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Couch Talk

Life during the pandemic is coming along. Our grocery stores are now limiting the amount of people in the building so we have to wait in lines. And can you believe I haven’t sewn one mask? Many people are wearing masks but I have decided not to. As a nurse, I was forced to wear one during flu season because I declined the flu vaccine. Masks are hot, uncomfortable and make your breath stinky. Not to mention that they won’t filter out the dreaded virus unless you have the right kind of filter, which the average individual does not have. So, I have decided not to give into the panic, stick to my little corner of the world and maintain proper distancing and hand washing even if it does make my skin feel like sandpaper.

Schools are officially closed for the school year so I am feeling a bit less pressure to perform as supermom. This week we are watching videos and tutorials on French Pastries. Afterwards, my son was begging me to take him to Paris to sample the treats. Um, yeah, I’ll get right on that, son. But homemade chocolate eclairs are on the schedule for tomorrow’s baking class.



The little’s made a batch of sourdough pretzels this week. They hand-rolled every one. Cinnamon sugar and salt-1 batch of each. They turned out much better than my first batch.

Wow, my middle son could really use a hair cut, right?


Bed and Breakfast at the Faire



Every fall, hubby and I take a trip to celebrate our anniversary. This past fall we went to Lititz, Pa for a few day. I finally got around to finishing up my scrapbook. Have a look.



We stayed at a bed and breakfast in the town of Lititz. It is an adorable little town that was first started by a group of Moravians.



One evening after our walk about town, we stopped at Isabella’s Ice cream parlor for some Hershey’s ice cream. YUM!



We look pretty tired in this photo but we are standing in front of of the Lititz train station. That big brick building behind us with all the windows used to be the home of Wilbur chocolates. Sadly, they closed down a few years ago, but we can still buy their chocolates throughout Lancaster County.




The pictures above are from a Turkish bazaar Shop. They had the most beautiful textiles, pottery and light fixtures. That huge chandelier was $10,000. And it was really heavy.



My favorite part of the whole weekend was our day spent at the PA Renaissance Faire. Everyone was dressed up in costumes and all the actors were speaking in Medieval English. The food was yummy and we got to see some fabulous demos such as blade-smithing, glass blowing, pottery throwing etc…



Lunch at the Anchor and Mermaid Tavern. Hubby got a platter of various meats and I got a lobster roll.




Tea Day



I am joining the ladies for tea over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s. I am sharing this yummy The Republic of Tea Peppermint Cuppa Chocolate Tea Dessert Blend that I received as a sample with their catalog. It was not quite what I was expecting. I am not a fan of chocolate tea nor am I a lover of peppermint but I was very surprised that I liked the taste of them together. This dessert tea was aptly named.

What are you doing during quarantine?

Happy Tea Day,


21 thoughts on “Take Me To The Faire: A Couch Adventure”

  • I am with you on the mask-walk.
    Sweet kids you have. Refreshing you show them. My Nieces have to stay hidden.
    Bretzeln! Funny.
    Great memories of your anniversary, you two look sweet – sorry but that´s the word that came to mind! 😉
    A happy T-day to you!

  • Glad you are getting through the crisis well with your kids. Love all the crafting you have done, and the baking. In only wear a mask when I have to, like today at the doc’s. Apart from that, I keep my distance. I have a mask an gloves in my bag for all possibilities. Stay safe, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • I have never had a flu shot in my life, BUT this virus scares the begesus out of me. I haven’t been off my property since March 13, and no one is allowed in my home. But if I ever DO go out in public, I will definitely wear a mask. I’m working on one now, in fact. For no longer than I would have to wear it, I’ll take my chances. I agree they don’t keep YOU from getting the virus, but they keep others from getting it from YOU,

    Your vacation scrap book is beautiful. I love that you included memorabilia from the trip. It sounds like a great vacation, too. And I’m also a big fan of Renaissance Faires. The ones in CA are so much better than the ones here in KS, but they all offer the fun look back at those times. If this lock down goes on a long time like this, we may all be making our own soap and candles (grin).

    Too bad the tea link didn’t work. It sounds good to me, because chocolate is a mood lifter. Thanks for sharing your incredible photos of your trip in scrap book form, the kids and their pretzels, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Your children look great in that photo. Your scrapbook is beautiful. It sounds like it was a nice trip. I like Renaissance Faires. I agree with you about the masks. I’ve seen people not wearing them the correct way: I’ve seen people pull them down then put them back up, after touching surfaces with bare hands. So a lot of people are getting a false sense of safety from wearing masks. I’ve seen people with a mask and gloves on, touch a surface, then touch their car keys with that gloved hand. Then the CDC said we’re all supposed to wear masks: where are we supposed to get them from, when there is a shortage of them? Fabric masks are better than nothing, but they won’t block the germs. Sorry to go on and on about it. I’m doing a lot of hand washing, and using lotion for the resulting dry skin.

  • Good morning, I agree with you on the masks, I only go out every 2 weeks or so and that is for food shopping. I take a clorox wipes with me and wipe down my hands and my car handles and steering wheel. when I get everything in the car and then into the house I wipe down the car handles again the railing down the steps, door handles-frig handles etc. we are not seeing anyone and I am not letting anyone in the house-our friends know not to visit right now as Husband;s health is very compromised. The masks may help a little if one is sick-but if that is the case should not be in public. when I went to our wal mart last week very few people were wearing them in the store.
    I love your journal pages for your vacation-that must have been fun to relive your trip. and I really love that you and the kids are baking-so much fun can be had in the kitchen.
    your tea sounds delicious hugs Kathy

  • Such a fun post! Your kids look so happy, it’s a lovely photo 😁. So nice to be cooking with them too and the prezels look amazing! Your scrapbook pages of your anniversary trip are stunning, I love the happy colours and images, you captured such lovely memories! The peppermint chocolate tea sounds so interesting too, I’d love to try a cup …lol 😉. Wishing you a Happy T Day and keep well! Hugs, Jo x

  • What sweet children you have and the baking looks delicious although I’m not a lover of Pretzels.
    I had made us both a mask but I kind of agree what everyone is saying about them, I am obsessed when I get home wiping everything, it’s exhausting after a shopping trip having to wipe packaging etc.
    Your journal pages are lovely, when I saw Lancaster I thought of England and then realised it it wasn’t , so many places are the same as in the UK, when we went to Boston every town was the same as where our son lived in Braintree, etc.
    Happy T Day Kate, I hope you are feeling better.
    Jan x

  • I’m with you on the mask thing. But it is obligatory here, I would get stopped by the police if I didn’t wear one, and it’s no use arguing with a medically ignorant policeman, so i wear mine reluctantly. I wear glasses, so i have to take them off as they mist up. Consequently I don’t see very well etc. You get the idea. I am not a happy bunny. Oh well…
    Lovely to see you and hubby during your little anniversary outing. I remember the blog posts and i certainly remember that Turkish shop with the expensive lamp.
    Your children are looking happy and this period they will be learning totally different things to the academic things they would learn at school. A few life lessons is never amiss and baking/cooking can become a life long passion.
    Happy T-Day,
    Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home,

  • I love that you are baking with the children- what really lovely memories they will carry with them despite the turmoil caused by the virus. Those pretzels look yummy- as does the tea. I’ve tried a chocolate tea and quite liked it. Love your journal pages of your trip to Lititz! Those Turkish pieces are gorgeous!! We’re about two hours from that area and though we have been to Lancaster and a few of the surrounding little towns we have not been to Lititz- but I hope to change that;)
    Keep well, and happy T day!

  • Your children look happy and you are making it sound fun for them to be learning at home.
    The journal pages look fantastic its going to be full of happy and special memories for you.
    We’ve not been out from home in weeks and our sons tell us not many folk wear masks, but keep the social distancing rules. The police monitor this as well.
    Stay safe and well.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • Those pretzels look awesome! Good for you for teaching your kids life skills that they won’t learn in school!
    I have many things to say about this entire COVID thing that I will reserve, but I’m totally with you with the mask issue! The authorities even said at the beginning of this thing that masks don’t work unless they have a special filter, which most do not. I just shake my head when I go out and see all these masks…Sheeple, I tell you! And don’t get me started on the violation of Constitutional rights! Feed the people a pack of lies and they’ll do anything,,, It’s good to hear not everyone is buying into the insanity. Have a wonderful time with your family (at least this whole thing is good for something- bringing familes together!) 🙂

  • What a wonderful trip! Fond memories 🙂 I haven’t been out since they started recommending masks, but I’ve jerry-rigged a bandana for next time. I have a seasonal cough, and I think it makes people feel a bit better if I’m wearing one. Happy T Tuesday!

  • The pretzels look yummy! you did a wonderful job on documenting your trip ~ I love all the embellishments and journal spots. I bet
    that tea is good, it sounds wonderful ~ Take care and keep crafting and baking!

  • Ohh Your Art pages are Wonderful Kate !! Really gorgeous all, a lot of details, great Art. Your children are amazing, their pretzels looks so yummy! Bravo !
    Happy T-day !
    Wish you a very nice day, big hugs,

  • Those pretzels looks like they are fun to make, especially with the kids. It is rather sad that this end of the school year is such a wash, but in another way the kids are learning all kinds of useful things if they have parents who will do things with them. Like make pretzels. And I really enjoyed your scrapbook. It looks like a good place to visit. I drove through there once many years ago but don’t remember doing much of anything other than driving through. I bet peppermint chocolate tea tastes good too. Hope it was a good T day since I am just getting around to finishing up my visits. Hugs-Erika

  • I’ve been baking sourdough bread. I should give the pretzels a try. Kudos to your littles, the pretzels look great. I enjoyed your trip journal. What a cool place to visit. And since I like GS thin mints, I bet that chocolate peppermint tea would be a lovely break. Take care. Happy T Day

  • Loved the photo of your children – was that the ‘wait for it’ shot before they could taste? I have a coule of travel journals that didn’t get finished – they’re on my list! Looks like a great holiday. Enjoy your lock down time! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  • I absolutely love your scrapbook. I finally added some of the pile of memorabilia I have been saving to my junk journal. Baby steps….
    I have only worn my mask once when I went to the grocery store for the first time in 3 weeks.
    Glad to see the kiddos are trying something new…Jessa baked some banana bread with our geriatric bananas. 🙂

  • This post was a terrific read, Kate. French pastries – what a great way to get a little taste of French culture! I hope you’ll share how the eclair project went. The pretzels look delicious. May I have cinnamon sugar one, please?

    By coincidance, I picked up a neglected travel journal from a year ago and started to assemble the pages. So I guess we’re both getting away from the house in our memories. My pages were looking flat – blocky with no flow. Thank you for all the ideas to perk them up and make them more pleasing to the eye,

    The tea affair is just perfect for today’s T-party.

    Take care and stay safe.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

    • Your collages and journal are fabulous!! and Baking class?! What a great idea. My kids loved soft pretzels too, but we never made them with cinnamon sugar. that sounds really good. Made me smile when your kids wanted to go to Paris for pastries! Enjoyed my visit here, thanks for sharing!

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