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Spring is around the corner and I have been contemplating what is on my to-do list and what I have to look forward too.

#1 School is almost out

While this may not mean much to most of you, I am getting SO excited thinking of all the time I am going to have to devote to other things. What other things you may ask? Well, I don’t know. Maybe I can sit and read a book during the week (gasp) or complete the pile of craft projects that I stare at wistfully every time I pass my craft desk. Who knows, I’m game for whatever, as long as it is not school.

#2 Gardening

Weeding is still the least of my favorite outdoor activities but I love my garden. That is, when I get a harvest (no thanks to the wabbits this past summer). This year, the hubby and I are talking about expanding. With all the food shortages over the past year, we thought it might be nice to grow things that we eat often. I would even love to can any extras that we might grow. The thought has me excited so I am off to do some planning.

What do you plant? Do you plant the same thing every year or rotate?





This week I tried some new things. I had extra sourdough discard so I made some sourdough bagels and topped them with everything seasoning.



My daughter is turning 5 tomorrow and she requested a donut tower for her birthday party. She reminds us that she isn’t a “cake-girl” or a “cookie-girl” so this was what we came up with. I needed to practice before her party to see if they would even turn out so I made a batch of these are Krispy Kreme copycat donuts. Everyone liked them so I will be whipping up another batch of these this weekend.



StencilGirl Column



I am over at the StencilGirl Blog today sharing my column. Today, I am working in watercolor. Here is a little sneak peek. You can see the whole project HERE.


Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today was sent to me by Natural Puerh. I am drinking the huangshan MaoJian green teaIt was mild and smooth tasting. I am not the greatest at describing tastes so I guess I will just describe it as pleasant and not as strong as some other green teas that I have tasted. I am looking forward to having this again.

Happy Tea Day,


14 thoughts on “Spring Into Donuts: StencilGirl Column”

  • Your bagels and donuts looks delicious. I think making bagels is a lot of fun, and a fun challenge. I am thinking of gardening too, but it will still be awhile with this snow on the ground. What are you planning this year with your expansion? Half the fun of gardening is trying new things and planning. At least for me. I hope you have a great T day and your vacation will be get here soon. Hugs-Erika

  • I am surprised that school is almost out where you are. Our kids have another four months. Lucky you. Yes, I garden, but I’ve since started doing so in containers. Every place I plant veggies or herbs., the horrible Bermuda grass creeps in and takes over. I’ve quit trying to keep it out.

    That tea looks nice. I like that it has the long whole leaves which contributes to the flavor.

    Your donuts look fabulous. I love bagels and the one you showed looks yummy. I hope you show your daughter’s birthday donut tower with us. Thanks for sharing your tempting donuts and bagel, as well as your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  • Wow, those donuts look so amazing! I bet the tower looks fabulous, wishing your daughter a very Happy Birthday 😀. Now I’m wondering which dress she will be wearing for her party? So nice to have some time away from home schooling too – enjoy! Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  • Yummy! That all looks really good! Excuse my ignorance, but what is the difference between a bagel and a donut? They look similar to me. I know that donuts are deep fried. Perhaps bagels are less sweet? I have eaten a donut in the US once and I didn’t like it, so I’ve never touched one again. Our baker here in Spain makes them a couple of times a year and hubby says they are delicious.
    I can totally imagine you are longing for school out. Would that be the Easter break? Or do they finish all together until September? It must be so difficult to home school. Hang on in there. Your children will appreciate it when they’re older.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Donuts have mostly been absent from out diet throughout the pandemic. I think we had them once in the fall, at a cider mill, and that was all. I like the ones that are fried in an old-fashioned kettle, like at the cider mill. So we wouldn’t make them ourselves — too big a mess, too much oil to throw away. Maybe one of these days we’ll be doing live shopping with confidence.

    be safe… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • Oooh- the bagel is my favorite kind- and homemade too=yum!!! I’m sure your donuts are delish as well and you must share a photo of your tower next week:)
    Beautiful watercolor art. Happy garden planning, and happy T day!

  • You’re almost done with school? Massachusetts kids are going back to the classroom in April. The donuts look awesome! Oh, man, I’m salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs when the bell rings. I hope she loved the donut tower. Clever take on cake. Happy T Day

  • Kate, your baking looks delicious, I like donuts and bagels but can’t get bagels here, I always have blueberry bagels for breakfast when we visit our son in San Francisco, I like the raisin and cinnamon ones too,
    I hope you DD has a lovely birthday and enjoys her donut tower, can’t wait to see the photo

  • Ohhh I want to reach into the PC and grab a few bagels and a few more of the doughnuts. They sure look good. I am with your daughter. I can do without, most sweets but put a doughnut in front of me and I am a goner. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  • I think I missed your bathroom reveal so will have to go back and look. at the posts I missed. Your donuts look good. I would be like your daughter and take donuts over cake, however I do like cookies. Beautiful water color. Kate, you can do anything, I think. You are so talented. Happy belated T Day.

  • Oooh! Bagels and doughnuts – I’m with your daughter on the doughnuts – not good for my sugar levels but definitely my first choice in a perfect world! Your art is fabulous and I will pop and take look! As for veggies – no garden here – just couple of pots with herbs in by my apartment door (we have an outside door!) When my children were young we used to grow lots of fruit – apples, pears, berries as well as green beans, lettuce, peas, broccoli, potatoes radish and tomatoes (I’m going to try tomatoes here this year) Belated Happy T Day! Hugs, Chrisx

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