The Butterflies Within My Eyes: Seth Apter Inspired Mini Album

Stuck Within


Thanks to this crazy weather, my children have been home most of the week due to frigid temperatures. I haven’t been able to accomplish any of my crafting goals or my household cleaning but I have been able to spend some extra time with the littles and that is always worth it. Although, I don’t think they would say the same as they have cabin fever from being stuck in the house. I am amazed how a child in this day and age can be bored when they have a room full of books, toys and legos. Yet, my middle son insists that he has nothing to do. Usually this happens when I am in the midst of cooking dinner and he wants me to stop and entertain him. But they should be back to their normal routine soon and that will make the Molly Maid in me happy.




I love winter but with weeks such as this, it makes me long for beautiful spring weather and mornings in the garden.  I hope you are enjoying warmer days.


Creating the Layouts

A few more layouts to share in my Seth Apter Inspired Art Journal.

The page base has been covered in book paper. From there I layered stamped tissue paper. I stenciled Seth Apter stencils by StencilGirl and used a white and black pen to fill it in. TH rosette trim, dyed linen and black thread are embellishing the one page.


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A Man and His Travels


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