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We are on the countdown to school! Time is ticking and the days are full of preparation. Here is what I have been up to lately on the crafty side of things.


PaperArtsy Post



I am over at the PaperArtsy blog sharing a mixed media piece that I made to go into my garden journal that I shared last week over at the StencilGirl blog. I hope you will have look.


Shop Front Challenge


At first, I thought this building was boring but after painting it I loved how it turned out with all the plants. Outfyt is a clothing store in Singapore. My reference photo is HERE.




Kung Fu Wellness is the next building. My reference photo is HERE. I love all the ornate details on this building.



Daily Art Practice


I am working on my drawing skills and I am practicing on things found around the house. Here is what I found to sketch this week.





Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Twinings of London Lemon & Ginger Herbal Tea. I have been drinking this in the morning as well as when I have a upset digestive system. I would highly suggest it. It tastes delicious and does the belly loads of good.

Happy Tea Day,


17 thoughts on “The Countdown Is On! : Daily Art Practice”

  • Your drawings are incredible I actually like the first building best because of all the plants. You have created some truly lovely sketches this week. Watercolors are SO hard to control and you are doing a marvelous job.

    Your tea sounds wonderful, but I need my caffeine. I do like the ginger/lemon combination, though. Thanks for sharing your incredible watercolor drawings and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Wonderful drawings, Kate. The cookies are my favorite but the store fronts are beautiful. Dropped over to PA to see your envelope in full view and it is wonderful. What a great addition to your garden journal. I love Lemon Ginger tea so I will have to try this one too. Happy T-day!

  • School starts soon. Are you home schooling again this year?
    Your shopfront watercolors are so beautiful. I too like the first shop with the flowers. Not boring at all.
    That is a good tea. I bought some when I was having my chemo as it’s good against nausea. Unfortunately I don’t like ginger and I couldn’t stomach it. The ginger was making me nauseous which defeated the object!
    Happy T-Day,

  • Always love seeing your sketches and watercolor art- especially the buildings!
    Love lemon ginger tea. Good luck with getting everyone ready for the new school year. Happy T day!

  • Ohhh I love your art!!! That first building is fabulous!!! You always create with so much detail and interest. Not to mention great color. Always a pleasure to visit here. Have a great day.

  • Love all your art. Moser Roth so delicious. I have a cheezit addiction. And I am excited to try Duff’s cookbook. I did get married in Ireland, hoping to get home this year, but the delta variant is starting to affect travel restrictions to Europe. Going to check out PA now. Thank you for all the inspiration.. Your page is a Tuesday treat for sure.

  • So many beautiful paintings this week! Loving how you create these pieces and those cookies sound so good 😁. The perfect accompaniment to my cuppa today. The lemon and ginger tea sounds yummy too – Happy T Day wishes! Hugs Jo x

  • Wow I really love your drawings! i especially like the cheezits one, that looks so cool and would look great on a t-shirt or a bag or something. I also like that Twinings tea, happy T day Elle xx

  • Are your kids excited about school? It is hard to believe that it is time for that already. Didn’t vacation just begin? All your drawings are wonderful this week Kate, and I also stopped by and loved the garden journal. Hope you had a wonderful T day and start of the new month tomorrow. Hugs-Erika

  • Terrific drawings ~ I really like the shop fronts they’re so unique. Enjoy the summer countdown and ask the kids for one last request before going back, and let us know what they say 🙂 I always wanted a boat ride or another day at the beach

  • Your artwork is wonderful as always, Kate. Your choice of tea is great too; I love Twinings. It is my favorite. Happy T Day!

  • Your illustrations are wonderful. I’d like to poke in that Outfyt shop and to snag a cookie after shopping. Maybe some Cheeze Its, too. Though I have a hard time controlling myself around Cheeze Its/ Good thing I have the lemon ginger tea, too. Happy T Day!

  • Love all your drawings, they have such movement about them and I ‘m sure I can smell the flowers on that first one and taste the cheesey bisciuts! Happy T day on a thursday. Sorry so late! ((Lyn))

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