Storing Up Cakes For the Future : Mixed Media Painting


Books and Milk


I find myself struggling to make time for the things I want to accomplish. Motivation disappears after a morning of dealing with my sweet and sassy 3 year old. These days she keeps me busy with all sorts of things, one of which includes reading That’s Not a Hippopotamus! many times over throughout the day. I even have the various voices down to a science. It is the most adorable book and if you are looking for a great read, try this one out.


A few more books that I have been enjoying as of late are these cookbooks. I don’t have a lot of time to experiment in the kitchen but I dream of all the delicious foods I could make one day when I am swimming in free time.



Momofuku Milk Bar is a book full of desserts and interesting recipes from a New York City dessert bar. The Birthday Cake looks like something I want to try for sure.



Orange Blossom & Honey is full of pictures of colorful foods and landscapes of the the Souks. I love reading about Moroccan culture and this book is just beautiful! I will probably never make any of the recipes as I don’t have Saffron in my pantry but it is eye candy for sure.


Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes has a lot of yummy cakes/cheesecakes based off of favorite drinks such as Orange and Cream or The Root Beer Float. The techniques are clearly explained with picture tutorials. Everyday cakes made fancy! I can’t wait to try some of them.

Creating the Painting




About a year ago, I started this little painting on a piece of tissue paper backed by white cardstock. I got to this point and then put it in a drawer. I haven’t had hardly any craft time as of late and today I had a few hours so I decided to work on this piece.



I used PaperArtsy Fresco Finish chalk paints for the entire painting. The stencil is the Face Map Front Version 2 by StencilGirl. I stenciled it using Distress Ink and then the magic happens when the paints are added in layers.



Many times, I reworked the ears, eyes and mouth. I can’t say that I am happy with the mouth and the eyes but somethings are best left alone. I have learned that reworking things too many times can be the ruin of a painting so I decided to call it a day. Perhaps another day I will brave and give it another go.


Tea Day




I am joining the T ladies a bit late this week but I still made it! Our host is Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Today my tea is a homemade Vanilla Chai tea. I made it, trying to replicate a vanilla chai that I had tasted while we lived in New York. Mine is tasty but made with a little too much black pepper. It irritates my belly if I drink it in excess. Perhaps in the future I will give it another go and get a better result.


Happy Tea Day,


12 thoughts on “Storing Up Cakes For the Future : Mixed Media Painting”

  • Beautiful post Kate I want to try out painting this winter-something new to me
    Your teas are always so beautiful in your photos wants me want to enjoy a cup
    Happy T Kathy

  • Your lady portrait is beautiful Kate! I have not heard of nor tried those Paper Artsy paints. Isn’t it so fun to peruse cookbooks? My favorites next to art books and travel books:) Most of my cookbooks are regional cooking in general- mostly French and Italian although Indian cuisine has sneaked in too. And of course – vegetarian coking. Sounds like a darling book your little one is enjoying. Gosh, it brings back to me such memories of reading our son’s favorite books over and over when he was little too. And we have kept those books:)
    Love vanilla chai! Happy T day!

  • I couldn’t see your book choices to had to go to Amazon to see them. Sounds like fun reads, especially for children. Of course, the cook book sounds good, too. Very chocolate-y!

    If I could draw like you, I would be in heaven. Don’t put yourself down. You are a fabulous artist, and that face proves it.

    Your vanilla chai tea sounds wonderful. I tried to make chai tea once from scratch and mine was a disaster. Yours even LOOKS beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing your readings, your incredible painting, and your vanilla chai tea with us for T this Tuesday (oops, Wednesday)..

  • I actually have 2 of those cookbooks, as I read cookbooks like I read novels. (Kind of bad though as I now have a huge collection. Which is also good, depending on your point of view I guess) It is lots of fun to play in the kitchen though, when there is time. of course, right? It is like edible art. Nice painting too Kate. Hope it was a happy T day. hugs-Erika

  • Such a fabulous post! I loved reading about the books and baking is one of my favourite pastimes so the Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes is now on my wish list …lol 😉. Your painting is amazing and your Vanilla Chai tea must be delicious! Wishing you a lovely week and a Happy belated T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  • Enjoy the time with your 3 yr old. It does go by very quickly. And no one tells you when the last will be. The last time you get to read That’s Not a Hippopotamus. The dessert cookbooks look wonderful. I’m not much into cooking, but I do love to bake. The woman you painted is gorgeous. The flesh tones are so alive. And I like your tea choice for today. I was out with a friend and we stopped at Barnes and Noble and she treated me to a Vanilla Chai. Happy T Day!.

  • Your painting is fantastic. I love it. Cookbooks are always fun to browse through. The homemade cakes book sounds good. I used to bake a few dessert items (cookies and cakes), but now I don’t do anything. It’s hard for me to get over the hurdle of thinking about all of the work the cleanup entails, so I talk myself out of doing it. I used to make pecan balls (cookies) for Christmas, and they were delicious, but the past few years, I haven’t. Recipe if you’re interested:

    Happy Belated T-Day!

  • OOhh I looove the face you have created Kate !! Really it´s fabulous, like the eyes very much., and the colours are very beautiful. Hope you could prepare delicious recipes with those cook books. I wish you a very nice Friday, big hugs,

  • That children’s book looks delightful. Your comments reminds me of reading a story over and over again to my son when he was little.
    Your exotic lady is beautiful. I know what you mean by eyes and ears not being perfect. But you are right, some things are best left alone. Perhaps you’ll want to practice just doing eyes for a bit. Have a look on Pinterest under ‘drawing eyes’.
    Well done you for having a go at blending your own tea. I’m sure it’s very tasty.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • What a fabulous post – I don’t know the hippo book but I do remember my boys loving certain books that I had to do sound effects and voices for – my favourites were ‘Peace At Last’ and ‘Bears in the Night’! I love your portrait! I hope you can find time for more, meanwhile you can dream about what you might cook one day! Hugs, Chris

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