Tealidopscope Cups at the Cat Cafe: Daily Art Practice



Couch Talk


I went shopping! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was eyeing some teacups from T2. I was really bummed when I went to checkout and found that their shipping was really high, but once I did the calculation and currency conversion, I found that I only had to spend $80 USD to get free shipping. That wasn’t too hard as I wanted many things. Several of the Vintage Vibes cups I was looking at were only available for in-store pickup, so I had to pick different ones. The tealeidoscope cups are beautiful and I found both of them on sale! I love that this collection is Moroccan inspired. Now I can’t wait to paint them.

Which one is your favorite?


Daily Art Practice


I planned on sharing the last of my Tea Cup class but I realized too late that I forgot to photograph, so I am sharing a shopfront today. I still have 14 shopfronts left to complete in my shopfront sketchbook, which means I am squeezed for time if I am going to complete my goal before the end of the year. My building cannot be named since I don’t speak Japanese but I know that it is a cafe with a cat sign in Fukuoka City Japan, based off the reference photo. I liked the restaurant sign as it was reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period.



My favorite Micron pen died right before I started inking this building, so I used a larger mm than I like. Since the lines were thicker, I feel like it changed the look of the building. To me, it looks a bit more cartoony than usual. What do you think?



Tea Day


I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My drink today is not tea, but French Vanilla Cappuccino, a delicious treat that I enjoy at the end of the day.

Happy Tea Day,


12 thoughts on “Tealidopscope Cups at the Cat Cafe: Daily Art Practice”

  • I don’t think your shopfront looks cartoony at all! Is it possible that only you see this since you know that you used a different pen? And we are also always over-critical with our own art. I like it. Those cups are very beautiful. Happy T day!

  • Beautiful teacups. It’s always tempting to buy the amount that cancels the shipping charges!
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • I’m loving those new teacups Kate. I love the bright colors and design. And I’m glad to see you’re still drawing building facades. I like this cat cafe , especially the kitty with the teacup in the corner of the sign. Have a great T day and week ahead Kate. hugs-Erika

  • Beautiful teacups from T2. I checked their collection and wow! A great collection of vintage cups too! Wonderful shopfront drawing too. Though you used a larger mm pen for this drawing, it still looks stunning!
    Thanks for the share, Happy T day!

  • At times you need to treat yourself 🙂 Love esp. the blue cup.
    And, yes, the shop-front looks more compact – but still great! – Happy, yummy Tea-Day

  • Oh gorgeous cups! Good for you to treat yourself. My favorite is the turquoise one.
    Your shopfront is beautiful. I actually like the bold lines. Not cartoony at all.
    I looked up on Google Translate what the sign over the shop says. It says (No surprise here) The Black Cat Coffee Shop.
    Happy T-Day,

  • The yellow tea cup is my favorite but they are all faboulous and I am sure you will paint them really lovely in your art book. I love the shop front. The thicker pen does change the look but I like it. Wonderful drink share – I know I would like it. Super post, Kate. Huga

  • Your cups are gorgeous, enjoy drinking tea from them. I love the shopfront, it’s a beautiful painting. Have fun with finishing the serie. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • Because I love aqua, the Moroccan Tealeidoscope Aqua Tea For One is a favorite. Your sketch is lovely as always. And if I couldn’t have tea I would have French Vanilla Cappuccino, too. Happy T Day.

  • the teacups are so pretty. I think my favorite one would be the one with the unusual handle. I don’t think the thicker pen makes your art look cartoony. I think it adds more depth and gives a 3D look. Happy T Day

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