The Adventures of Not Sleeping In: Mixed Media Mail Art


As a child, I remember summer vacation a lot differently than I have experienced as an adult. It was endless fun for weeks. Swimming in the pool, trips to the library, lounging about the house reading and painting, sleepovers and days spent at my best friend’s house. I didn’t want it to end. I had the life during my childhood summer vacation and I loved every minute of it. Apparently, I took those ideas into adulthood, forgetting that I wasn’t on the receiving end of the vacation. Summer vacation as an adult has certainly has been a letdown in the rest department.

For instance, as an adult, sleeping past 6:45 am is one of those things that I get excited about. It seems like yesterday, I turned off my alarm for summer to sleep in. But that first day didn’t quite meet expectations. In fact, it was a disaster, henceforth leading to the decision that there would be no more sleeping in while the children were off from school.

And what happened to all the hours I was going to devote to my children’s education and enrichment this summer? They slipped away. Much like my patience with the constant bickering over the broken LEGO ship in my boy’s bedroom. Or who made the mess, leaving all the LEGO’s on the floor that I happened to step on, on the way to give my boy’s goodnight kisses. Haha! I won’t miss the bickering or the stepping on LEGO’s but I will miss the bickerers.

So, with just a week and a half left to summer vacation, I am making the most of those cuddles and kisses. We are reading, playing, watching movies and enjoying what time we have left together. I hope that their summer vacations turn out to be full of pleasant memories that they can return to when they reach parenthood. Because the truth of it is, parents don’t get summer vacation.

Creating the Mail Art

I used a postcard as my base. I covered it with book paper that has been stenciled with black gesso and the Collage Textures and Patterns, Circles Stencil. I then layered a piece of scrap chipboard that I painted with black gesso and stamped in white with a Japanese Wave stamp.

I added some leaves from I Am Roses before layering some fiber, stamped images (Pink Persimmon, PaperArsty, Graphic 45) and splattered gesso.

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Tea Day

I am sharing a drink related post with all my friends over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s. I have this yummy Apple Mango Hibiscus from Fusion Teas. I love the taste but if I let it steep for too long the elderberry flavor is very overwhelming. I love lighter tasting fruit teas so I try to be careful how long they steep. Hubby bought this one for me for Christmas and I must say he did fine job.

Happy Tea Day,


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25 thoughts on “The Adventures of Not Sleeping In: Mixed Media Mail Art”

  • No, parents never get a vacation. But you know that when you become a parent, how everything changes. I bet your kids had a great summer because what kids remember is not enrichment but all the fun they had. But think of all the fun art you made. The adventure begins tag is great. I like that lady on there. And your tea sounds good. I like fruity teas too, especially in the hot weather. Do you ever drink yours iced? have a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  • Love the wonderful mixed media postcard. I thought I would be able to sleep longer when I retired, but I still wake up at crack of dawn each day – that’s life! Enjoy your tea! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • Having never been a parent, it never occurred to me that parents don’t get vacations like children do. At least you still have a week and a half of loving and cuddling your children. The ones who live in Wichita go back to school on Wednesday. Gosh, that’s tomorrow!

    Your mail art is gorgeous. The layers are fabulous and the butterfly is magical. I wish I could get layers like you get. This is wonderful.

    I was most impressed with that tea. It sounds delightful and looks beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing your lovely mail art and your beautiful apple mango hibiscus tea with us for T this Tuesday,

  • haha, these are exactly my experiences from parenthood. my boys are out of the house meanwhile, which brings a lot of calming down … but every phase has its pros and cons;)
    beautiful art, as always!
    have a great summer! your tea selection looks yummy! xox

  • I had to keep coming back and looking at this wonderful piece of art! So detailed and beautiful..a real knockout!
    Thank you for joining us at We Love 2 Create! Jane S (DT) xxx

  • Your Summer “Holidays” sound a bit stressful, hopefully there are some very good days! I read about the First Day!
    Your mail art is spectacular and it was so interesting to read how you made it in such a different way. Loved the idea of painting book papers with black gesso to give such a spectacular background.
    Happy Tea Day!

  • Your tea mix looks so good-some of those can be rather strong-but then you get more cups of tea from it.
    I have fond memories of summer vacations-my parents did allot of work on those camping trips all over the country to also learn history as well.
    always enjoy your art
    Happy T Day Kathy

  • It was lovely to hear how you are enjoying the summer vacation with your children, and I find my friends seem to be even busier during school holidays and
    Are able to relax a bit more when their children are back at school …lol 😉. Beautiful postcard and wow, your tea is a work of art in itself and I bet it tastes delicious – Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  • What a lovely MailArt piece Kate!!! Sleeping in ……….doesn’t happen often around here and if it does its mostly in the Winter when its cold and it stays
    darker later into the morning ….. You asked a question on my post today… The pen i use is a Faber Castell Pitt Pen… I like the Fine tip for most of my work…
    I find it goes over acrylic paint very well… Just have to make sure the paint is VERY dry… Its indian ink, water proof and maximum lightfastness.. It doesn’t smear or run on me… I’ve been very happy with it… !!! Hugs! deb

  • Oh yes, I remember the days of trying to sleep in when the children are at home (and still small enough to get into a lot of trouble) and stepping on legos…yes indeed. I could swear the little lego men were using tiny little swords! Love your writing, and especially your Mail Art!! Happy T day, the Fusion Tea looks refreshing!

  • You are right, adults don’t get a summer vacation. My dad used to save up all his holidays and we would go camping in the Uk as a family. Four or sometimes five weeks! Lots of fun and traveling around. My parents always said they had just as much fun. I don’t know what ages your kids are. Quite small still I think.
    Your mail art is beautiful. A real work of art.
    That tea/infusion really looks delish. Perhaps you can just put a little less tea in the pot if you think it is too strong tasting.
    Happy T Day,

  • Another lovely tag and another lovely muse, Kate. There are some parents who DO get summer vacations with their kids. They’re called teachers – lol. I remember what a joy it was to have time with just my son instead of 20 needy kids. We had great times gardening, gathering wild berries and making jam together. You brought back some wonderful memories 😉

    Happy T-day! hugs, Eileen

  • It is a beautiful Mail art project Kate., using black gives it a really stunning look.
    Sleep in mornings when the family were young never happened for me, it was always easier to get up early, but I had to smile as you jogged my memory of those happy days. I hope the rest of the school holidays are enjoyable for you and the family.
    I liked the sound of your tea as well.
    Happy T day wishes
    Yvonne xx

  • Wonderful color and texture on this piece! Thank you so much for playing along with us in the Sprinkles and Splatters Challenge over at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge this week 🙂

  • Seems as kids we can’t wait to grow up. then when we get there all that glisters is not gold. Savor the moments with the kidlets. Suddenly you blink and 30 years have gone by. When they are off with the busy-ness of their own lives and homes, the house is awfully quiet. And there’;ll be plenty of time to sleep in. Awesome piece you created. Love the colors. Which to me seem to be reflected in your tea. That looks so pretty. Happy T Day

  • Your mail art is fabulous as ever! I seem to remember Summer holidays with my boys always started with lots of ideas of how the days would be filled and a few outings but then came less interesting and exciting until the last couple of weeks when we crammed in so much! I suspect that this may have happened when i was a child too but all I remember is that we always seemed to be wearing shorts and having trips to the seaside! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

  • Oh yes, Kate! Do enjoy the time you spend with your kids. It is very precious because they grow up so fast and will be adults themselves before you know it!! Your mail art project is wonderful!! So much texture and wonderful colour .. absolutely gorgeous!! hugs xx

  • Such a gorgeous blend of textures and so much depth and detail on this Mail Art. I love the use of gesso and white paint splatters and the sentiment is perfect! Thank you so much for joining us on Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge. xx Ankita

  • I swear Kate, everytime I read one of your posts about your life with the kiddos, I am thrown back into my own past. LOL Sometimes I laugh out loud and sometimes I quietly weep, missing those precious times with my boys.
    Glad to hear you are spending the rest of vacation time enjoying each other… I have to say, I regret spending too much time worrying about a clean house,and not enough time playing Legos on the floor with my guys. Lesson learned-even if they are hard ones.
    Your mail at is always so cool- isn’t it fun working on smaller pieces?
    Thanks for the memories!

  • Ahhhh, Kate! Enjoy these precious days! They will be over before you know it, and instead of savoring those last few summer vacation days from school, you’ll be hanging on to every precious minute when your adult children come back to visit. My daughter just left after a entirely too short long weekend from school. She’s only been gone 3 weeks, and it seemed like months! Her weekend here flew by and I wished she hadn’t slept so late, so we would have had more hours to spend together. Sniff! Your artwork is superb, full of texture and rich color! I love reading your posts almost as much as I love seeing your artwork! Biggest congrats on being a DT fav over at We Love 2 Create! Hugs!

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