Swimming Through Algae: Mixed Media Fabric Journal

Swimming Through Algae

Lately, our lives have been chaotic and I feel as though we are swimming through algae. Tangled up and not going anywhere. That is, anywhere that we can see. We just remodeled a bathroom downstairs. My hubby installed the toilet Saturday evening and then Sunday morning the downstairs stunk of pee. Looks like we need a extra thick wax seal around the toilet. And then Saturday evening I found wet carpet downstairs followed by the discovery of water damage and mold growth in my crafting area! On the bright side I get a whole new crafting space but that is only after we discover where the water is coming from and then my craft spot will be out of commission for possibly months. And my littlest man has a ear infection despite an Ear Tube placement back in February. My hubby is still looking for a job (he gets laid off in December) and I am now a weekly visitor at the chiropractor’s office. I left a few things out but you get the general idea.

I am so thankful to God that these trial and testing periods don’t last forever. That by no means diminishes the fact that it is very difficult while going through these periods but it is encouraging to know that it is only for a season. Some seasons seem longer than others don’t they?
Despite these bumps in the road, I am blessed to be going through this with the people I love and a God who cares about me. But I am not going to lie, I am ready to get through the algae fields and into the clean, open waters of security again.

So, onto the journal page.

Creating the Journal Page

I have another page in my ‘Asiatic Dynasty‘ Fabric Art Journal to share. In case you missed them you can check out my Cover, It’s All In the Hair Layout, and True North Layout.


This was my last layout to be completed. I finished the background but when I went to embellish with stamps and such I couldn’t find anything I liked. I worked on it on several different occasions and each time I came away disappointed. I figured the problem was the background so I tweaked a few things and WA LA…it came together. I love when that happens!

A Few Details

I used a lot of PaperArtsy stamps and paints. The journal page was made first and then machine stitched to a fabric base.
What do you do with failed projects/attempts?
Thanks for stopping!

Challenges Entered:


Aall and Create ITAC Challenge 2: Asia   (Motifs inspired by Mandalas, geometric shapes, tiles, Calligraphy, Asian flowers in the circle motif and fabric page) #itac17 #AALLtournament2017 #aallandcreate

Craft Stamper: Anything Goes August

Mixed Media World: #28 AMMG With a Twist (Mood board)


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