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T2 Cup and Saucer I have been Eyeing


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It’s amazing that the summer is almost over. I won’t say that it was busier than expected and that I barely got to all the things I had planned, because I feel as though I say that every summer. Instead of focusing on what I haven’t accomplished, I will tell you what I did get done.

Almost every week I have had a lunch date with another lady, and this is a big step for me as I often don’t like to leave my house or socialize. Being around people, other than my family, is draining and for those of you that are introverts, you understand. My children and I have enjoyed two Tea Days together and popcorn and movie days every week that come with cuddle time. My children have had some friends over and, in the midst, our current remodel, our house is getting purged and staying relatively clean, now that’s huge! Oh, and I completed my Teacups Class so, so far, it’s been a good summer.


Tea Cup Class


In week 3 of our Tea Cup class, we explored different medias, mostly ink and watercolor pencil. The instructor had several demos that I followed along with for the practice.



She had a beautiful selection of cups from an Australian Company T2. They have unique and colorful patterned tea ware. Someday I want to purchase a few.



My first exercise is in Ink and Wash, using a cup from my Turkish Tea set. I only had to do one painting but I made 3, using different techniques.



My last exercise was in watercolor pencil. This cup and saucer is challenging as it is a combination of Venetian glass and 10k gold. I didn’t capture the vibrant color or glow that this cup has, but it’s a start. Overall, this is my most challenging cup that will require a lot more experimentation to get the right balance of light and dark.


Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is a Sencha Green Tea that I am eyeing over at T2 but haven’t purchased. Since the shipping would be international, it would cost more than the Tea itself, unless I make a large enough purchase to qualify for free shipping. I’ll let you know if I decide to splurge.

Do you have a favorite company or place to buy tea or tea ware from?

Happy tea Day,


13 thoughts on “Tea Cups in Pencil and Ink: Daily Art Practice”

  • Since you said summer is almost over I guess that school will start quite soon in your area. I’m so glad that I don’t have to deal with school anymore, neither as a mom nor as an employee. That chapter is closed and I will never ever open it again. Although I still teach, the school year at the German School doesn’t start before the weekend after Labor Day, so we still have lots of free summer time. And the weather stays summer-like until the end of October and sometimes even into November. Unfortunately that also means that it will be very dry for a very long time.

  • So many beautiful china tea cups and saucers! It’s nice to see them in use for a change, instead of the more recent trend to use mugs.
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • Oh Kate, don’t say summer is almost over. Not yet. When do your kids go back to school? It looks like you’ve been having fun painting tea cups.. They’re an interesting subject to draw and paint, or just paint. And I would imagine it’s a little bit tricky too. I hope you have some fun things left with your children this summer, and have a happy T day. Plus a happy week ahead. hugs-Erika

  • Fighting introvert here – getting better, much better!.
    Love your tea-journey.
    I used to buy at a local tea-store but sadly the quality went down so now it´s grocery-stores – they have so many sorts!
    With that: Happy T-Day

  • Beautiful tea cup drawings. You’ve done a great job in each of these artworks. Good to have a lunch date with another lady as it gives some motivation and relaxation to continue work. Sometimes I need such socialization too..
    Thanks for sharing all these with us. Happy T-Tuesday!

  • I have a friend who lives in Australia who sent me a box of T2. It is loose leaf, and I hoard it.

    You have some beautiful tea cups and saucers, and you paint them beautifully,. Thanks for sharing your lovely watercolor drawings and your T2 wish list with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate,

  • I love your posts and seeing your art so I want to continue visiting (I am backing away from the T group) The blue cup and saucer are so lovely. I like to stay home too, and since we moved to the lake, and Larry’s health is worsening we really do not go out of the house much at all which is fine with me–I venture out for grocery shopping but I also order allot online to be delivered too.
    I am not good at letting go of things-soon it may be time to sort out my craft room I still have lots of quilting fabrics etc.
    Enjoy your day hugs Kathy

  • I guess summer is almost over, we have not had a summer at all. It has been so cold this year. I do see the back to shcool items in the stores though. I love your art, You have a way of showing depth. Painting, looking down into a cup, that is masterfull art. Have a very nice day today.

  • Oooh, the blue teacup and saucer at the top of the page is so pretty. I hope you paint it as your teacup paintings are so pretty and capture the delicate nature of the china teacup. Happy T Day

  • Oh, I went to the site and almost spent $120….stopped (Yay). Lovely stuff and GREAT sounding teas. I was intrigued by the chili tea. Found one on Amazon a bit more reasonable. . Your paintings are BEAUTUFUl.. Wow. You should be proud of all you have acheived – especially the delightful adventures with your kids and the wonderful artwork and garden. I would never have guessed you were an introvert but bet you wouldn’t have guessed I was one too. Wponderful T-day post, Kate. hugz

  • Oh lovely tea cups and great water colors. I think as an artist, you are never completely satisfied with what you paint, but I think they are wonderful.
    Holidays over? You must be kidding! Here school, and all my usual activities, don’t start up again until October. I love September as the temperatures are a bit more liveable then. A lot of people go away then.
    Sorry for the late reply. As per usual I don’t have time on Tuesday.
    A belated happy T-Day,

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