Squalls of Daffodils: Daily Art Practice

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My husband said he had one task for Saturday-to put the snowblower in the shed. The very large snowblower that takes up a spot in the garage right next to my car and makes unloading groceries a juggling act.

Saturday morning, we had hail and snow flurries ALL day. Sunday morning, we woke up to a dusting of snow. All day today, we had snow and spontaneous snow squalls with emergency alerts on our cell devices. I took this picture of my beautiful, now wilted daffodils after lunch. Apparently, winter has the last say.



Watercolor Studies


A while ago, I shared the first three eyes of this study and I finally finished so I thought I would share the final result. I took pictures of everyone’s eyes in my household, including mine, and they are included in this study. The other eyes are based off of photos from the web. I learned a lot about skin tones, shadows and highlights from this study. For each eye, I used the Journal Sense Vision Stencil from StencilGirl as a template.




This next study is my own version of this watercolor study by Femke Muntz Art on Instagram. The simplicity of this study sends the eye to the facial features and gives well placed shadows, although few. I learned a lot by copying this study and look forward to branching out and trying this style some more.



Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I thought I would share one of my tea cabinets today. Most of my small quantity loose teas reside in this cabinet. I think it is time to organize again.

Happy Tea Day,



17 thoughts on “Squalls of Daffodils: Daily Art Practice”

  • Hello Kate, I just love seeing your art. we have been quite cold for over a week now but thankfully no snow.
    I have lots of teas too-fun to choose which one I am in the mood for
    Happy T

  • I think those eyes are all from Western Europeans or their American descendants. No eyes of color. Interesting painting exercise!

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • The eyes are fantastic! and I love your doodle study play.
    This continued crazy weather-ugh! It just HAS to be the last of the snow and bitter cold…good thing we have our teas to keep us warm:) Happy T day!

  • I know what you mean about snow blowers taking up a lot of space in the garage. I even ribbed my coat open on year on ours, as the pocket got stuck on the handle of the snowblower. We’re having cold but no snow. Although the hubby asked the other day if we should put the shovels away, and I said no, don’t want to jinx it. Nice eye sketches too. I always find it amazing how adding a bit of white can make the eye glisten and look so real. Your faces are fun too. Have a great T day and week ahead Kate. hugs-Erika

  • Beautiful watercolor studies – the eyes look great. I find eyes difficult to paint, no matter with which medium.
    Uh, hail and snow… you would think that by almost the end of March winter weather would be on its retreat.

  • I am sorry about your daffodils, Kate. Your eyes are all amazing. I looked at the template and that wouldn’t have helped me at all. You did a great job. Happy T Day.

  • The EYES definitely have it this week. Some of these are out of this world,. You may need to rearrange your tea cabinet, but you have some beautiful tins. They are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your eyes and your tea cabinet with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.. Sorry winter had the last say with your flowers.

  • Eeek! What´s with teh weather?! Way too cold here, too.
    I had no idea there are such tools as stencils – great work with the eyes. And faces.
    My problem is hands still, argh.
    Or water colors, for that matter.
    Happy T-Day to you.

  • Kate,

    Love your watercolor studies – so impressive. I love the eyes and the faces. Makes me wish I was better at drawing and painting. One day…. Fab details and colors and variations.

    Your tea collection looks fun.

    Thanks for sharing all this – happy T-day! Hugz

  • Yes, this crazy weather is all over the shop! Very erratic and unseasonal sometimes.
    I love your eyes practice. They are all beautiful! And the Femke muntz characters are great too.
    Happy T-Day,

  • oh no not snow!! I’m really hoping we are over it now but I know next week is to be -3C so not quite spring yet. Love your watercolour eyes and that interesting study with the shadows. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  • Poor daffodils. Winter just doesn’t want to let go. Always fun to look at your watercolors. The portraits remind me of a modern version of Modigliani. Happy T Day

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