The Key to Chickens is a Coop : Seth Apter Inspired Mini Album


Plants and Chickens


My musings will be short and random today as I am drawing a blank about what to talk about. I could say the same old “It’s been busy” and”Where has the time gone?” but I am sure each and every one of your are experiencing the same thing. Aside from my normal activities and routine I am pondering vacation and sunny weekends doing yard work. I am also hoping a few of my indoor plants (Fern, Ivy, Wandering Jew) will survive until the temperature warms up enough to keep them outside.

This summer I really want to buy a chicken coop. Well, this summer and every summer since we moved in 4 years ago. I have had this dream of having a little homestead with fresh produce in the summers, eggs all year round and maybe a goat for homemade goat cheese and soap. I love adding to my Pinterest Board ideas for unusual coops. I originally thought my very talented hubby could build one for me but he will be spending most of his free time this summer rebuilding the second part of our deck. So, instead of asking him, I will be trying to save enough money to buy a chicken coop kit that he can just assemble for me.

And that is just a little of what is going on in my brain as of late.



Creating the Layout


My background is book pages stained with Distress stain. I covered it in tissue paper, stamped and added embellishments.


Happy Weekend,


1 thought on “The Key to Chickens is a Coop : Seth Apter Inspired Mini Album”

  • Kate, you are a talented individual. It sounds like your husband has all the tools needed to make the coop, so why not check a few places online to see how to make it yourself. I made my entire basement bath from the ground up. It is actually a free standing bath, that theoretically I could take with me if I wanted to when /if I ever move. Pounding nails is no harder than setting eyelets. Cutting boards isn’t hard either, if you measure twice and cut once. If you are afraid of electrical saws, they make hand saws that work, but take lots of time and energy. Just an idea, because I KNOW you know how to glue. You just have to use wood glue if it’s needed.

    That’s a truly lovely journal entry. Most impressive and I love the rusty and copper patina look you got, too.

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