The Ornamental Swan: Mixed Media Junk Journal


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about minimalism and maximal-ism when is comes to ornamental pieces for my home. Within the last month I have cleaned out several rooms and taken out more than a couple large bags of trash. I makes me realize how materialistic I am. I have so many things sitting in the closet that I never use but I hold onto them because…I don’t know why. I seem to have an attachment despite the fact that some items have never been on display in my house. I tend to think that each piece has a dollar sign attached and I can’t give it up because I feel as though I am flushing money down the drain if I part with it.

So, I have many thoughts leaning towards minimalism as I lug a heavy bag of trash to the garage. Until I hop on my FaceBook BoHome decor group and see all the pretty rooms. It makes me want to hop in the car and drive 30 minutes to the nearest Home Goods Store. To be honest, the only thing keeping me from doing that at the moment is my lack of funds and my Hubby’s and my mutual goal to become debt-free by paying off our house. When it comes down to it, I am a maximal-ist. I love a cluster of knick knacks and a couch cluttered with pillows.
One day I will be able to shop at Home Goods to my hearts content. Until then, I will dream and drool over other peoples beautiful house. And practice minimal-spending to the best of my ability.
Are you a minimalist or a maximal-ist?

Creating The Journal Layout

My layout started out as a red background but I really disliked it so I painted over with Green Patina and left a tad of the red peeking through. The StencilGirl Border Stencil has been embossed with red and a 7 Gypsies stamp has been embossed in white. Aside from the Fresco Paints, I used The Green Man Infusion the background. The center medallion is by StencilGirl.

Craft Room Update

As you can see, I still have a lot of organizing and not enough storage. I am looking at some bookcases in the future. This one off of Amazon has caught my eye.
In the other part of our family room is this little retro kitchen we bought for my daughter this Christmas. We got it for a great price off of Amazon. I love how one day it can be $150 dollars and the next day $75. Such a great deal!
On one of the walls is two pieces of furniture missing drawers. I painted those draws gray and they are holding various trims and ink pads. When my hubby gets a chance, those two pieces of furniture will be firewood. And then we will be able to see more of the room. 🙂  And eventually I will decorate.

I am a little behind but here is my cup of tea for Tea Tuesday over at Elizabeth’s. We had this beautiful view a few days ago and I couldn’t resist sharing.

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19 thoughts on “The Ornamental Swan: Mixed Media Junk Journal”

  • That is a gorgeous journal page Kate. I love the white swan and the bits of white on those rich colors. I guess having your coffee/tea and looking out at that pretty winter view inspired you. 🙂 Your craft space is huge. Lucky you. Mine is small and cramped and crowded and I think the only way to solve that is to build myself a barn or get rid of half of my supplies, and that one is not happening! Hope it was a great tea day. Hugs-Erika

  • LOVE that journal page…amazing color and texture. Your craft space is HUGE and so full of light!!!! I’m not going to lie a bit…I’m totally jealous!!
    Happy T day!

  • I think that is a great journal page! Love the red and the green! Am I a miminalist or a maximist? I have been thinking about this a lot, lately. I definitely have a lot of “stuff”! I have been feeling the need to get rid of a lot of “stuff”! It will be so freeing to let go of some of my stuff. For example, I wouldn’t have so much stuff to sort through when I am looking for something! LOL. Great question! Have a great week!

  • I always adore your beautiful journal pages and this one is no different. I like how you cut the stenciled medallion in half and balanced it against the lovely white swan.
    I’m like Halle and very jealous of that wonderful new space you have. Those wooden floors are out of this world and the view out the windows is superb. So much light, so much room, and you even have room for both your sewing machine and an ironing board, in addition to your mixed media tools. One thing I took away from this was the rolled paper you placed in the crock. Clever use of both materials and space.
    I apologize for being so late today. I was trying to make a piece of art and the time got away from me. Thanks for sharing your awesome journal page, your incredible craft room, and your totally adorable view while drinking your T this Tuesday. At least it’s still Tuesday on the west coast and in Hawaii (grin).

  • Absolutely amazing!!! Love the colours and that texture on te edges looks superb!!!
    Your craft space is starting to look amazing too! Those wooden floor boards are to die for, and that retro kitchen for your girls, – wow :o)

  • Wow – another fantastic artful page and your craftspace just is heavenly! Gorgeous!
    To answer your question I think I am a MIDI alist – not too much , not too less in every department of life.

  • That journal page is beautiful! I love knick-knacks but am trying to avoid accumulating more. Eventually we’ll be downsizing, and I’d just be better off getting rid of some things rather than getting more. Your scenic snowy view is inspiring! Happy T Tuesday!

  • Love your journal page and the photos of your craft room!!! I envy the space and the windows ♥ I must admit that I am a maximal-ist too. My husband is the opposite so we have this on going debate about our home decor. I admire you financial goals too!

  • Oh gosh, well I have hoarder blood in my veins, so minimalism is hard for me, but I am with you on trying to adapt it. With you on knowing I have way too much stuff, with you on packing it up and giving it away again and again… and WITH you on the wish I could go shopping endlessly at Home Goods! LOL! But on this spread I am soooo with you girl! This rocks! It floats all of my boats and makes my heart sing. I sooo love the red popping through these greens and the amazing ornamental/Asian stamped images. Fabulous fabulous fabulous! Hugs, Autumn

  • Your journal page is wonderful, love the colours and the texture. Your craft room looks fantastic, lucky you to have such a perfect place to craft. Minimalist I am not, and untidy on top of it all and with too little storage space, ouch! Hugs, Valerie

  • Gorgeous page, Kate! Sorry to be so late stopping by, but I didn’t know you linked up this week. I’m a struggling maximalist like you. You may laugh at what is motivating me to clear out the never-used, never likely-to-be-used and not even usable. The older I get, the more I think, “I don’t want anyone else to have to clean out all this junk!”
    Belated happy T-day hugs, Eileen

  • Wow, your pages are so amazing! I love the text stamp with the white embossing powder against your beautiful colourful background – stunning 😁. Your craft space is wonderful too and who could not be inspired by that view! Wishing you a lovely week! J 😊

  • Those pages are wonderful, love the vibrant colors and texture!! Your workspace is so big, lucky you! It will be a great place to work in when you are finished. And that kitchen of your daugter … ahhh!!

  • Kate!! Your journal spread is gorgeous!!! I love the way you used that stencil in the center!
    I must say, as I get older, I am able to let go more of the things, that I never thought I would(sometimes, I am kicking and screaming as my husband un-grips my paws from it). Truly, I get where you are coming from about the money thing and our society has become such a throwaway one, that it just makes me so sad! This past summer, when we were finished with our yard sale, we pulled the flat bed trailer out to the front yard with FREE signs,and every last piece was gone by trash day, stacks and stacks of vintage dishes, knickknacks, pottery, household, you name it it went. We had hoarded, with a dream of one day selling from our barn…my art has changed that dream! heehee anyway- that was my story…back to yours!
    Argh- I gave away all kinds of shelving that would have gone lovely in your room! It is looking great, will wait for more photos!
    happy weekend,Jackie “)

    • Sounds like you had quite the collection Jackie. Haha! I love the part about your hubby un-gripping your paws. I can totally see that!
      It is so hard to let things go but I try to remind myself that I can’t take it with me in the end. So, if I am not enjoying it I minus well let someone else enjoy it.
      Thank you for your kind words and interactive comments. I always enjoy reading them!

  • What an amazing craft space – it will be fabulous to work in, I’ve no doubt, once you get your storage requirements in place! Love the bold contrasts on the page spread – and amazing textures too.
    Alison x

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