Tea In The Garden: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

Tea In The Garden

The garden…exactly where I want to be right now as I look outside my window and see snow.  I would  love to have a pretty spot to sit in my garden. It is on the smaller side right now but we have future plans to expand. And then I would love a bench next to a waterfall under a trellis of wisteria. Or a glass greenhouse doubling as a she-shed. A girl can dream, right?
I have been thinking about what I am going to plant this spring and hoping that I can find a way to get better yield. I had my soil tested but the results came back fairly good. Not sure what I need but I know that it could be better. One strawberry a day won’t make a pie.

Do you have any suggestions of natural things to help fertilize my soil? I was thinking of getting some manure this year. I have also heard that chicken feces helps but we won’t be getting chickens for a year or so I need some ideas until then. I would love to hear what works for you.

Creating the Journal Page

This layout is part of my Splashes of Tea Art Journal which happens to be one of my favorite art journals. Because I am obsessed with tea!

Since today is Tea day I am playing along with Elizabeth and I am sharing a picture of my new favorite brew. I received this tea as a Christmas present. If you want something yummy to try you can click on the picture to see it on Amazon. Seriously, it is SO GOOD!!

Happy Tea Day,

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31 thoughts on “Tea In The Garden: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • I always LOVE your tea journal. It is fabulous. And of course, this spread is filled with layer after layer of yumminess, too. I like that the layers are flatter, but you still manage to build up the background.
    I am still working on my lasagna garden. The idea is to lay down layer after layer of cardboard or newspapers, soak, then add green waste, soak, then add brown waste, soak, then start again, except this time, start with just one layer of newspapers and no cardboard. Keep alternating waste, and soak each layer well in between. This is best done in autumn, but can be started anytime. Just don’t expect to plant much the first year unless your garden composted well over the winter. You have created a compost pile that you can plant seeds or plants in, you have created a garden you don’t have to weed, and when the garden is going strong, you will have lots of healthy returns. Just DON’T expect it the first year. You have to keep adding green waste, brown waste, and newspapers every year, too. I add food garbage (I’m a vegetarian, so no meat products please), grass clippings my neighbor gives me (he doesn’t use a fertilizer or chemicals on his lawn), and leaves I gather each autumn from my yard. I hope that helps. If interested, feel free to search for lasagna garden on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing your tea journal with us for T this Tuesday. I have enjoyed seeing pages I had forgotten about, too. I’m always drawn to the Asian entries, but I like them all.

    • Wow! That sounds great. Thanks for all that information. I will search for more information on this. I love the idea of a weed- free garden. I really need to start a compost pile come spring. Thanks Elizabeth!

  • i love your style – that spread is gorgeous. oh, i would love to sit in the garden also, here it is grey with lots of rain and heavy storms…
    the only Thing that Comes in my mind for fertilizing the garden naturally are horn shavings. you should get them in any garden Center. good luck!
    happy t-day:)

  • I love the idea of a journal devoted to tea. Your journal spread looks fantastic, beautiful layers. Your Ta of choice today sounds good.
    Sorry I cannot help with garden idea’s, ours is all grass and trees now, We used to use horse manure when we had the fruit garden, easy to get as there are many horses and farms around us.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • Your tea journal is wonderful and this page is stunning! I love how you incorporated your dreams for your garden into it. What to plant will depend so much on your exact climate, but I thought as you are asking for natural things, you may find the Bio Dynamic sowing and planting calendar useful: https://www.amazon.com/North-American-Maria-Biodynamic-Calendar/dp/178250432X
    I am giving you that link as I think you live in the US, if not it’s also available in the UK
    Happy Tuesday! xxx

  • I love your journal page Kate. You used one of my favorite stamps on it. 🙂 I have started to think about my summer garden too. It’s a great way to whittle away some winter downtime. You sound like you have big garden adventure plans too. I am impressed. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  • Beautiful pages Kate! Love those colors- very vintage to me!
    I was thinking about your soil, if the results came back good, perhaps it’s the plants you purchased? And yes, some years are better than other…last year we had many berries but no sweetness. My husband is trying new berries this year,although they will not be ready till next.
    Jackie xo

  • gorgeous journal pages Kate-and you have blended the papers with the paints and colors so well too! I don’t have a green thumb so I leave it to the neighbor. All I plant is flowers for the summer:) Wishing you a happy T day!

  • good morning, oh I really love your journal pages very much. I have been a gardener since I was a young child my Mom was raised as a farm girl. chicken manure was always put on the garden in early spring left on top for awhile and then turned into the soil-it is a hot manure so needs to cure a bit and it smells horrible while sitting on top of the garden ugh. your own compost pile would be excellent too. soil is different everywhere I was brought up in the upper midwest and soil was perfect for gardening here where I live now everything I was grown up with does not work here the soil is sooo different.
    anyway your tea sounds delicious off to check it out
    Happy T Day Kathy

  • Your journal page is super! And your tea sounds delicious. I could do with something like that. I went to their website and am trying to find out if they sell in Europe.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Love your journal page and that tea does sound delicious ♥♥ It’s bitter cold here with snow but I still spent a few minutes walking about the garden making mental notes on what I need to do before planting season gets here. Gardening is my first passion and I’ll be blogging about it a lot very soon. Adding lots of organic matter to your garden is the best thing you can do. I save everything I can for the compost pile and add to it all winter though it’s too cold to decompose . Once it warms up in the Spring you’ll have a head start on the compost as the freezing and thawing breaks the materials down.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words. I’ll send you a couple of my favorite tea blends from my garden in the next few days.
    Happy T Day!

  • Sorry to be so late getting around, Kate. We’ve had terrible & intermittant internet for a couple of days – often less than 1 megabyte download!
    Your dream garden sounds lovely. What nice thoughts to be conjuring during the wintry cold. I like the collages on your pages – lovely layering.
    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  • A lovely journal page and good timing for me as I came in to have a cup of tea after shoveling the driveway. Love the colors on the page and the idea of daydreaming about your garden. Only 154 days until the first day of Summer. I don’t count down to Spring as Spring here is a lot like Winter. Cold, wet, though not as much snow. Happy Tea Day!

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