Surviving the Freshly Fallen Snow: Mixed Media Christmas Tag

Only 25 Days

Actually it is 17 days till Christmas but who is counting 😉 To be honest, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. My shopping is done, I am listening to Christmas music and I have done a little baking but the one thing missing is SNOW.
Beautiful, glistening, pure white powder coating each and every branch and surface. Tonight we had our first storm of flurries but not the real thing. I love waking up to a winter wonderland outside my window, the house illuminated with light due to the suns reflection off the snow. It is a most glorious sight that continues to awe me. God’s creation is SO beautiful. That is, until the snow plow comes along and makes everything dirty and black. Then suddenly I am over it. Oh, that and when I have to drive up our hill/ridge to get to our house. Last year I had to drive up the hill after getting my kids off the bus and it started snowing. My little Honda was sliding backwards and swerving from one side to the other. I was so scared that we were going to slide backwards into the road while I had all my babies with me. Thankfully, hubby got me new tires so he says that shouldn’t happen again.
So, what’s your favorite thing about snow?

Making Tag #9


Here is my next tag for the 12 Tags of Christmas over at The Funkie Junkie sponsored by The Funkie Junkie Boutique. You can see Linda’s #9 Tag HERE. I took inspiration from her beautiful purple background, freshly falling snow, trees and the deer.


I started by using a border die as a stencil with some texture paste. I painted the background and used PaperArtsy Infusions.


When it came to the composition I had difficulty at first. I started looking through my animal stamps because I didn’t have any deer. I discovered that I have very few animal stamps and those that I did have would not look good under a snowfall. I remembered my 25 Tags of Christmas that I made many years ago. I didn’t put it on display this year so I was contemplating remaking them. And then I saw a tag with a deer and some greenery and I knew that was what I needed.
So, the deer, greenery and 25 are from a few different tags and then I added gold glitter since I didn’t have white. I splattered some gesso for the snowfall.
And that’s it for this tag. Have a beautiful weekend. And if you have snow, enjoy God’s beautiful creation!

Challenges Entered:

12 Tags of Christmas Tag #9: The Funkie Junkie

Stamplorations: December TAGSplorations


13 thoughts on “Surviving the Freshly Fallen Snow: Mixed Media Christmas Tag”

  • Gorgeous tag, and it’s always good to recycle. I have a stag punch which I like to use a lot at this time of the year. I am not a snow fan, although I like looking at it as song as it is clean. But I am not fond of slipping and sliding through it. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  • Your tag is precious Kate – so beautiful!
    I don’t like snow and ice – I am scared to drive in winter since I had a similar experience as you with my car many years ago. Nothing bad happened but I learned that snow and just some degrees changing or a bit of rain can make drama! And in 2009 I broke my leg on black- ice – I needed 3 years to be o.k. again since it were both bones tibia and fibula and I had to be operated on. Since this time I don’t like winter weather so very much.
    To be honest I still like snow but just when I can stay at home and have not to drive or walk somewhere.
    Wishing you a happy weekend ahead with family and maybe some snow for you – if I meet mother Hulda I will send her in your direction!
    oxo Susi

  • Love your tag, and the recycled deer and greenery look fabulous on it!
    Snow … in the Netherlands it dos not snow that much, when it does I do like the beauty of it, but definitely do not like the mudslush and slippery roads. Mixed feelings!

  • I am missing snow too. It’s not warm in my world but not December weather. I like this BUT it doesn’t feel like Christmas. Love the holiday piece today. 😀hugs erika

  • I can’t BUY a drop of moisture this winter, so even a dusting of raindrops would make me feel better. But it doesn’t feel like winter to me, either. Tobe truthful, I don’t like anything about snow, but I really adore your tag. I love how you recycle and turned this into a work of beauty and art. I’m loving it. Recycling the deer was the icing on the cake of this tag.

  • Beautiful tag Kate!! I love that you recycled the deer and the foliage from an older tag .. always good to use things that way! Loving the colour mix too especially the purple background!!
    I remember snow from way back in my childhood in Holland (many, many years ago .. LOL!!) and I really loved to play in it. We don’t have snow at all where I live in Australia so I don’t get to see it now unless we take a trip to the snowfields .. something we haven’t done in decades. I do agree with you though, that freshly fallen snow is a most beautiful sight.
    Have a great day!! hugs xx

  • I’ve only just started Christmas shopping, and haven’t even bought the tree yet but – and very unusually for where we live – this morning we have snow. Proper, thick snow, and it’s still falling. It’s the magical silence I love – in an over-busy world of noise and constant hurry, I love that this winter wonderland forces us to be a little stiller, a little quieter and take pause.
    A lovely tag – great to see things being re-used and the shimmer of the glitter is wonderful.
    Alison x

  • This is a super cool tag, Kate. I like the textue, the great gold snow and the purple background! Lovely. Thanks for playing along at STAMplorations’ TAGplorations Challenge for December. I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing your beautiful and unique work.

  • Another beauty, Kate! I love that purple background and how clever to use elements from past year’s tags! We just had our first and very probably last snowfall of the season last week, and we still have a bit of it in the shadows, although it’s high 60’s! Hand’s down, my favorite part about snow is the quiet. We had some sleet mixed in at first and the sound it made is like no other sound. Then followed by quiet. And then there’s the sledding the next day. We got 3 great days of sledding out of our few inches of snow!

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