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Have you ever seen a red shamrock? Last week, I took a trip to our local greenhouse to get soil and a few pots. While I was browsing, I came across a table with red and green shamrocks. I was surprised they came in a red variety and even more surprised that they flowered. This one was just repotted before I took the picture, so the leaves and flowers are in a bit of a funk. They did perk up the next day and the leaves and flowers fully opened. But aren’t they pretty? I love going to the greenhouse and looking at all the beautiful varieties of flowers that God created for us to enjoy.

What is your favorite plant to buy at the greenhouse or local nursery?


Recipes Swap: Daily Art Practice


February’s recipe swap had the theme: yellow. I chose a delicious Glazed Sourdough Lemon Cake that we love for breakfast in our house. I highly recommend this cake/dessert bread.



March’s challenge: Red.  My husband’s grandmother makes cranberry relish every year for Thanksgiving, and we all devour it. When I got her recipe I realized it had a lot of sugar, no wonder we all love it. I went searching for a similar recipe this year with less sugar and I found this one, Jello Cranberry-Pineapple Relish. It is pretty close to her original and very delicious. Instead of using the orange gelatin, I use cherry flavored, and it is yummy!! I also use coconut sugar instead of white sugar to make it healthier.



Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day Ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Numi Silver and Spice. I enjoy this tea because it has a mild taste with less caffeine, and of course I love the bit of spice.

For all of you that didn’t guess my February Queen from my last post, it was my version of the Queen of Hearts. Deb, Sharon, Elle and Elizabeth, all got it correct!


Happy Tea Day,


16 thoughts on “The Luck of The Irish is..Red? : Daily Art Practice”

  • Glazed lemon loaf looks like a wonderful treat! I love anything lemon flavored. Your painting is beautiful and delicious looking.

    best… mae at

  • I have never seen a red shamrock, so that is new to me. It is very pretty. I don’t have a favorite plant that I buy at the nursery. I usually try to get native plants that will feed the birds and the insects, and at the moment I really like all the different California buckwheats as well as our CA native sambucu mexicana.

  • I really like the illustrations you made for the recipes. We make a similar lemon cake. I don’t have sourdough starter so can’t make your cake. Looks good though.

  • That shamrock is pretty. I did know they came in red and green as I have had them before, but sadly mine haven’t lived for long periods of time.. Good luck with your plant Kate. By the way, that’s a cool pot you planted the shamrock in. And your recipe cards are really lovely. What a fun idea. Happy spring and happy T day to you also. hugs-Erika

  • I’m not sure I have ever seen a GREEN shamrock, much less a red one. It is very pretty. We have a local nursery, but it is so expensive, I can buy plants at my local hardware store much cheaper and just as healthy.

    Your art is lovely. I really like the Jello because I remember it from when I was growing up.

    Your tea sounds delicious. I also like a bit of spice in my tea. Thanks for sharing your trip to the nursery, your watercolor drawings, and your tea with us for T this week, dear Kate.

  • I have not seen the red shamrocks either-very pretty. I always love seeing your art.
    I make my homemade cranberry relish too-and make it several times a year-I don’t use sugar either but use splenda as it doesn’t add any extra flavors just the sweet-I like to add fresh blueberries at the end or mandarin oranges, and I use instant tapioca to thicken.
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  • Red shamrock! Interesting. Our nursery has no such fancy plants (or had so far).
    Here it´s way too early for flowers.
    Love your lemons! And the Relish, of course, recipe is saved 🙂
    Happy T-Day to you.

  • Love the red shamrock – I had no idea and how fun that you now have one! So fun. Great recipe cards too – wish I was in that swap with you especially since your illustrations are so wonderful! Another wow from you! Super tea too – I am all for a bit of spice. Happy T-day, Kate. Hugz

  • I have never seen a red shamrock! How pretty! I DO love to walk around the Garden center and see whats new…I like to collect plants… with my current home i need ones that require low light, that can be challenging .. and alot of my favorite plants just won’t work in this environment.
    I used to look for healthier versions of EVERYTHING.. then i realized , you know if i only eat it once or twice during the Holidays i can have it the way it was meant to be.. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  • Your artwork of the Glazed lemon cake looks good enough to eat off the page! Thanks for sharing. Happy t day.

  • I have never seen or heard of red shamrocks. Very pretty. I’m not much of a gardener, but I like looking at all the flowers and shrubberies. Your recipe paintings look good enough to eat. Happy T Day

  • That is a pretty shamrock. Both of your recipes look very appealing. We don’t often see fresh cranberries in the shops here but I can get frozen ones. Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  • Dear Kate, The computer program informed me that I had already posted the comment in your latest post, but I think this is a bug in the system. So I’ll try again here: I’m very touched by what I read here about your daughter’s memorial birthday party… The Willow Tree figurine is really beautiful. So is your artwork – you are so talented! (I hope you didn’t get the comment twice now…)
    Have a good weekend 🌷☘️🌷!
    All the best from Austria, Traude

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