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It is way past due, but I decided to share what is completed of my Gettysburg Journal from our anniversary trip in September. It is always a good time when we get away together without the children but we both agreed that we didn’t have as much to keep us busy on this trip as in previous ones. We always pack our days full, leaving our evenings free to relax. Each area is different and we found that besides the Battlefield and the town, there wasn’t much else to do within a short driving distance.

I am still working on a pencil drawing of the Lincoln memorial at the Gettysburg Cemetery but I figured I should share what I had. It could be a while before it is officially completed as I am contemplating adding at least one more layout for restaurants. Overall, I was happy with the outcome of this journal. I made a conscience effort to work on my composition with these pages and I even added more text than normal. Each layout is a learning experience and I had fun experimenting.


Gettysburg Travel Journal


Our first day was spent shopping in Harrisburg, PA and that evening we ate take out from Panera Bread as we relaxed into our Bed and Breakfast. They had to close early due to an employee shortage.



Our second day, we bought an audio tour (The Gettysburg Story: Battlefield Auto Tour (Guidebook+CD+App)) of the Gettysburg Battlefield that we could play while traveling in our car. I loved hearing the history of each battle and the stories of the people behind them. I am not a history buff but this audio tour really brought the battle to life for me. It gave me an appreciation for our military and for those who have fought to make our United States what it is. I would highly suggest this audio tour to anyone that wants to visit the battlefield.




One place I always wanted to eat at in Gettysburg was the famous, Garryowen Irish Pub. The doorway was painted from a photo that I took.

Those interesting looking creatures were painted on the wall opposite our table. It seems they are a frequent conversation piece because our waitress said she had no idea what they were and that the staff frequently speculates about what they are. Later on in our lunch, we overheard someone at the table behind (we assumed the owner) telling the patrons that they are “Crying Oysters, ” crying because their time has run out and they are to be somebody’s dinner (they are pointing at the clock).

The meal is my open-faced Rueben and fries next to this really interesting looking door handle leading into the pub. Maybe it is a dragon? I had so many great impressions that I had to dedicate a whole layout to our experience.



Another full layout is dedicated to our Bed and Breakfast, The Keystone Inn. We had a lovely room with delicious breakfasts every morning. Another perk for this tea loving girl was that they had Gluten-Free cookies every evening and unlimited hot water and tea bags.



Tea Day



I am joining the T day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is one that I purchased while in Gettysburg, Teavana Mandarin Mimosa, Herbal Tea. I have purchased it several times since then because I love it!

Happy Tea Day!


17 thoughts on “The Gettysburg Story : Watercolor Travel Journal”

  • We visited Gettysburg once but didn’t have the type of documentation that you did, so it wasn’t nearly as meaningful. I love your drawings of the experience.

    Best… mae at

  • Hi Kate I love your travel journal very much I would have enjoyed a trip to Gettysburg and that area. I love your watercolor buildings too. Your tea this week sounds delicious this week . Happy T and Happy November Hugs Kathy

  • Kate, I love your travel paintings and sketchings. What a totally fabulous way to illustrate a trip. Makes me want to improve my skills and do the same. Mine would never look this good. I really love your salad picture! Panera needs to hire you!

    Happy T-day!

  • That journal is a treasure Kate. I last traveled to Gettysburg back in the 1980’s, but your journal even brought back memories to me. You did a fabulous job with it, and I am glad you shared it. Have a wonderful T day and start to the new month too. Hugs-Erika

  • I am in love with your incredible paintings and lovely handwriting. You created some beautiful spreads, too. Yes, I also love the composition and how you framed the writing. These turned out great.

    That tea looks good, too. I like those triangular tea bags, too. They are so different. Thanks for sharing your Gettysburg vacation and your Mimosa tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • I enjoyed your Gettysburg journal. The pub sounds very interesting. Gary Owen was the tune Custer chose for the 7th Cavalry, The bed and breakfast sounds lovely . Such a pretty house. I like when there is unlimited hot water and teabags when traveling. Happy T Day

  • Your travel journal is beautiful! I remember when you went. There was a problem because the school had closed because of the flooding. But you went in the end.
    I had to look up Gettisburg as it meant nothing to me. I now know it was a battle field. There is a line in the song The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Joan Baez) that says: ‘hey Virgil quick come see, there goes Robert E Lee.’ So that name was familiar to me too.
    The audio tour sounds interesting and your bed & breakfast looks very comfortable.
    You will remember this trip regularly as you drink the tea you bought there. Nice memories.
    Happy T-Day,

  • This sounds like a great trip Kate.- sometimes we try to cram so much into our visits we don’t have time to amble that much. Your sketches are lovely – I haven’t completed mine in my travel journal yet. Glad to hear you were well set up with tea and cookies. Chrisx
    ps The Boulangerie in Paris was SECCO on Rue Mabillon 75006

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