highly recommend her book, Treasures of the Snow.



Happy Tea Day,


10 thoughts on “Snow Bunnies with a Pot of Juice : A Couch Adventure”

  • Thank you for sharing your kids and bunnies with us! I LOVE pet bunnies (at one time we had 45) and miss them soooo much! Your sketches are fantastic- I can really see the improvements with each one! We had a little snow here in SC last week, but I’m so glad I don’t have to shovel it anymore 😉 I bet your kids enjoy playing in it though! Have a wonderful Tea day! 🙂

  • Your bunny is cute, and nice that she is a cuddler. Does she normally hop around the house or is she caged? I’ve never had a rabbit before but I had a friend who did and it was very dog like. And I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut about your tea this week. Smile. It works! And nice sketches too. It’s icing here right now. Hopefully the power won’t go off. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  • That bunny is _gorgeous_! My daughter loves those cup and saucer snack sets, and yours is lovely. We’re having unusually snowy weather here with more to come tomorrow. Such a treat for us 🙂 Happy T Tuesday!

  • Your bunny is adorable. I use my cats to snuggle,but your bunny looks really soft. Your sketches are incredible. You capture the images so well.

    It’s always good to spend quality time reading and sharing over tea is a wonderful event. Juice is equally satisfying, especially for the young ones. Thanks for sharing your sketches and drinks with us for T this Tuesday, Kate.

  • Your bunny is adorable. One of my nieces raises and trains ginormous rabbits as therapy bunnies.

    Your portrait sketches are great! How nice to have a tea tradition and book time with your kiddos.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  • We’re enjoying your weather. Not. 😉 Your bunny is so cute. I love her ears. As usual, your portraits are wonderful. I was 13 when a neighbor introduced me to tea time. She was home, but minded her little one so she could get things done around the house. Every afternoon at 3 pm, she would set out tea cups in her dining room and we would have tea. I felt very grown up. To this day, I have a cup of tea every afternoon around 3 pm. Happy T Day

  • Your rabbit really has grown big! My Dad used to breed rabbits so we got to pet quite a few different breeds from dark size to giants, although it was always sad to see the babies go! Your drawings are wonderful – you really do get the shadows perfectly! Love the setting for your tea time! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

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