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This is our first full week of school and I already feel like I am running in circles. Here, I thought the routine, minus two children, was going to help me accomplish more. But surprise, I still need more hours in the day. I am finding it comes down to my lack of organization. My hubby is probably grinning and saying,”I told you so” as he reads this. But I am particular about certain things. I have my bookshelves organized alphabetically by author, all K-Cups in the rack must have the writing going in the same direction, and pillows/throws on the couch must remain un-wrinkled and straight at ALL times.  I would love to brag and say that my closet is organized by color and my shoes all in a row but when it comes to personal organization I find it a struggle, probably because no one sees my bedroom. Thank goodness for bedroom doors.

Since I am aware of my lack of organization, I am working on ways to remedy it. But I am sure that it will not come overnight. Baby steps.


Guest Posting

I am over at the StencilGirl blog today, sharing my newest art journal layout. Here is a little peek of what I made using some of my favorite stencils. You can find the whole post HERE.

Tea Day

It’s tea day and I am playing along with the lovely T ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s. Today is a yummy Apple Mango which I have shared before but not this picture. Those lovely colors make me happy.

Happy Tea Day,


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  • Organisation is not my strong point, so I just don’t worry about it anymore – better to be happy in chaos than always fretting over it. The journal page is great. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • What do you mean ‘minus two children’? Where are they?
    I do know what you mean about being organized. I am the opposite to you. I have my scatter cushions in a mess and my mugs higgledypiggledy, but my shoes are in a row, and my underpants get used in rotation, all my tops are folded neatly and my clothes are colour coordinatedly put away. Your way is sure better as you sy rightly that nobody sees your bedroom, letalone inside your closet. Oh well, that’s life. I must do better too. I’m a sloppy house wife I must confess.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Just re-read your post: I now realize the children have gone back to school, that is what you mean. Sorry, I’m writing this before breakfast. Should have eaten something first!
    Here the children have a three month (yes, three months) summer holiday and they still have another month to go.

  • Today’s post explains that super organized studio you showed us. With 3 kids that must be a challenge. And I have decided life is about not having enough time. Even me home alone for a day in the summer didn’t give me enough time. I hate it. I wish there was some magical way to make some days just a little longer. 🙂 Nice circle art too Kte. Happy T day. hugs-Erika

  • Good morning, your teas always sound-look so delicious. sounds like your much more organized than I am ha ha it all takes times Happy T

  • Beautiful artwork! Your Apple Mango tea looks so delicious and I can see how the colours would make you happy – me too 😁. I hope things get better on the organisation front as time goes on and wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  • I loved your past, present, and future entry at Stencil Girl. It is certainly lovely beauty with it’s layers and layers and circles of life.

    I had to laugh, Not only are my clothes color coordinated, they are on colored hangers indicating the correct colors, too. I guess I’m anal about everything. Now if I could just get my two cats to pick up after themselves (grin).

    Once again, your tea looks beautiful. Apple Mango not only looks beautiful, it sounds good too. Thanks for sharing your journal spread and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  • Always trying to play catch up around here and i don’t even have two children to subtract…lol Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  • ha, i thought it would be easier to keep organized after the kids left home. but nope. and actually i do not care much. all that is organized here are are my stamps (by theme or company, only i know the details;)) – it would be too hard otherwise, i have too many!
    nice sneak peak with gorgeous colors! happy t-day!

  • You could have been describing me, Kate, except that my closet is organized by color and my shoes are in a small chest of drawers – sandals in one, flats, then heels – lol. I consider myself very organized. But not when it comes to art. My supplies are organized ,but my head is a jumble of ideas and I have trouble even starting a project because it’s so hard to choose among them . baby steps for me as well 😉

    Your spread at Stencil Girl is gorgeous!

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  • I am not good in organisation. I always work on getting more organized in all things of life but hey… Life is to be flexible in all things and organisation is nothing for creative people like me I fear! With 3 kids you must be organised I think but you have NOT to be perfect!!! Just live and enjoy the time now – I am sure you do this in the exact best way!!!!
    I adore your beautiful spread and the tea looks fantastic!!!!

    Happy T-Day Kate!
    Big hugs, Susi

  • In organization, I sometimes feel like the Peanuts character, Pigpen (Franklin) everything starts out neat and tidy and then blink, everything is a mess. When I worked as a computer programmer, I had great time management skills. Working from home, not so much. Seems I can procrastinate tasks I don’t want to do or maybe am afraid to do. i don’t want to end on a downer note. Time for a cup of tea. =^,.^= Happy T Day

  • You do sound super organised, I think I was more organised before I retired! Now I can put things off until tomorrow I frequently do although my craft room is organised until I start crafting! Love the colours of the tea although I’m a strictly tea with milk drinker.
    Happy T day Jan

  • Your art project looks fabulous, congratulations on your guest spot.
    You do sound organised to me, I start the day with good intentions, but somehow things always seem to go astray as the time passes. I’ve given up stressing, what will be will be.
    Belated Happy T day wishes Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • I love the journal spread! I know what you mean about wanting to be more organised! I used to be very organised while I was teaching but now I have retired find it a real struggle -especially in my craft room – which seems to be staying quite tidy at the moment! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  • Oh Dear Kate!
    Back to school already! Let the fun begin!
    I was over to StencilGirl earlier and have to tell you- I just Love this spread and how you worked every yummy layer and color into place! Bravo!
    Jackie xo

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